With the sound of the tissue, he was a thousand-handed buddy between the thousands of hands around him, and sent it unimaginable.

Under the control of the poor pocket, the soul of the killer in the bliss pure land was summoned into the body of this fertile.

This feeling. Is it a summoning called by people with criminals?, '

The thick and low noise sounded through the whole space, and there was a little inexplicable lifted between the thousand-handed thousands of hands. He looked at your own body and felt endless strength and check. Kara, "This time, I used my body as a sacrifice to summon me?

'Zuo Jingmei's nigner?, "The soul of the thousand-handed columns around you has been awakened by the pharmacist, and it is also the most revered man with the soil, and the most reverence is also very fascinated. Second, I can fight side by side with you.? What I have no glory?, '

"Well ?! Is Yuxi Bo family? Although the corpse also wears a mask at this moment, it is a thousand hand of the Warring States era from birth to death and Yuxi Bang Ninja, just slightly. At a glance, he has saved the identity of his Zhihua's ninja. 'It is you use.

Is the revivement to summon me ?! ".

No.? The person who really summoned you is my ally?, 'The land does not seem to explain the intentions between the thousand-handles, but refers to the moment before,' He is called the day to the Basketball ?? He is us This time, the Ninja to deal with?, '

'Ninja in the day?'. The dark eyes glanced at the moment on the stone platform, and the words between the thousand-handles are full of homogeneous breath, '' "This is playing the evil ban of the death I shouldn't let the .

No. I think you misunderstood, 'I heard the words between the killer, and the loud sound seems to have a deliberate dial.' He is not ordinary day to the family ninja?? It's not the ninja of the wooden leaves ?? And it seems to have killed the Ninja of many wood leaves?

'Kill the ninja of the wooden leaves? Although the corpse is not all believed to belong to the soil, but the village is better than the thousand-handed column of his life, the eyes of the Baby have changed into the color of the moment.

'And. Don't be your small.?,'

It seems that there is a thousand-handed room next to the body, and the land mask is passed down, 'He defeated the Ninja (Wang Wang) who was defeated by Unexpell Bolle in the blister (Wang Wang) ?,'.


I heard the information contained in this sentence, the thousand hand is completely surprised to frown, 'He also recruits the summon to the Yangtze Return ?! "


This is the part of his planned _._.

I looked at the stunning look of the big hand of the talents. It couldn't curb such a thoughtful idea in the belonging, but I didn't say it.

'So? Next _._.' '

With the soil slightly, the mask behind a pair of dark red wrote eyes gazed to the thousand-handles, 'You didn't choose others to control you ~ _. Or choose to make you a quick shot? "

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Chapter 281 of the Crane System Shocked Qianli (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 281 Shocked Thousand Hands (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Is really annoying tolerance?

I heard the choice given by the belt, and there was some helpless laugh on the big face, but the eyes of him staring at the moment were gradually full of interest. But with it controlled to fight.? Then I am not as good as I doing myself.

"I haven't had a good battle for a long time?" After the moment in front of you, after the intention of interest, the thousands of hands were all overwhelming, and the whole body issued a unbelievable momentum and investigation. Kara, 'It's really hard to imagine. So powerful ninja is actually you are so young

Give it to defeat? "

As the opponent and confidant of his life, he is clear that he is unable to imagine a young backn of the peace in the peace age. How to defeat the strength of the Schiso spheres at the top of the whole Warring States Times .

This is the power of the ninja God ?! "

Even behind the rock, the water moon incense and the three of the water, which still can't stop the war, especially the hydration of the hydration, and the whole body begins to have liquefied trends.

Before Yuxi Bouvelle ?? Now is the first generation of fire, thousands of handles, 913. What is going on? In the body, it seems that chaos has become a shock chasing chasing, and the fine sweat can not be blocked.

Why did these have already lost one of the people in the legend of the endurance?

'What did you finish? "

It seems that the shocking momentum and Chakra in front of the Ninja God, can't make a change in the face of the face, but his attitude seems to be a bit impatient, 'Fast this boring farce is a help The battle with Sasuke is right away from the results?


The moment before the ever, actually unaffected under his vast momentum, and the face between the killer has finally replaced the expression of seriousness, 'It's a young man who is not.,'


In the face of the eyes of the young men and the eyes of the young vectors and the old words, the moment directly exploded the whole body Chakra, surrounded by a roar, one weighed black Chakra Flame Dragon cagestable The whole body, the shocking energy is constantly distorted with the end of the end of the day.

Space around.

This is? The corpse will explore the moment in front of his eyes, and suddenly, this mighty Chakra has never seen such an eye-catching eyes of the thousand-handed eyes.

,what is that?!!"

It has been hiding in the midst of the wilderness of the wax, and the incredible province is incredibly, and the sudden turbine of the chic Chakra flame dragon. The surrounding space is affecting his time and space.

Soon. It will end?, '

I gradually made a moment of divertation, in the eyes of everyone, when the voice of this sentence floats in the air, the whole person has already taken black Chakra, which seems to swallow the world. Generally rushed to the front of the killer.

Bang !!!

The entire forest sounded a wave of collision, even if the time did not look at the end of the day, it was completely bombarded by the thousands of hands.

In the eyes of Yuxi Bo, the god of the ninja, the god of the ninja, and even the paint black Chakra, which was blocked in an instant into pieces.

'This. How is this possible?! (Caeb)! "

Tilled this moment, this moment, there is no way to believe in your own eyes. In fact, who can believe that someone in this world will make the Ninja's gods in a fragmentation of the Ninja.!

'Yuxi wave belt ?? I said ?? Today is the god of the ninja, and can not save the fate of you today? After the end of the day, after the end of the dragon, the paint black Chakra flame is gradually dissipate.

But at this moment, the eyes of the moment and what he said, he had to let the whole person in the ice, until today he found that he had never appreciated the real power of the moment.

What is it?, Is full of shocking in ' , no solution, there is a wonderful desire, and the confetti of the sky is re-emitting into the body.

'Is that is tolerance ?! Or.? "The family of the thousand-handles is filled with unbelievable expressions. Just now, the dark Chakra Malong actually speeds to let him react the whole person. nothing.

'That is just a simple body skill?,' Looking at the thousand-handles between the new convergence of the body in front of him, the moment is very light. 'It is the body that saves you to make you unable to play the fairy. The ability of the body?, '.

The body of the cactus?, Is indeed, 'After listening to what I said, there is a helpless low-cost, but the burning stare with the eyes of the eyes, but simple. Sports actually can do that ?? In addition to the legendary eight-door armor

I can do this outside.?, '

'Is really a great young person. "There was a sigh in his mouth, and the other side didn't have a hilly distressed expression on the face, and the hands started a handprint,' I would like to play Real power. May not be saved in front of you, '

Wooden trees gave birth!!

Under the uniformity of the thousand-handles, countless giant trees and vines, from the ground of the bang, almost the time of growing, and the trendy tree, the trees, the trend, the same, in the moment, except Absorbing the trees outside Chakra, the air is still spreading

Poisonous pollen.

Chapter 282 of the Crash System Frozen Atom (ask for an automatic)