Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 225

But you know that as your brother kill my brother, what kind of mood is it?

No longer have too much sigh, the moment, I have collected all my thoughts, and the blue eyes are in front of the help, 'Help you leave your eyes to you _._. When I arrive, I will pay for it when I am. Give you_._.''

'Help the eyes.

The five-year-old five shaded conference will be held tomorrow. "The endurance will soon have an unprecedented vibration............................ Heavy, 'Next, what do you plan to go? "

The low words of the moment Sasuke caught in a silence, because the relationship of W, his view of the wooden leaf has been reduced to the extreme, and it is obviously impossible to go back to the leaves.

In the moment, I also said that Sasuke is now confused, then he will follow the next _._.

'I want to join Xiao ._. After a silence and half awkward, suddenly Sasuke's eyes looked at the moment, it seems to find his own new direction.

Join?! 'I heard the decision of Sasuke Suddenly made this decision, and the silent smile, because everything is embarrassed and the original is similar to the road.

God surgery!!

The dazzling golden Chakra is full of dim, and there is a bit of watching in the eyes of Sasuke, and a gently waving will heal the injury in the whole body.

Let's go. Your companions are still waiting for you? "After you are easy to treat all the injuries, you have a inexplicable smile on the face. 'I just want to convene them to start the meeting. You are also coming with me. One,'

In the eyes of Sasuke, the moment is reached on his shoulders, and two people have disappeared within a dim room.

Among the spacious stone room, still Lu Li is a horrible outer road.

A brunette that picks up a multicolored R-light, except for flying sections and corners, all members of all organizations have appeared in the stone room.

'The leader? This time, what is the matter? "

The flying sections of words are catching the villages and the corners, and they will break the silence atmosphere.

This time, everyone came over. Is there three things?, 'J Blue's eyes glanced at all the members of the well-known surrounding, and the sound of the sound:' The first thing.? For some reason ?? It's dead?, '.

What?! Dinning ?! "

After listening to what I said in the moment, all the members of all the organizations in the scene had a shock, and the face had a horrified expression.

'The guy. How?,'

I saw Didala's face filled with a strange expression that could not be concealed. Since I was absorbed by Imposed Issue Because I was defeated, he had been holding a mentality and idea that I want to defeat a.

Result A Strong guys did not have no reason.

I heard the news of the death, as the best partner of the usual and A relationship, the ghost's fish face flashed a sadness.

'For the reason everyone, don't know ?? Next is the second thing? "Everyone who is in the field has some dismustter brought by the death of the death, and the moment is paused, and the opening will continue to say:' As a replacement? Next, you will join the 863 we organized.?

Go with his three companions to continue A original work?

After that, he didn't wait for everyone to react, and the blue eyes moved to the exit of the stone room. 'Can you come out? Sasuke?,'

I saw that the sound of the stone came out after the sound of the stone, flashed four black red clouds at the exit of the stone. Sasuke and Xiangti Shuyue and the heavy gimmick, and then went to the main hall and came to all the people's eyes.

In addition to the fragrant in all the eyes of all people, there is no significant change in Sasukes and Tong Shu's expression.

'What are you!? Is it this guy ?! "After the province's Sasuke appeared, it was dissatisfied with the Didaraton who had handed over him before,' This kid is qualified to replace A position !!"

"So I will let them come to replace 0 vacancies with the ghost n to catch the Yun Yun's eight tail column., 'It seems that it is expected to have this reaction in Didala, and it is sharp. The first point is pointing to him. Do you have any questions? Didalai, '

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Chapter 29, Conference (seeking rewards and automatic)

Originally, there is a strong contradictory Didara with Sasuke and his companion, and the sharp vision of this sharp eyes, the sharp eyes of the moment, and the dissatisfaction is full of bubbles.

The original dissatisfied look suddenly changed into a smile, 'No. The leader of the leader did not have any questions?,'

'That's good. Next is the third thing?,' After sweeping Didala, I didn't call him again, and I continued to launch all the people in the field: "I have held it tomorrow. Fifty shadow conference?, '.

