Obviously, I feel that Xiaonan is concerned about her own (Nuo Huan), and the heart is slightly hot, and she has a soft smile in her. "Don't worry.? For my current strength.? Five shadows only However, it is a slightly big wax, '

It is really worthy of it.? In turn, it is hiding in an unknown Underwood and black.?

It's just that the moment is ink to stare at the small south of yourself, and I have not taught this sentence, and I will not be able to worry about my little southern.

Within a large stone room, the drunken air is like a silent temperature, only the blue eyes that are flowing from time to time seems to have foreseen the scenes to occur tomorrow.

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Collapse jade system Chapter 291 Five Shadow Talks (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 291 Five Shadow Talks (seeking rewards and automatic)

In the turbulent flow of the entire endurance, the time is fast, and it comes to the next day.

As a neutral country other than the five major countries of the Became, the Ninja in the past is about a long time.

The five major five shadows of the five shadows will choose in the iron country. The leaders of the iron country are also acting as the host of this five-shadow talk, one is the neutral attitude of the iron country and the convention for the Ninja before. The country of the iron country does not have ninja, but there is a group of battle groups called the warrior.

It is an independent culture, independent authority, and independent neutral countries.

This all year round, the country of Snow, the country, ushered in many different past guests, the power of Samurai guards is more strict than ever, especially the venue of the Five Shadow Talks is full of shared puch. Handheld Samurai Guards.

The solemn and magnificent, there is a stone room in a 487-free stone room, and a wider talk desk is sitting on the ninja, wearing a self-printed fire-like thunder. He has also set up a banner representing its respective countries.

It is the first to escape the top of the five Ninja Villages in front of the ninja world to high power. Outside the shadow from five different ninja villages, they also stand back to the two power assistants who carefully pick from their own riva, each A person is at least with the strength of the elite.

'I am very sorry for this special sensitive I feel, and I will call you all: ._.' '

As the sponsors of the five-year conference, the three-generations of the three-generation scales, the two-day scales, the heads, although his short figure and the red wine of the juniori are very happy, but the people who are in bed are very clear. This is not asked. The old man is not only the oldest in the five major rigs.

Shadow, and still in the current endurance, the only one that will use the blood drill elimination, the strength is absolutely unbearable.

But now the situation is very strict, knowing that this organization must be clear, in recent days, it has already captured the tail beast and the column power, this situation is too real, so I am not worth mentioning. All the shadows are found, I hope everyone can discuss a kind of to deal with the forefoot.

method. '. After the three generations of the earth shadow sound, the spin of the old but the eyes flicker glanced over the other four shadows on the venue.

'Xiaomi ?!' After listening to the three generations of Si Shadow opening, the full body black gold-colored four-generation Lei Yai Ai, the whole body's strong muscles are tight, a thick I strong monk is turned to Above the desktop,. We must first ask us to ask us first.

! "

"As far as I know, I have destroyed our Yunyin Ninja to the Baby, it is the leader of the organization now, and he is the ninja of your wood, and I have not remembered the wrong, he is still a five-generation eyes, your shadow, your profit. Is it?! 'Rui arrived here, the original personality furious four generations Lei Ying seems to be eyebrows

The hair between the eyes has erected, and the fierce eyes are angry about the five-generation eye shadows for the eyes. For this point, you must give me an explanation !! "

It seems that I will have such a reaction to the Lei Yinghui. The prime floats are in the opposite direction, and the beautiful face did not show a smooth wave, the double (CCBH) hand is on the Table Table I lived in my own submarks and said:. About the day, I will think that you must

It is already very clear. He has already left our wooden leaves as early as ten years ago. "

"I don't agree with the phrase................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ ... Sense of probes slightly, 'then he killed our foggy forward, this is not what he did after he leaves the leaves.

Love? ".

Although it is a perfect and powerful man, it is not forgive. Not long ago not only will weaday, but also started to kill our fog more than 100 elite ninja, I also need to take a look The adult gave me an explanation. Although I am delicious, my words are delicate, but the words

The money revealed in the language is stunned.

