Zhe saw the golden Chakra rays in the hand, Sasuke silently got the past, but the shocking philosophy in the moment, the golden rays in the hands of the whole body, all the golden Chakra rays all Just now and Di The injuries caused by Dalla hand all the restoration.

Good medical treatment!!

Sasuke some shocking philosophy seemed to be omnipotent, just want to disclose this sentence, but it becomes it again, but it is a strange person?, '

Strange people.

It seems that it is hunting to leave Sasuke to leave in the Yisi Wai station, and the mouth is a smile of intrinsic smile.

Sasuke! You?, "I saw Sasuke alone, walking in the heart, and the incense phosphorus suddenly called.

This is the private matter between his two people with WA. What few will you wait here?

', But,' Some fear of the moment, in front of it, there are some hesitation of phosphorus.

'Nothing. The two of their brothers have pursued the answer.? Today, I will always share a result. Some of the mouth murmured, the moment of a pair of gods, the eyes of the blue deep eyes Inside the Yisi Wave Station, it seems to preview the fate of the two people in Sasuke and WA.

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Chapter 278 of the collapse of the jade system (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 278 Touch and Sasuke (seeking rewards and automatic)

The big Yischo abandoned the station.

Sasuke finally slowly entered the spacious and waste of huge stone room.

A shot of black red clouds gradually turned his body, and the two-parallel write-eyed eyes finally paired with each other's sight.

'I finally saw you ?? I thought you would have an endless escape with my meeting?,'

On the stone step, I remembered the words that I told him shortly, Sasuke's eye-catching eye is more complicated to watch AO.

'Meet is inevitable. We will meet this between us sooner or later. The sinking, looking to the eyes of Sasuke, as if there is no wave.

It's just a way to make this kind of way I am expected today.

Are you? The corpse is a lot of "..

'Is there really true ?! Why do you want to do this?!'. If you don't pay attention to it, it is a little excited to be excited.

If that person is true.

So in front of your brother.?

How much heavy negative is on your body.

What do you mean? Is it what I kill the Unexpected Bo family?, 'Looking at the emotions become unusually excited, it is slightly low.

'Don't take this set of focuses !!', after emotional excitement, Sasuke gradually gradually drunk, looking to a whispering almost, hard to penetrate him, 'I have seen a peerless power?? I have already learned to think?, '

'So many people. How could it be a little drunk? Isn't you alone?

'Don't do this with your strength. So what he said in an instant is true,'.

It is the high-rise of the wooden leaves and another person behind the Yisi Bo family to join hands with you to kill all the people ?! ',

Tightly biting the teeth, Sasuke all the suspicions and speculations of these hearts are all over, and the entire stone room is full of sounds.

I don't think I really told you all this. What is his purpose? In the end of the silence, it is in the silence to hear all the words, A seems to be self-speaking in a person.

'I don't care what his purpose is! On the contrary, I am very grateful to him! Because at least he told my truth! At least let me not need to be fooled like a fool !!', Sasuke, the more, Beginning began to get high. The last hysteries have been gone.

'Why is it me. Why did I let me alone? Some of the eyes of the opposite of you, save yourself, the most love is also the most hated brother. Sasuke's mouth is constantly murry.

The drunken universal standing on the stone steps, looking at the bottom of his favorite brother, looking at the expression of his face, but there is no flipping in his face.

'Because ?? Are you my big brother?,'

When the sound of this sentence floats in the entire stone room, in the eyes of Sasuke, help the hands in a flash of hand.

Fire skill!!

When Sasuke reacted, the huge high temperature fireball has arrived in front of his eyes, and he suddenly burn him into fire.


Burning the pain makes it a lot of pain, but he flashes the inexplicable brilliance in a pair of writings, 'I have already brought a broken !! "

With the low snoring of Sasuke, all the high-temperature flames around him were as gradually dissipated as the dream bubble, and the surrounding environment reverted to the original drunken stone room, as if everything did not happen.

Are you growing up.? Sasuke?, 'Is still in the originally drunk stone room, and the A silently attacked the Sasuke in front of you.

'I grow up is not these! Why do you want to use illusion to me ?!?

'The secret that I have never known.? Don't he tell you?,' Will you get blind?? Only the write-wheel eye that digs from the biological brothers can get eternal light?, '.

So.? Sasuke? When you say this. Thea is gently squatted on your own write-wheel eye. Open it again.

Become my eyes !! ',

After the voice of A, the figure is moving with the shackles of the shackles. The sword is usually sprinkled from all angles.

This. Is it your goal?, '

The scarlet written eye is a very deep color. Who is a unclear what kind of mood is in the heart. I saw that he had a slight movement, and the wand is ready to prepare a good spirit. Dozens of hands in the sword, flying to the AE in front of me

Hey! Hey! When !! ??

It's like a typical gold m hit, and all the hands of A and Sasuke, all the swords and swords hit the fall in the air.

3.3 Fire zebrane !!

The two are almost a good handprint, and the Zhang has a sharp one, and a large group of hot fireballs spurt. This time is different from the illusion of just now, the huge high temperature fireball of the two regiments is in the collision, hot The temperature ignited the entire spacious stone room.

Just when A and Sasu are fighting in the Unexpell.

Under the shadow of the stone room, listened to occasional battle sounds in the inside, and gently moved the incense phosphorus and there was a nerve.

I am sitting in a high stone platform, and the blue-blue eyes are quietly watching the battle inside.

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Chapter 279 of the collapse of jade system strikes (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 279 Take the soil (seeking rewards and automatic).

Well? Is it still touched that the guy pushed the thing to this point?

It is simple to sit on the stone platform and look at the battle between A and Sasuo, and the moment seems to be self-speaking.