Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 227, Chapter 227

· Ask for flowers ···· ??

After the three generations of Tang Shadow, everyone in the entire talk room fell into a silence. It seems that everyone is in the end of the moment.

'Protect the world peace? Although I have been very naive? But you don't think it is,'

During the room, a cold voice resounded throughout the five shadows.


I heard this unfamiliar voice came from, and everyone in the interior lifted their head.

'You are not just discussing us?,'

The cold voice sounded again, in the eyes of all people horrified, the top of the talk room suddenly started to floating countless sheets, gradually gathered into a mood.

A white paper flower is not in the blue-purple hair and the bright greece I beautiful face, and there is a huge angel wings that seems to symbolizes the disaster. Gently fan the wings to fly around the top of the talk room, the whole person looks sacred and unsuccessful.

I am silent to sneak into this.

And this kind of perturbation.

For a while, all the ninjasings in the interior of the interior of the interior of the interior of the interior of the interior, and the skin smoked for their respective heart is firmly smashed.

'Dear Ninja?,'

The eyes are closely staring at the top of the head. It is constantly fanciful and white paper wings and dances. I love the sound of the audience.

Black and red clouds, that is Xiaurt's costume, he is probably forgetting such a color forever.

(I am really grateful to everyone, everything I will save, I sincerely thank you, today, I will have completely recovered tomorrow.).

Crash System Chapter 293 God's paper (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 293 God's Paper Trader (ask for reward and automatic)

'More accurately: ._. Our purpose is not to protect the peace two _. But create peace: ._.' '

After the white paper, the white papy papers are soaked, the emptiness floats on the top of the stone chamber of the five shadow talks, and the small south a cold double eye is covered with five shadows and everyone at the foot, and there is no half of the emotions.

For the five representatives of the five major ninja villages at the beginning of the feet, as a small south of the rain in the rain of the rainwater, there is a small south of the rain in the three major countries of the fire, therefore, she lost all her relatives. It is difficult for them to have a good sense.

'Creating peace?! : ._.' 'Looking at Xiao Nan, suddenly appearing at the top of the talk room, after he said, the three generations of Silhouette can't help but laugh,' It is ridiculous to say 'nine Seven Zero "resignation

"Don't talk nonsense with her!" The four-generation Lei Yai, who is angry, I interrupted everyone to continue to say, the bronze bell gathered to the side of the side of the side, 'what you came Just! Just caught you to ask for a loss of the sun !! "

"Forced to the bottom of the moment: ._. '' After listening to the four generations of Lei Ying, the small brows, the eyebrows of Xiaojing, have a slight rise, looking to the eyes of everyone, and ridicule, I think there is no such thing. _._.because_._.''.

He has come here _._. ''

After the voice of Xiaonan, the look of all the people on the face of all the people in the past, and the eyes of the eyes were all around, and the body could not help but make alert gesture.

I have been here in the moment?!

In addition to the ape, even the other four shadings present in the field will not help but go to the surrounding locks.

The shadow of the human name, all kinds of rumors in the orthospection, no matter what rumors are true, this people are already worthy of 100% turtly.

'Hey! He just let him put the old accounts between us to calculate it !!' Since the surrounding surroundings, there is no flash of the slightest, and the temper violence four generations Lei Ying directly locked the small south of the sky over the top of the staple. Opening a strong Ray Chevalu Chek, Chakra and Thunder is surrounded by Chakra and lightning.

Cloud Secrets of the ninjack, the power of the thunder, 'Now, let you solve your guy first..' '

'Solve me - 110 fear. The Ray of Lei Ying in the foot is surrounded by the soldiers. It is going to rush to yourself. Xiaonan has improved a bitterness, but his face is still raising a bruises.

Since I dare to come to the Five Shadow Talks in front of the ninja, she has already prepared for Wanquan, and the lips are light and cold, say: 'I think you are still ticking your own Let's start.

The paper of the gods!!!

After the cold voice came, Xiao Nan fierce launched a huge Chakra, which had a large-scale Chakra, and the entire five shadow venue had a huge change.

After hearing Xiaonan's reminder, all the people within the Five Shadow Talks suddenly transferred the tissue to their feet, could not help but be deeply shocked by the scene they saw.

All people are frightened, the five shadow talks in their own, etc., I don't know when I started quietly, and all the people stagnated the entire ground.

what is this?!"

After the injured to the surface of his feet became a sheet of paper, it began to collapse like the swamp. All the ninja from all kinds of nonehorn suddenly began to fall.

'Is evil. When is it?,'

At this time, the three generations of the three generations that can be floated floats extended their hands and grabbed the black soil and terracotta, bringing them two together to float the sky.

But the three generations of the three generations were more surprised, but it was more than five shadow talks, even the land of the palace of the three shadow talks throughout the Tiezhi is a piece of paper.

After making a paper sea, the middle suddenly broke a huge crack, including all things, including the Tie's talks, gradually fell into the huge gap of the ground.?

'this is?,'

Among the sinks of the body, the province to all fell into the crack of the paper sea of ​​the browse of the browse of God's paper, this time I arbitrarily worried about my own side of paper sea cracks around him. All dense paper sheets are all changed to the explosion.


After the injured, I was shocked by my love, the pupils in the eyes of the whole eyes couldn't help but shrink into a pinhole, and I immediately launched the whole body in Chakra, and I poured a big wave. General sand.

Boom! Boom! Boom!?

The explosion of hundreds of billions of detonators constantly sounded. The huge explosion almost spread throughout the iron country, and the fire of the sky illuminates the gloomy sky, and the whole iron country's talks have disappeared without trace. .

The explosion of the vibration heavenly roared ten minutes, finally gradually sailed, white smoke filled the whole land, the original majestic iron Tie's talks have long been treated as flying gray.

'All is killed?,'

The sound muttered in the air came from the sky, and only the three generations of the two hands pulled the black soil and terracotta. 3.8 Some shocking provinces have become a ridiculous land, and the heart is moving with a different idea and mind.

'This stem of sickness? Do you think that there is such a powerful female nintee in the text?,' Twist the eyes in the air, light fan, light fan, light fan, a small man, a small south, a dish The deep taboo color appeared in the eyes of the three generations of the shadow.

'Did you kill.? Or?,'

The angel behind the wings gently swayed, and Xiaohun stared at the big land of the smoke, and the cold and indifferent eyes appeared to penetrate the situation of smoke.

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Chapter 294, Powerful Small South (seeking rewards and automatic)


With an instead of the four weeks of the Samurai guards, the snow is like a spicy cold wind blowing, and the filled smoke covers the brilliant smoke that is covered by Xiaonan 600 billion.

Among the eyes of everyone who looks around, I saw that the original majestic talks have completely disappeared, and the ground is torn and opened, and there is a huge way to float the lane in addition to the sparks flicker from time to time. The sand ball, the constant fine sand flakes fall into the bottom of the bottom

The earth gap.