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Racating Crack System Chapter 220

Chapter 282 Frozen Atom (seeking to reward)

After alternative to the thousand-handles, the surrounding environment was transformed into a tree, even if it was a buzz in the heart between the landscapes.

'This is the name of the Ninja God ?? The name of the killer of the Sen is the origin of the monk.' Looking around you, you can see the endless trees and sea forests.

'It turned out to create a forest one,' The surrounded by the three people who have been stunned by the three people who have been stunned by the thousand handles, the surprised tongue I have begun. tie.

'This is the wood that you flatter in the war country. It's really powerful. Corpse

A pair of gods were observed to see the number and area of ​​the shadowing day. At the moment, there is a complete reason to believe that it is a fly to estimate it.

This has been completely exceeded by the general ninja, which is just like nature, and as long as it is wrapped in these trees, even a tail beast will be sucking Chakra weak resistance. Moreover, there is also pollen of paralyzed biological nerves in the air.

However, the eyes stared at the eyes of the thousand-handles, but did not produce a half-point fluctuation. The face is still a look, "But if you only have this level ?? That is too disappointed?, '

Ice ring!!!

In the face of the giant tree hop vines, the three-sided hopping day, I saw a moment of moving, the vast ice of the ice, the universe of the universe, broke out in an instant, shot a burst of ice cold, the ultimate white light, with the speed of light The air is condensed into a huge incomparable ice ring, which suddenly spreads four-sided eight-party


Some of the frozen sounds sounded in the air, as if the time and space among the entire trees and sea forests were paused, under the sputum eyes of the killer, all things around him stopped, as if Everything is falling.

All huge trees of the hull in the moment from all angles, including the trees forest made from the entire killer, all the huge ice rings that are released in the moment are freeze into a lifelike ice sculpture, in the soul of the sun. The flicker flashed down the glory of crystal.

The whole piece of the whole piece of the trees that were frozen into ice sculptures were province. The kind is like a beautiful and magnificent scenery in the dream, but people who have all the people who are in the past, can't help but pour a cold. .

'This kind of frozen power ?? He has become strong?,' People see the ice sculpture tree sea, with soil, the land is not dare to relieve the state of their own glare, and I am afraid that I will be killed in the moment. .

'Is so beautiful?, At this time, it is probably only the girl who hid in the rock behind the rock will be sigh.

How can it be possible. The wood is actually a bit. "There are some unbelievable provinces in the thousand handles.

To know that his wood can be just a simple change in the nature of water and soil, there is also a strong energy of his immortal, these are not ordinary plant wood, but is given the material, and The big wood has a good thing.

'You seem to be surprised. Looking at the unbelievable expression on the face in front of you, the look on the face is indifferent. My ice is able to freeze all things ?? Whether it is material or energy Type or invisible.? The atoms constituting all substances will stop the transport because I was frozen


'; Dongjian atom?

The world of noodles is a world of scientific and technological rapid development. Almost every decade will usher in the change in science and technology age, which is a simple physical concept that is composed of atoms, which is already a common in this era. Common sense.

'Do you have a true strength? Russia know this is not your true strength? "There is no reason to be surprised by everyone, and the flash of the flash is always staring at the thousand-handles in front of you. It doesn't seem to have a silk. Temperature, 'If you still don't plan to make your strongest power, then I am now

Can you freeze you into an eternal ice sculpture?

Since asking for flowers?

'I really can't think of the current peaceful era, will there be a ninja like you? "I heard a thousand-handed faces of the strong face, but I wiped a bitter smile, but I made a strong battle in my eyes. But I can't let the ninja of the consecutive generation flat, '

Wooden, wood,!!

I saw that the voice of the thousand-handed column was falling. The hands were all in one of themselves before the moon, and the huge wooden man pulls the top of the heavens, and the Yisi Boupera is completely affected. It must be as high as 100 meters. Type, a huge wooden dragon around I around, as if I reached out, I can pick up the day. Although it is only wood composition

However, under the perfusion of the power of the thousand-handed fairy, there must be no more than one refining steel.

