Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 218, Chapter 218

This man. "At the same time, while the fragrance on the ground, the fragrant phosphorus on the ground looked at the moment on the stone platform, gently reached the glasses that pushed his nose, although it is still so handsome ?? But he The breath is more terrible than the last time I see it, '.

That guy?, 'Standing below the stone platform. It is also secretly staring at the moment. I only feel that I am not comfortable. It seems that I have to become a bunch of liquid two more than the big snake pill. The guy is a terrible one. 100 times a bit, '

If there is no reason, the idea of ​​the ghosts under the feet, the

I haven't seen you for a long time? I can't think of you still dare to appear in front of me? Some low sounds are gently passing from the mouth of the moment, as if it is only to say 20 words to the air that is in front of the eyes.

Just in the foot of the water, the three people had some doubtful eyes, the space in front of the moment gradually spiral twisted. A black ninja fighting, the hand is in the hands of a black glove, appearing in the air The eyes of everyone.

I haven't seen you for a long time. The day is now in the moment, and the dark voice sounds. Behind a spiral mask, a pair of scarlet writes seem to contain a wipe unable to cover up.

Is it still with this comic mask? Is it to cover up your flat face?, 'Face this as if you want to dig his heart, the moment is completely regarded, and the tone is still cloudless. Light. 'Yuxi Bo.? Belt soil?,'

What did he do here?

Not afraid of being killed by me.

Although the face is drunk, it is seen that it has once again appeared in front of himself in his hand, and a wonderful doubt is still in the heart of the moment.

Surprisingly, why do I appear? "In the face of the moment, the eyes of the earth, the eyes of the land did not have a little wail, but it was interested in watching the moment.

'It is indeed a bit surprised. But is it just surprised? Selling the inexplicable confidence of landing soil, the moment is not able to raise his eyebrows, recently spit a fact,' Even now you have been hiding There is also one hundred ways behind the space pupil when the space is short-eyed.

Can you kill you?, '

'Can you kill, I have been open, I have been killing, I don't know why I see the buddhism of the Ice Ice and indifferent. It is not worth a hair with the sole,' He is just a bluntness.? As long as I don't Take the initiative to shoot. No one can I have to make me?, '

Even in the heart, this is like this, but with the soul of the look, the look is like a perfect sculpture. It is still unavoidable in the eyes, and there is still a jealous and warehouse.

After all, I have been killed in my hand several times, I have left a deep shadow to him.

'Hah? I didn't guess the wrong way.? What should be a and Saso help? "It seems that he has a little unnatural, and the soil laughed, glanced over the stone room inside the Yisi Wai station. , Said with a low voice.

Is it clear? Help? Plus you?, 'There is no denying to talk about the soil, and there is a little bit of emotion, and it has hoped that his head is in the sky, "Not dead," The words of Yuxi Bozhu.? Yischo family is only three people left in this world.? Today

How is it?, '

"Just. After today, '

'Maybe it will only be saved one person?

I was sitting on the stone platform with a deep tone to finish all words, and the deep blue eyes of the moment seemed to wear the whole future.

"Is there only one person left? Haha?, '

I heard the moment, it seems to be a fact that a truth is just a truth, and his pair seems to have a future eyes. It seems that it seems to cover yourself in the heart, haha ​​laugh, 'that may not! Today I brought you a special gift.

special gift?!

It's a sinister, and the hook of some taste of the taste is in a hurry, but the look will start to get a slight loss.

Because the left-eye god pre-saves him in advance to the next incredible scene, it seems that the expression on the face is very satisfied, and the smile of the tile mask is more and more.

The aunitioned void once again started the spiral distortion, and everyone was familiar with the eyes of everyone, who did not have 950, and everyone saw it from the time space.

A deep red war armor, the long hair of the dark, the strong face has some broken cracks, with a war with a unique war of the Warring States era, all people who come from the time space It has an inexplicable oppression.

He? He is?, '

At the bottom of the stone, the water was shocked, and his face was blocked, and his face was full of horror.

Because of this man in front of you, he once in contact with the legend of the ninja and the righteous people.

"Do you have a thousand-handles?, '

At the moment, he spit his name from the mouth from the mouth from the void.

A born in this world, I have never been annihilated to listen to the name of all Ninja.

The myth of the endurance is called. Ninja, the god of Ninja, one hand set the battle of the country, and establish a man to allocate the tail beast.

The initial generation of wooden leaves, thousands of hands.

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Crash System Chapter 280 Ninja God (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 280 Chapter Ninja (seeking rewards and automatic)


It will include an instant, all of whom's horrified expression has incorporated the fundus, and the soil finally caught the sound of sound, "How? Surprised?"

"I have never thought about myself will face the god of Ninja.! ''

Is the god of the Ninja?

'And this momentous ?? Isn't the body as a sacrifice? The corpse stares at the thousand-handed columns of the front of the body, and the moment is slightly frowned. Some unexpected eyes are looking at it. With the soil, "Where are you getting from the body ?!"

'Who knows?,' Seems to look forward to the surprising expression on the face of the moment, and the smile of the mouth of the mouth of the earth has almost spread to the ear. Everyone has some M to his own secret.?? Say, '.


Even in the mask. I can also feel the privilege of the heart of the heart, and I have a smooth smile on the blunt face.

It is terrible to use the body body as a sacrifice to summon the union.

But don't think this is what threat to you with your own strength ??

Just in the moment now is some of the puzzles. What is the purpose of this soil??

If he is to deal with yourself. So, is it to take the pharmacist with Yuxi Bo? Isn't it more grasped? Why do you want to deal with yourself like this?

'Is it because Yu Zhibo spheres, black, pharmacist plus herself four people gang ghosts produced inner bars?'. The blue gods have blinked between the eyes of the eyes, and the moment is constantly thinking about guessing. Say?? He believes that with his strength, plus a thousand handles, it is enough to deal with

I am. One?"

How is it?

There is no need to go as an unnecessary guess.

Anyway, in front of yourself now.?

The god of the Ninja is just a little more majestic than other hills.

"Yuxi Bo belt? Ding has all his heart all the ideas and thoughts, the moment of indifferent eyes look at the soil of the eyes, use the most drunk tone to state, 'even the ninja God? ? Also changed today that you will die in front of me? Less

'is it?!"

It seems that the attitude of the moment and the eyes of the indifferent eyes are stabbed, and Yisi Bo belts the anger to laugh. "Since you can defeat the embossed Unexpected Boss spots. Can beat the killer between the born !! ''