Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 222 of Hueding Cracks

All the air in the head is torn, all the light is covered, thousands of huge wooden arms are filled with the space of the top of everyone, and it seems that the temperature around it starts to boil.

Eighty god air hit !!!

In the face of the thousands of hand shocking the world, covering the ultimate killing of the sun and the moon, the moment is in the body, and the universe is like the universe, the universe is all launched, and the top of the head is thousands of bombards. The huge wooden arm. It took a lot of huge air heads.

Under the additional increase of the perfect immortal mode, the eighty gods of the whole bombardment, every punch is killing, power is strong, even the gods must be retired.

Finally, thousands of wooden arms between thousands of hand came to the eyes, and they hit the countless vacuum head of the moment.

Without the imagination, Hong Zhong Da Lu's collision sounded, but the collision between the two people and the universal killings were broken through the impact wave of the sound barrier, destroying almost all trees in the whole forest.


It was originally smashed in the rock in the back of the rock, and the sorrowful discovery of the shocking of their rocks and killer between the two people.

There are countless wooden residual limbs among the air, falling in the forest, there is a burst of endless dust, and only thousands of wooden arms she bombarded by the Mu Qian Big Buddha. The eighty gods in the moment were completely pulverized.

how can that be

Some of them are looking at all that happened in front of them. There are some unbelievable mutters in the thousand-handed post-column mouth. Once, even Yizhi Boupese fused, the strength of the nine-tail and complete body must not do. What is going on. It is now in an instant to do a person with your own flesh.

The province has continuously broken the broken cracks from his head. This moment can really feel something in your heart. It seems that asks yourself be crushed together.

'You lost ?? Door's altitude?,'

The province is called by the world as a sympathetic expression in front of the six cactors. Nowadays, the expression is like this, and it is also said that it is still in his heart. The son sound said.

Is it clear?

Some harsh sound passed to the ears of the moment, I saw that I broke all the kilograms of the arm of all the wooden arms by myself, and I moved its huge footsteps, and the dust of the forest was moving towards oneself. Step.

'Don't you die?,'

At the lane, there is not far from the battle of the fire. The fire is still burning. The expression on the face is also unknown to the face. The god of the ninja was respectful by the world.? Just a grandfather . '.'.

'Then let me know that I have just mastered the powerful power?,'

After the sound of this sentence, after all of the people's ear, everyone felt that the temperature in the air around her body seems to be down, standing in the thousand-handles between the moment, even more horrific Big big eyes, an unprecedented ice of ice is tired of his heart

Aurora punish!!!

In the body, Chakra and the freezing force perfectly touched the Xianke Chakra outbreak, in the face of the thousand-hand Buddha, the top of the top, the sky, and the moment of the ice, and the ice of all the ice. The hands are wondering forward.

In everyone's eyes, it seems to be frozen, and everything around it falls into a pause. After the flash is swayed, the endless white is very light, as if the ancient wave is generally traces Pulling forward, all things in front of them have been stained with a white


Thousands of hands.

Do you have a thousand-handle?

Whole forest?

All things, under the moment of the poke, was dyed on white, and stopped all the operation, all turned into ancient ice sculptures, and scattered under the sunny sun. Dreamy halo seems not to die, but sublimated.

At the moment, I was alive in the world of the boundless white ice, the silver is bullish in the cactuary, like the tyrant in the winter, beautiful but ruthless.

"" "What is the power of this?, 'Double-eyed people save the heartless white world, unbelievable whisper in the mouth, even if it is hidden in the midst of the tread of flowers, the tread, Just now (Zhao Zhao Zhao) almost thought that he was also in the same way as all things in front of him, it was instantly treated with eternal ice sculptures.

Did that embrace it, is it frozen?

In the eyes of a bilateral writing, it reflected a white glory. The alley with soaps and courage is also blocked by a lifelike ice sculpture. There is no signs of sports.

is also a substance. It is the material is the atomic composition. I said?, '

Solitary, in the absenteeous white world, in the state of the province, the blue eyes of the belongings seem to have I with a true cold hell, there is no halftone of the tone. 'In front of my ultimate ice, everything is going to be Ice frozen one, '

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Chapter 286, Chapter 286 of the Crane (ask for automatic)

Chapter 286 Can't catch (seeking automatic).

I. We are not dead?

I re-found a bunker to hide the money, the phosphorus and heavy, the eyes were stagnant, and they were stagnant, and the dead, and the dead stretched up the body, as if there was only this only, they were really survived. fact.

'Next. Is the turn?,'

After solving the thousand-handles, the blush of the blue gods, the eyes of the eyes, and the belt of soil hiding in the gods, whispering said, listening to the Turndo is like a dead god Please, 'Yuxi Bo belt soil?,'.

Ha ha?,'

It doesn't seem to go straight to the eyes of the eyes, and there are some hoarse laughing, and I have the same thing in the brakes that I have justified the thousands of doors. After the thousands of hand, after the moment, he The bottom of my heart has not been there and the courage of the enemy of the moment. If it is not your own eyes

See it. It's really hard to think about it? "

'Just even the ninja God is not your opponent,' The body is pinned in the void with one 873 soil mask, and the sound of the river is like the sound of the river, 'But.? I Wanhua short-eyed eyelimeter, can you know?, '.

As long as I don't take the initiative. Is there anyone else to take me? Less one sentence tells the source of self-confidence, and the territory seems to retrieve the confidence, and the son is borrowed.

Indeed, Huizhi Board's Wanhua Shiwei is a rogue skill. If he doesn't take the initiative, even the previous moment can not take him.

But now I have experienced a sudden space shuttle in the air shuttle, and the hearts of the sky, the sky, and the heart have already had an inevitable grasp of the belt soil.

Are you too self-righteous ?? Urcho belt soil?, '

The blue mysterious gods of the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred capital, I saw that the moment was gently shaking his head, and the sound of soft and lightly said a constant truth, 'In this world, there is no invincible Suspending only invincible ninja,. "(CCCA).

Will only use a trick to help the enemy.? Time will be soon to save it later, '' Holding a truth, 'What's more, in front of me ?! "

Reincarnation !!

At that moment, in the moment of the flash, the bottom of the belt has already set off a strong uneasy. Sure enough, he wrote his writing in the eyes of Zhe, in the blush, in front of the void Open a dark time-space intervail.

,that is?!!"

I saw that the soil was very surprisingly widened. Even if he can save him at this moment, he can save him at this moment, because his double eye is seen in this time that is opened before the moment. In the channel, there was a scene of a seat cube building.

It is the time space between the exclusive space of the Wanhua Shop.

'So next. Can you escape again ?! "

The bloody eyes of God have captured the confusion that could not cover up in the eyes of the earth, and the smart mouth of the mouth is in the mouth of the mouth.

In the moment, it is now useful to use the ability to use the reincarnation of the eye, even the time and space of Da Jiwu Hui Night and Jane Tuan Tao That is, what he has seen that there are so many times to use so many times. space.

'Damn.? "