'Good.? Good?,' Look up, look at the top of this sky, the first reaction in this sky, the first reaction among the water and the incense phosphorus is to think of the last moment and Zhi Zhiwei. The whole body must be.

'what is that?!"

At this time, I was most shocked, not all of the people in the field, but instead of fighting from the stone room to the tentackey.

The huge wood people standing in the whole forest, A and Sasuo two people can't help but stop the battle in the hands of their two people, and this is all of this happened.

'What happened ?? Is this a top power?,' Sasu help the noise of ignorance in his mouth, can't stop in the mind, think of the fight against the last moment and Yisi Boss .

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Crash System Chapter 283, Cactus VS Cactus (seeking to reward)

Chapter 283 Cactus VS Cactus (ask for an automatic)

When the complete body of Yuxi spots, it must be protected by him with a deep memory that I can't survive.

And someone surprised the scene is different, watching this huge gorgeous wood man in front of you, this moment is incomparably disappointed expression, 'is just this level of power, one and the trend of Yuxi There is also a difference between the difference between the two _. ''

The others are almost hard to imagine. The power of the Ninja's gods makes the power to be able to match the enemy and the whole body must be able to pick up the woods of the beast jade, only to exchange this one. Desolate look.

I saw that under the control of the killer, the huge wooden people standing in the sky stepped out, and the dust and smoke of the sky were set off in the forest, and wandered countless green trees, fierce A flash of the foot at the foot.

Reincarnation !!

Everyone is a flower in front of him. When the line of sight, I lost my traces. When my eyes captured the position of the moment, I was already in front of the huge wooden person.

This feeling is _._.

At first glance, I used the sideline between the brakes and the eyes of the two eyes, and the mouth was soft: 'It is a terrible ninja similar to the flying thunder in the. _. ''

But the scene that happened next, but gave a more surprising from the Qianli posture and grew up his mouth I bar.

Eighty god air hit !!!

I saw the flash of the sky floating in the high-altitude, a pair of blue gods bluffled in the eyes of Xuanao blinks, revealing a kind of breath with ancient ancestors, suddenly hitting forward.

All the air in the whole space, and the huge ginseng Tianshan saw all the air were excluded, and there were countless spaces between tangible and invisible, every trick. It seems that it is like a king of the heaven, the king of the heaven, every trick is shaking the world.

A Dao Weili bombards his huge giant ginseng people.

Obviously there were countless vibration and deafening rings, but they made a sound in an instant, and the shocking sound formed almost had to shock the eardrum in the field.

I saw that the bloody fist attack in the moment of the blood slammed, and the vacharmonic attacked, and the whole talented huge wood man was completely complete. Wattrack, crashed into a piece of wooded wood chip and a piece of shredded block.

Eighty gods air hit in the past, the original, Japanese translation is the unique compassion of all-in-one, although there may be some second, but the power is thus visible.

Wooden. The woods are actually tattooed by him using body surgery? !! ',

The tongue of the tongue, the tabs, the trees, and the woods fell, and they did not have to be found in the past few decades in the past few decades in the past. I have never experienced this shock like today. .

Open? What jokes open?

The province will see the talented wood people with the thousand-handed columns, and they are suddenly broken in the moment. This is simply a sense of arrival, if you think about yourself today. Objective, with soil almost want to use the time and space of the flowers, short-eyed eyes, the space.

That guy. Is it true that the last and Yuxi Boli Bouvet did not make full?, '

I hid in the water behind the rock and I think of myself, I still try to work in the sound of the village, and I couldn't help but soft into a liquid.

Is the guy in the moment? Is this power ?? I really want to know who the opponent is?, 'I heard the huge sound and drunk in the outside of the forest, and it is in harmony with A battle. A huge giant gangli, a huge giant ginseng, a huge collapse, and inexplicable.