Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 223

Fear, finally occupied the soil now whole mind, I saw that the whole person turned around the surrounding space, and the whole person indented the Shenwei space after trying to take away.

'Is it lucky to have a lucky psychology? He just said with you? Time space channel open.

'Since you appear in front of me today. So, then your next fate is only dead?

When this sentence passed into the Turban, the moment had appeared in the boundless undispetent, and the entry and the eyes were laminated.

Do you actually?, '

After listening to the voice of the Bounce, a pair of writings in the eyes were almost stared out, and the philosophy in the moment had a moving figure in the heart, and there was an emergence of the boundless shadow. It is difficult to confuse the face at this moment, full of expression is full of fear.

and so?,'

It is like a fairy that is unique to floating in the half-air of the land of the land, staring at the face of panic, and the perfect face in the moment, but with a cat playing with the cat.

You plan to choose to die in the real world. Is it necessary to die in your own time space? ".

Is it?, '

These two words were completely embodied in the heart of the territory. From the moment of philosophy, it truly appeared in the moment in the midwest space. The shadow of death has dominated the soul of the belt.

He once listened to someone who said that there were countless past memories in his life. He found that he was in the mind at this moment, and Kakasi, a teacher, a teacher Feng Shui Gate also has a moon eye plan and its ideal world.

He finally remembered that he came here today.

The spot has been got the eyes. The development of things is embarrassed to have different trajectories and their own hearts, and they have a spell of spells in their hearts, so they work with the pillians.

It hits the brakes in the killing of the killer, if you can kill the moment to get the body, you have two people who can fight against the pole and to show their own plan.

Results The power of the moment has been completely exceeded.

One step is wrong, everything is empty.

(With the earth, it was finally killed in the moment) (the monthly ticket, please throw it to me, you can also reward me).

Chapter 287 of the collapse of the jade system (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 287 Taking the Dirty Dinner (seeking rewards and automatic)

Did you stay here??

Think of the world of Zhonglin, the world, and a strong life between the life and death crisis, there is a strong heart that is not born.

'No. I can't die here?,'

In the face of the power of the moment, under the stimulation of powerful survival, standing above the cubic buildings of the Shenwei time, with the earth's hands began a quick print.

The fire dance !!

I saw that the soil was deeply sucking, and the opening of a high-temperature hot flame, followed by a spiral twisted, high-temperature hot flame, which is like a rotating whip, is like a rotating whip.

Use the Shenwei released vortex space to accelerate the diffusion of the flame, the speed is very fast, whether it is powerful or scope, it is comparable to the fire of Yu Zhibo released.

'Unnealed wells?,'

The high temperature hot flame whirlpool arrived in the body, but it seems that there is some fallen shook his head. The blind eye of the blushing of the gods instantly settled the position of the flame swirl center point.

Reincarnation !!

In the eyes of the belt, the whole person instantly passed through the high-temperature burning flame whirlpool, and there was a head of his own, and there was an unfinite zoom in his eyes.

In the case of the midwest space, the earth was hit by a hit, and the whole person was like the arrow of the strings, and flew out to break the countless cube building.

'Your attack means too little?,' Treating a poor insect looking at him, "If you don't have a small flower, you don't have anything.


The vortexed mask suddenly broke the open, and the geldure is half-collapsed, and a pair of scarlet written eyes.

The entire man with soil wolf is in the cube building. After the moment it seems to have a punch, that is almost unable to resist, the big thoughts have lost their minds.

The moment is gently reached, and the soil from the front of the building will bring the soil, and the blue eyes are like mercy.

Among the original, the land was fighting for so long, then became the tail of the tail of the tail column, and the tail of the tail. Then the ten tail was stripped without death .Thuto, it is a fight against the fight Until to being black and tentatively touched, the reincarnation is still not dead. Finally

Also used to use the Women's Day, the seventh class, and even communicate the time space of Da Jiemu's night, and finally died in the bones of the big simmer.

After dead, I was able to travel back to Kakasi. From a certain angle. From a point of view. The little strong life of the land is much more strong than this protagonist.

'I have experienced so much pain and struggle. The last still wants to die here?,'.

Surprised fate? Isn't it? "

At the moment, the sound of sigh is falling. In the bumper with soil, gently mobilize the immortal Chakra in the body, and a freezing force from Hell's Nether is poured from the moment.


Some of the coagulation of molars resounded through the whole, and only the soil in the hands of the moment, the whole person was frozen into a slag.

The moment is gently powered, and the frozen belt of the frozen is time to be frozen. It is like snowflakes. It is usually floating, and the flying dances in every corner of the midwest space in front of them.

'Is it a neighborhood?,'

Gradually, looking at the whole skin of the whole sky, it seems that the foam phantom will generally disappear in the air, and the moment is in the murderous space in the midst of the might. A spiral distortion in the space of the space.

After the province, I immediately broke out the , launched the gynotype to the voids in front of you, and re-opened a time-space passage that leads to the real ninja world, and stepped in.

· Ask for flowers ··?

Realistic Ninja World.

Among the white worlds, the whole ice sculpture forest still stands a huge and unparalleled thousand-hand Buddha ice sculpture. Shining the light of the sun in the aftertasia of the sun.

They two. I have not seen it?

Just saved in the moment, I was frozen into the eternal ice sculpture, and the water moon inceptions and the heavy, and the use of the land and the disappeared in the empty, and then called the moment and opened a dark. The time-space channel, two people have disappeared in this world after crossing.


When they were shocked before, the space not far away suddenly started a spiral distortion, I saw that the belt that had disappeared, and he was in the ice sculpture forest. On the ground, the wolf is unbearable, and the look is very rampant.

Fly quickly and flee.

'Oh. I have to use a few times in Zhe.

Some ridicule sounded in the ear of water monthly phosphorus, and only opened a dark time space channel in front of the empty space, and the silver-white long-lost dance came out, but soon quickly disappeared. Original place.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!