Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 216, Chapter 216

'Although I don't know what is what the strength is now, the only thing can be confirmed? 'See him at a time?? He became stronger than the past?

Landy glanced on the wooden leaves who had noise in front of them, and the sound of the sound said: 'Whether it is still Sasuke.? I have some other arrangements in them?,'.

Don't go again before?

"I just said this time.? Opportunity I only gave this time," said that the sharp eyes on the moment seems to scrape their tight body like a steel knife, and finally falls in Kakasi. On the body, 'Cannot waste other people's grace? Do you say a cardiya?' '

In the moment, it is like the eyes of the eyes of the gods. While Carti wants to open his words, but shoulder the pressure of all the team owners and death, let him have to look at: '.?'.Yes??

'Well? That's it?,' People seek in front of Kakasi and other several other wooden people have dispelled the chase of Sasuke and A.

The blue eyes flashed between, and the moment disappeared in the woods in front of everyone.

'Is it because of the naken of the young field?,'

After the moment of appearance, Kakasi face is full of bitter smiles. In the case of the kind of one who can swallow himself, they can swallow their bones, and they are almost all people. The sweat is like being taken from the water.

Fortunately, it seems that it seems that it is not to kill them because of the presence of the young field.

'Province of this travel task Bring the young Tiantian is really an incomparable choice?

'Let's go. Since he appeared?? Then our mission has failed? Participated in the five-year-old meeting, '

The big and one of the shoes will not struggle to struggle, the creepy Naruto has arrived on his shoulders, and the people turned around.

Only behind the nile intoxicated young fields, a pair of pure white beauty stared in the direction of the moment, I don't know what to think about??

Kill "The brother. I?

At this time, there is a very far away.

There is no digital dust, and the constant explosion spreads throughout the forest.

Damn? This little child is difficult than thinking about it, ' , Dida's Hongyun Dawei is contracted with a lot of dust,' The explosive drill is made by his thunder, is it necessary?? C4 - Welcome to the floor?, '

'Call. Ha.? "

Sasuke on the ground reluctantly smashed a bisteland written eye, all over the bodies, and the fierce battle made his mouth and breathed.

Sasuke !! "At this time, it seems to fight the fight against the incense and water.

"Don't come over! This is my battle !!" Sasukes directly waved to stop the battle of this battle.

Can be evil two _ this extent of the battle with the battle of the moment and the Zhizhibang spotted:.

It is simply a jade show. Think of this, Sasuke's thunder shining thousand birds can not help but skyrocket.

'Younger brother ._Russa today lets you teach the best art: ._.' 'Didala's hand has also created a big championship.

Find you _._. ''

At this moment, some familiar sounds passed into the ear of all people, Sasuke and Didara couldn't help but also widened their eyes.

(Please lose the flowers and monthly tickets in your hands to thank you.

Chapter 277 of the Crash System (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 277 Answers (seeking rewards and automatic)



Sasuke and Dida were shocked at the same time, and I didn't know when to floating on their head. A pair of blue mysterious eyes silently gaked them.

,It's him!!"

At the foot of the water, the water moonphite on the side of the feet, there is a child, and I can't help but laundry my neck. When I gave them the impression that I left, I was too profound, especially at this time. The water next to the water is almost turned into a gutter in the momentum of the moment.

Previously, in the northern basin of the Village, the powerful image of the moment, and the shocking battle with Yuxibo spheres, all of them buried fear.

'Well? Libra is still being helped by Sasuke them into the team? "At this time, the moment is also noticed at the foot with the water and the moon," It's a powerful vitality?,'

'Didala. When I convene the organization meeting.? What are you doing here? "Situing on the white, the white, the white flying bird has some wolves of Didala, and the moment is softly flying to him.

'?? That leader I?,' Flashy words, but let the Didala hair on the white flying birds all upright, I saw him reaching out his own mind, a smile, a smile, 'I met a younger brother ?? So haha?,'

However, in the moment, there is no reason to pay attention to him. It is just that the spin is about to go to the bottom of the sorrow, 'Sasuke.? Last time I said it clearly ?? Why do you want to find a touch?,'

I feel that the eyes of the head of the head seem to penetrate the whole person. Sasher, in this powerful compression, Sasuke, and some stubbornly raised their own writing, tightly staring at the air, 'I have already Can't wait?? I want to find a asked,?, '

'Can't wait?,' J ticket floats in the middle of the air, then raised his eyes slightly, and controlled the gentleness of the wealthy, "I have already arranged ?? Helping is waiting for you?

'Didala.? You contact White and Jun Ma Lu Two together to execute the task I explain.? I tried them to leave?,' Falling into the ground, the sky, Didala, said with the Didala.

Then after the sound of the moment, did not wait for the help of the reaction, just got his clothes, the blue-blue gods were flashing, and the next instant, with Sasuke appeared in the moon and phosphorus. Negoti.

The water month only felt a huge gravitational attacked, three people suddenly turned into a piece, and the moment reached again and grabbed their three people's clothes. After the launch, five people immediately disappeared. In the same place.

In the entire forest, only Didala is sitting on a white drill and flying bird on white.

At the moment, I took a group of people, and I used a few times in the uninterrupted, and the shuttle space broke out between the shuttle space between the blink.

When Sasuke and Water Moon reacted, the horrified discovery of themselves and others have been completely coming.

In addition to the forest, the surrounding eyes are rock surround, and the layers are laminated into a defensive building like a road castle.

'When you blink, you will come to another place. Is this the ability of his time and space?, Two good magic,.,' The water on the side and the fragrant phosphorus deeply looked at the moment, secretly .

here it is?!"

Different from the water moon, the phosphorus came to this place, Sasukes were surprised to smash their eyes, and everything around here seems to be a little familiar.

"Yes?? Here is the pre-discarded station for Urcho, 'It seems that the look is horrified, and the moment said:" Go in, a a is waiting for you,'

'Touch? After listening to what I said, Sasuo's scarlet's written eyes have issued a unparalleled eye, and there is no hesitation to walk towards it.

I'm seeking flowers. ····· ??.

Wait?, 'Just at this moment, I suddenly hurried him.

"Well ?! '. Full of things about A, it is to hear the sound of the Basin's voice in the Yuxi Wom Station.

God surgery!!

Under the eyes of Sasuke and Water Moon, I suddenly reached out and released a group with a golden brilliant Chakra. "I will help you restore your injury. This is more interesting, '

Does medical treatments?