Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 221 of Huedings

It's awesome, the power of God will shift, '

The province of the woods, the woods they have, are completely ignorant, and they are only being thrown between the blinks, and the thousands of hand of the thousand-handles is full of cracks that are full of condolences. This is defeated spots. Do you want to meet such a ninja in this era?, '

'I haven't felt this for a long time, I feel that the life of the life is going to fight.

Although it is only the body of the dead, it is strong. The power is unable to ignite the battle blood of the whole body, and the war is not curbed by his whole body.?

Cactus mode, start!!

I saw that the thousands of hands were slammed before the month, and the invisible breath came out, and there was a bloody monster in the face and the forehead. The whole person's momentum became different. .

Cactus mode?, '

The province will open the same source at this time, and learn from one of the wet bones of the Sanxian Holy Land, I feel that he and just sentenced the pounds of the two people at this moment. The moment finally felt a long-lost blood war.

This is what I imagine the gods of the Ninja, the one who is the most embarrassing ninja, '

Perfect immortal mode, start!!

In the slutty of the thousand-handed post, it is also a hands in the moon. It is also in the end of the month. A invisible breath suddenly develops from the body. The strong airflow instantly blows all the dust around.

'What is it? Legazines have opened the perfect cactus mode, and the thousands of hands have a surprise, from now on the moment, he feels a very familiar and strange moment.

'The one is a happy immortal.? Is there a perfect immortal model that has never been cultivated in thousands of years ?!

At this time, there is a long-awaited memory in the brain in the thousand-handles. It can't help but think of the words that I have said to him when I have learned the immortal model in wet bone forest.

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Chapter 284 of the collapse of the jade system (seeking automatic)

Chapter 284 Real Wood (seeking automatic).

Actually, some people succeed in repairing the perfect immortal model: ._. ''

The face between the killer has finally changed, a bloody cactus staring at the moment in front of him, as a way to cultivate the immortal model to a very high realm, and the heart is of course very clear, and what is the state of the moment.

Immortal Ming God Door !!

Less the hearts of the heart, the thousands of hands are gently smashed, under the mild in the body of Xianke Chakra, a huge horizontal red bird is crazy from the sky from the sky, moving towards the position of the moment. Go on.

A pair of blue gods hope that the red birds who have kept their own position from the sky and fall, and this recruitment of the trumpet in the fairy, but the original is not only suppressed in the fairy. Spots, even able to suppress the actions of the blockade, if they are resident by these red birds

In the cover, even the tail beast escaped the fate of the sealed Chakra uniform.

'No wonder the capture of the beast is the same as the chick.' '

At first glance, this air-shaped gentleness after the immortal is opened, and the heart is emotion, but the face is not changed, and the gods have been blinking between the eyes, and constantly uses the shuttle movement.

Instant! Instant! Instant! _._.

There are countless huge red birds in the sky, and it has set another tall and unparalleled red building in the forest, and the shocking moment has surpassed all the creatures within hundreds of miles.

'Can you catch up with his speed ._. The ability of time space is really trouble _._.' '

The double-handed millennium-pro-match thousand-handed thousands of hand-in-one huge red birds, which are completely unable to capture the moving movement of the moment.

It is your speed too slow _._. ''

Until the sound of the moment suddenly sounded in the ear of the thousand-handed columns, he was so angry, and he hit it. As a ninja standing in the Ninja World's most I peak, he is not so uncomfortable, but he looks back It is an unlimited amplified fist.

Renovation of eyes, repulsive!!!

The uncomfortable power of God's blind eye, with the power of this boxing of this boxing, almost hilar hard within the thousand-handed space.

In the moment, all the land trees in the whole forest were all stronger than the strong repulsive, and the whole personnel flew out, and the body of the born is gradually rejected in the power of this. Flying fly, frustrating the sky.

I saw the disaster scene of this climb under the moment. All all people in the scene were silent. In fact, if there is no power of the blind eye, even if the Ninja is impossible. Doing this effect like he is now light against the body.

'If it is not a born body. Start from us to now. Even if you have a yang fairy, you have been killed twice?

The windy voice of the moment passed into all the minds of all the people in the scene, the blue mysterious God of the blush eyes gazed to the distiller flying dance, the new beginning of the bodies, no one broke the face The expression.

'Ninja gods don't be his opponent ?? Hidden in the gods of the gods, a pair of scarlet written eyes, it seems that it has been looking for ourselves in the heart.

'I really failed. Have you been there in a young man?,' Is gradually condensed in the air, and the complete body is gradually condensed. After listening to the words heard in the moment, the born is open-minded. I can't help but have a helpless laugh.

But then the gentleness of the thousand-handles, in the face of the other two times of killing his twice, standing in the entire Warring States era, there is no number of ninja, who has never encountered an opponent like this, hands. Sliced ​​a handprint in front of him, endless Xianke Chakra

Number outbreak.

Immortal Muhi · Reality !!!

The huge roar of the rumbling sounded, as if the air around him was rolled out of a strong hard, the light in the whole sky, in the eyes of everyone, a very shielded day, The huge magnificent Mu Fu Buddha is rising from the ground, tens of millions of huge hands arms

After the brain of the huge Buddha statue, it seems like a Buddha who suddenly falls to the world overlooking the sentient beings.

'this is?,'

In addition to the moment, the huge wooden statue of this extraordinary, and all the people in the scene have almost forgot how they should breathe, and even just the same huge wood. In front of this huge wooden Buddha statue, it is like a baby station in front of this huge wooden Buddha statue.

As in front of adults, it is like a hetero.

'This is the mood of the Musca Millennium, 517 " To the real power between the killer, although the heart is imagined, I finally can't

Before seeing the shock.

'What is it? What is the way?

At this time, the stone room is on the stone room and the A battle, the two do not have the same movement, and the double-eyed looks look at the huge wooden Buddha statue that stands in the forest, and I feel that I am small as if it is The gravel in the dust is the same.

'This is the strength of the top peak of the Warring States?

Looking up at the huge wooden Buddha statue of the whole sky, it is also very shocking in the heart of the moment, because the entire Ninja World can no longer find a larger tobach than this volume.

You must know that in the original, even the Wi-Zhiwa splasses fused to fuse the strength of the nineth and complete body, and must be able to be in the thousand-handed sputum. The crushing of hit, changing the topography of the entire terminator of the wood leaves.

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Chapter 285 of the collapse jade system (seeking automatic)

Chapter 285 Extremely Punishment (seeking to reward)

'Sure enough, more power than the Yuxi Boss,'

Looking at the top of the sky, the Tongtian Mu Dai Buddha, the moment, I feel that I have been ignited in the moon, and the blood of the blue gods will be sent out, and whether the eyes are shaking Deep red warfare, haircut, a thousand hand of the tale.

Immortal, topped Buddha!!

At the same time, the momentum of the two people arrived at the peak, the thousand-handles suddenly manipulated the huge wooden Buddha statue to raise the big arm behind thousands of people. Every huge wooden arm is as if it is torn. The air in front of you bombards the moment of the moment.