What don't do not have exhausted words should be aimed at the incidents brought about by our organization., 'Said here, the moment turned his eyes to the side of the white and Jun Ma Lu.' White, Jun Ma Lu? Tomorrow From two of you, go to the country of the iron. I will see the so-called five shaded conference.

Yes !! 'After listening to the wrong, Bai and Jun Ma Lu two suddenly appeared.

I just heard the five shadow conference you want to go to the country tomorrow. Didala's face suddenly turned out the eager look of the eager to try, 'the first collar. Can you bring me on tomorrow ?! ".

Intervene in the meeting of the top five tolerance.? That must be very interesting? "The more you think, the more exciting the expression of Didara, the smile on the face began to be causing, 'Can prove in so many people My art.? Well?, '.

No.? Tomorrow's five shaded conferences have I have enough for my past?? Others continue to perform their mission in their hands?, ' , still reiterate their arrangements,' It's just that Lei Ying is not in the time of the cloud.? Ghost N You go to the squad of Sasher tomorrow.

Yun Lei Gorge captures eight tail column power? '11 II, '

'Shouting? So there is no tristed thing, but I'm 3 inches in the instance of the Dida pull in Dida, but I didn't dare to watch it.

However, the Didala's face has been in the face of the expectation, and the moment is involved in the Five Congress. What will happen tomorrow?

Yes?, 'I heard the instance, ghost N and Sasuke nodded, through the relationship of A, they also concluded a temporary teammate.

'Hey. Ghost N Seniors.? Please advise?,' At this time, the water is said to say that a pair of eyes firmly stare at the big knife mosquito muscles after the ghost tattoo, and there is no to cover your heart. hope.

It turned out to be a ghost of the ghost light. Are you a brother of the ghost light? After you recognize the identity of the water, the godes seem to be noticed to the eyes of the water, just 9 fish, a normal mouth, The fierce smile, 'I can't think that the big knife that has fallen again has fallen in your hand.

"Of course. What is the hidden knife? Is it my wish?, 'Said that the rippe of the water is also the same as the ghost mose," which also includes the ghost predecessor you. Muscle one, '

'Alternative to you did not inherit the fog's hidden predecessors' excellent traditions?,' Faced with the provocation of the water and moon, the horrible smile on the face of ghost whales is more obvious.

The eyes of two people between the eyes will gradually rub the collision of sparks. At this time, the opening interrupted this trend.

'Okay! All here! No matter what you have any private grievances or purpose,' I only see the eyes of the blue deep eyes to the two, the simple voice contains I can't reject it. Means, but I believe that you will catch the beast in the two tasks of the organization.


'Amount. Is this of course?,'

After listening to the moment, the ghost N and the water were born, especially the water that was not far from the moment, and suddenly converged all the ideas and thoughts in his heart. After all, the power brought to them yesterday. The shock is also in the eye.

'Okay ?? So all things I don't know? The small ghost N and the water are not done to violate their wishes. At the moment, I finally got a lot of people around the scene, and you can go to prepare for your own Mission? Yin

When the break was announced, all the members of the Numi, which were in the court, one gradually disappeared within the stone room in front of me, until they were helping them and the white and Jun Ma Lu, when they all prepared tomorrow's mission, standing around the moment, standing around Silent Xiaonan finally opened.

'"'" I made me with you tomorrow?, 'Xiaoshan whispered, and the face of cool and glamorous I was inkilled, but the color in the eyes was not hidden.

After all, the moment will face the top of the five ninja villages at the top of the Ninja World, and the collaboration is certainly the other elite ninja in the five ninja villages.

This is not to say that Xiaonan has no confidence, but since she has experienced the messy time and space with the moment, and after the last moment, she rescued her in the big simmer Tuanxi time space, I did not know that I didn't know Xiaonan himself. I have never been found that she has already begun to have a blind thing for the moment.