'And the most important point is that although the day is very late from your wooden leaves, it has not been able to form a chasing command for him. For a wanted rebellion !! '' I don't know what kind of purpose, even this five shadow talks

The initiator three generations of Shuo also pointing his spear to the aperator. About this point, the Nangji adult must have a reasonable explanation! "

I saw the first brain in front of my eyes and concluded at the same time. Rao is a plenary of the people. At this moment, I can't help but frown, my heart is secret.

In fact, this thing about the Spring Festival adult said that the prime hand stretched gently and smashed the purple rhombus in his eyebrow. He slitted his thoughts. After our leaves, we didn't get rid of him, although there is a

In other reasons, but the most important reason, there is only one _._. ''

'That is _._. At the moment he leaves the wooden leaves, it is not possible to kill him in the whole endurance. Let's kill him _._.

'For this point, I believe in the Lei Ying adults and spoons of the shadow, it is more clear than me?' '

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Chapter 292, Chapter 292 of the Cracks, Knowledge (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 292 Xiao Si (ask for reward and automatic)

After the card, the entire venue has fallen into a silence, and even everyone's eyes are unconscious, I've greeted the three-generation Lei Ying.

What is the sound ?! "

Ignacked everyone looking to my own eyes, the four generations of Lei Ying felt that everything in the heart seems to be stabbed, and the two pale yellow eyebrows have erected, the whole body is strong. Music muscles. The stretch is the ultimate.

I saw the character of the fire and anger, the four generations of Lei Yingjing came directly to smash the talk table in front of him, and the excited dust and fog filled with the stone room of the entire talk.

!! _._.

The ten bodies were flashing. I saw the two ninja guards who were standing after the five shadows. They suddenly stopped in front of their villages. Obviously, the four-generation Lei Ying, this over-excited move has already been doubled. The nerve.

'Is there any good province?! Yes! I am a hammer that I have been interrupted by the day! Include the village who was destroyed by him, and got away our village two-tail column, I have to follow it later. He is clear !! "The dust in the chamber is gradually settled, and the noise of the four generations of Lei Ying is full.

The entire stone room.

Kakasi, Akai, the cold drunk, first refund _._ West and Akai retreat.

'Write the wheel eye cardi? Black Soil Trizzed you also retreated the second _.' 'Saw the scarlet written eyes in Kakasi left, the three generations of the three generations of the old dragon clock flashed A silky rays, immediately opened the black-haired girls in front of themselves and fat.

Seeing the noodles and the shadows, they have retired their own guards. The remaining other three shadings have retired the guards in front of themselves, and there are some nervous talks seem to have recovered the previous drunkenness.

'Dear, don't forget that we gathered here. The second episode seems to be more chaotic, things have not begun to talk about the attack and accusations of mutual attacks and accuses, the three ships that are the host I don't show up the opening: 'The purpose of our meeting is mainly to discuss

Determine the purpose of the day and how to deal with the next movement of the next move. '

'Is it true? I don't think I need a cold drunken. At this time, we blame the people who have blamed each other......................................... At the other four shadows in the scene, I said: 'I am also a column force? _. Because

Being aware of the tail of the forced into the body and dangerous.. '' '

'So?. In our province to let the organization continue to exist in an extremely dangerous thing. _.' 'Five-generation wind shadow, although the face is still a bit young, but at this moment, I am sinking at this moment. The look is still quite a general style, 'Now in the endurance, there is also the eight tail of the cloud.

Outside the nine tails of the wooden leaves, all the tail beasts have been taken away by this organization. _._. ''

'If we don't agree this time?. I am afraid.................................................... ..

I have passed into the ear of other four shadows, and everyone will fall into a contempt. After half of it, the three generations of Silhouette will open: "Although the shape is young, it is indeed wrong. '

"From the current movement to save ?? Undoubtedly this dangerous organization?" I saw the three generations of soil slightly, it seems to be carefully considering his own words, 'and the rumors from the persons. Come to the province? The leader of the child is in the same day. Is it a powerful ninja?, '.

Although I don't know what is the purpose of caught the tail and Xiaomi, it is, 'said that the three generations of the three-generations of the three-generations of the shadows have gradually become deep,' But in such a whole The tissue of the famous rebellback Ninja? I want to be recognized

The purpose of collecting the beast for such a group of people is to protect the world peace?! "