Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 224, Chapter 224

When everyone eliminates the figure of the Buffet, I have already appeared in front of the soil, I saved the horses, but the sharp eyes blocked the perspective of all the escapes of the belt. .

'Is there all of everything? Are you over? "

In the eyes, it is no longer replaced at this moment.

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Chapter 288 Dying (seeking rewards and automatic)

The left-eyed write wheel has been blind because I use an evil.?

In the face of the moment that can be free to open, the neighborhood has no effect.

If there is now the right eye of the right eye, the

Looking for a bitterness that does not have a good end of the road, this moment is a color of the dead ash.

'With all your ideals and hope to die. Maybe you can also see you love yours in that world?

It's a torture that has been in front of you. In the flash, the blue-shaped eyes flashed a inexplicable color, but the movement in the hand did not have a wave of emotional waves' five eight three movements.

Diamond star dust !!!

In the final eye of the neighborhood, the neighborhood of the Words. At the moment, he saved the cloud-like manager, and suddenly all the air condensed, surpassing the absolute zero-style freezing force instantly formed a white light, the shock wave, the same as snowflakes, is also like a star, dreams

Sampets, white snowflakes can be frozen and smudged.

'It's so beautiful. Is this a dusty dust?, Almost all of the lights of the earth are occupied by this white light, I can't help but must it, in this white star debris, He seems to save Lin, saving yourself that I have become the most want to become the most, save everything he wants to save

Ideal world.

During this dreamy move, it is as if it is not dead but a sublimation.

In fact, it was just a moment, and the white Guanghua shock wave waved on the flash shockped to the earth. Every cell under the whole body lost the movement, and the whole person was all frozen under this trick that surpassed the absolute zero. It's like a fridge, just like a stars of debris.

Sample magnifier.

everything is over?,'

After a blow, I stared that the soil was floating in front of my eyes. I was standing in the white world, as if I was so cold and loneliness.

'The next five shadow conference will be held? It is also time to speed up my footsteps?,'

After solving the killer and the soil belt. The flash of the blushing of the blush of the eyes, the eyes of the blue eyes penetrated, and I looked at the situation above the stone room. The answer ?? has also been divided into a result?, '

Leading your own thoughts, the moment is flashing, and the whole person disappears in the ice sculpture forest.

Only left the fragrant phosphorus month of the cold, there is still a sluggish ice sculpture forest, and the face is shocked.


A bunch of cold wind has blown a stone room of the entire Unecai station. The clear sky of the original sunrise has become gloomy and terrible. Although A and Sasuke do not use Tianzhao and Wrap Dragonfire as the orthodontics. The operation is used to form a rain cloud.

However, under the influence of the influence of the ooler of the moment, the gloomy sky was gradually floating to the snow.

'Snow ?? Even the sky is changed?

Among the red Chakra flame giants, a soft, slightly, some costless open eyes, silently saving white snowflakes.

Cough ??

A bloodless coughing from the mouth from A, automatically losing the mustvas around the body, touching the Buddha lost all the strength of the whole body, fell on the ground.

'Sorry. Sasuke? This is the last time?,'

The slowly reached out and pulpted it. Sasuke, who was lying on the ground, is fainted, and the body of the child, the body of the disease is completely ignorant because of physical strength.

'So.? Do you still choose this?,'

Sudden sounds from the flash appeared in this empty stone room, but helping the Shu's face did not surprise.?

It has been resumed into the ordinary black eyes, didn't go to the surrounding moment, at this moment, at this moment, it seems to be extraordinary.

'This is the beginning, I have already chosen the road?,' I am unable to fall in the skyline of the rooftstay floor, look at the snow flowers from the sky, almost I am telling "Although you told the truth of Sasher to disruption of my original plan.? But this also can't change my


'What is going to now ?? I only ask you one thing? The corpse white sprinkled snowflakes have some fangs that fell to help, but he didn't even reach the power.

'Have your eyes to Sasuke? "Successfully walked to the VA of the paralysis, and the blue eyes of the flash contains I with complex eyes.

Even if I told the truth of Sasher.

Do you still choose to let yourself be able to carry all things?

Sure enough, I still haven't hiped you. At that time, you will always be a mystery one. 'I heard the moment, I'm going to the intentions and ideas in my heart, and the smile on the u face is a little emotional. .

Looking at the foot seems to have a weak break, the color is completed. The knife is a silence, and the sound of the sound: 'Since you have made it ?? Then I have a decision of your decision?,'.

Thank you.? ?, 'I heard the moment I promised my request, and the u mouth angle gradually a smile, slightly my eyes.

Yishibo belt, Unechebau A, two Unexpea family is not unrestrained, but there is no ninja in history, it is quietly passed away today, and there is no thing.

The gloomy sky, the frozen forest, the snowflakes, all this seems to be a funeral who mourned for them.

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Chapter 289 on the eve (seeking rewards and automatic)

Wake up, time is already a day.

Within a white-tonal room, the dark oil lamp on the wall illuminates all the scenarios in front of you. The ground is in the face of the bed. Sasuke, because the face of the sleep, suddenly reveals the water!

It seems that the shouts of the heart are filled with a bit of dim, and Saso will take the whole person, but then from the whole body, the drama of the whole body has made him somewhat hard to frown.

'You woke up _._.' 'The corner of the room, the sound of the moment, in the shadow of the candlelight, only see his red clouds of the red cloud ear.

' ?!', the appearance of the moment makes Sasuke slightly horror, just think of the pain on the body, let him stop the movements in the hand, 'Here is ._.' '

'This is the secret of the secret, the second _.' '' Heart is intoxicated, the Sasuke in front of you, the light opens 22: 'Help it is dead _.

'Helping it is dead. _.' 'Listen to what I said, Sasuke whisper muttered, the dark eyes did not have a smooth focal length, I remembered that I was talking before A. I heard about it. Down.

Silently staring at the eyes of the eyes, the face is difficult to cover up at this moment, and the heart sighs in the heart.

Help one choice of this road, you will be in the future.