Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 228, Chapter 228

'that is?,'

This huge national sand ball floating in the big geodes under the foot, Xiao Nan can not help but bite his lips, save still a lot of people to live.?

Sure enough, I saw a huge national shaped sand ball in the foot of the earth suddenly broke a notes, the whole sand ball slowly opened, the fire wind thunderous water four shadows and the general three boats of the iron country. In addition to my love, everyone jumped out from the inside to fall.

On the ground.

'Is the sand of the sandy village of the sandy, the defense lives all the explosion attacks of all the explosions?,'

The little south turned to my love in the foot of the sand, and saw the skin of the solder of the sand, and the skin of the sand was penetrated, and the mouth was constantly gasping. But to put the sand. To form such a large sphere, there are so many people who surround them.? Also have animals in the air of the air to defend against God.

Long time explosion attack?, '.

His Chakra seems to have already consumed a lot? "The cold eyes slightly, Xiao Nanlon analyzed the feet, I loved it.

Thank? Movement?, '

After the strong body came into the ground from the sand, the whole body Ray removing the Rayt Rotary of the whole body opened and I didn't say thank you. For my love of this, I've called an unusual year of the text, he suddenly Change your original provincial law and opinion.

Silent intoxicated, I loved the sand slowly sent himself to the ground. The handcuffs and Sakarn next to him came to him, and I lived around him.

Unlike the livestock passed in the air, the old giant is in the heart of the three-generations of the three-generations of the three generations, and I loved a red heart. I didn't sit still other big. The village of the Ninja Village and the hand guard ninja fell into the text of the gods of Xiaonan.

'Sorry three boats. I didn't get it. After the corpse falls on the ground, I love Luo, facing the three ships next to the three boats slightly reveal their apology.

The perspective of the wind shadow does not have to be careless.? Is the enemy too powerful? After the "Shen Yunxiang, after coming to my love, the three boats hope that his deep eyes will look forward to the top half of the world. The small South of the ticket flip flops, the pain of the god of the gods just in Xiaonan has already put the entire iron Congress

All martial arts guards in the palace are all over.

'The power and scale of the surgery? Sure enough, there is no one in the organization, no one is waiting for the leisure generation?

A scarlet write wheel firmly locked the small south of the flying floating floating, Kakasi could not help but muttered, the power of the pain of Xiao Nan god, the power of the shocking power and scale made him not help but afraid .

Humbe.? The beautiful wings like angels is beautiful? Xiaonan, the demon I burned the fifth generation of the five generations of water, beautiful, generous, gently

I had a beautiful lip, and I made a cold light in my eyes. Although the philosophy became a beautiful thing, it was very distressed ?? But?, '

Such exchanging !!

I saw the beauty of the Mei Dynasty. As the only ninja in front of this Ninja World, the two of the ninja in the world, and Chakra, two attributes of Pok, suddenly launched in her body, gently open their own temptation. Sakura i peaches small I mouth, Zhangkou is a big group white fog towards half air

Small south spray.

The lane has a large group of white fog from his own feet. In the face of intensity, it is enough to melt the original in the original shape. The first form grows. The body must be Sasone. Although the small south does not know how much this trick is The power, but the opponent of this tricky, but the top five ninja villages

One of the water shadows, she doesn't want to be able to try this tolerance.

After the white paper, the angel wings suddenly fanned. Xiaoshan flew over the higher height among half of the sky, and the smart leaving the happiness of beauty.

Fortunately, I will give me the Dragona Kleka, let my Chakra break through the new realm. Otherwise I will definitely have extra Chekra after using the 070 paper person of God. After driving a suit, Xiao Nan's eyes were ignorant, looking like a beautiful Mi, which was like a demon I burned.

Microscopic i bites your own shello, 'No matter what, at least there is also a helmet to solve one of a five shadow,'

Paper Dance · Paper Rain !!

At all the ninja under the feet, Xiaonan Chekra was scattered, and a pair of huge white whettails on the back, and formed a sharp shape toward the foot shot at the foot.

There are countless sharp sheets of paper, cut into the ground under the feet, and surrounded the diffuse dust, and the sharp sheets of the speed shot flew back to Xiaonan with a very fast speed, forming an uninterrupted cycle. Attack.

Can evil.? She occupies the advantages of the air?, '

On the ground that is constantly bombing in Xiaonan, all Ninja, including four shadows, quickly escape, facing the hits formed in this high-altitude, general means difficult to counterattack the enemy.

The dust of the dust is stripped!!! "

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Chapter 295 of Capaci Yushu, close (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 295 close (ask for reward and automatic)

Dust, the original stripped operation !!

Perhaps, it is ashamed for the move of the three-generation Tuli, which is the three-generation Tuli, who is sitting in the three-generation Tuli, who is sitting on the squad of the browse of the southern god. .

A huge square energy in the middle of a spherical white ray, sneak attacking in the middle of the empty shining paper dance in the middle of the air, and the whole people in the small south were decomposed into the finest in nature. Particles, dissipated in the air.

'Yu ._. The old man of the three generations. _.' 'It is obvious to the three-generation Tang Shadow who is surrounded by them. The four generations of straightened and smashed the mouth.

'The enemy solved? The two or. "At this time, the five-generation water and shadow, the essence of the guards, opened the white eyes of his right eye, and seized the trail of Xiaonan around.

Of course, the _._. The old man's dust is out of the second _. '' The three generations of the three generations of the half of the sky are somewhat muttered, but the rest of the words are so daily.

Found! On the other side! "I saw the green eyes on the ground instantly captured the position of Xiaonan, reaching out of the small south of the other side of the sky.

'Nani? Stroke in my dust. One.' 'At this time, the three generations of Si Shadow also found Xiaonan's traces, and the expression on the face suddenly solidified. Is it a special avatar ?_.' '

'Cheap?. That is the blood of the three generations of Si Shadow. It's good to pay for it. The words are all over _._. ''

This is true, the foot of Kasi's writing and blue eyes have also firmly locked the body shape of Xiaonan. The following is a huge threat, and there is a huge threat of the three generations of Tijings in the air. The situation is four sides.

Do you still continue to fight against "one?"

In the lock of everyone, the three generations of Si Shadow also flew to a higher sky, and everyone on the ground formed a fans in the middle of the south, and both hands closed in their own month, a group The faint ray is blown, and another dust is formed in the palm of the hand.

'What is it: ._.' 'Looking at the ninja of the tiger and obstacles, the top of the head is re-emerged, and the smocks are biting their lips, showing blood. The color, ' I really don't use it. One, strong enemy, I can't solve it for you..' '

everything is over_._.''

Just when the dust in the three generations of the hands of the three generations, the surrounding light suddenly opened, it was originally seen because the wind and snow weather appeared in the gloomy sky. It seems to be more dark.

The three generations of Shu Shadow keen, and the expression on all the ninja faces suddenly changed. It became wonderful, and it seems that everyone will meet any incredible things.

'?. That's what second _.' '

Several Ninja under the foot is still good, just the appearance of the look of the look, the surprised samurai is surprised, even the knife in his hand falls in the ground.


The foggy Changzhou Lang and the dark soil of black soil are still a light ninja, and the face is almost impossible to have a horrible expression, which seems to have seen the world's most unbelievable scene.

Is it what there is something on my face?

The three generations of natives saw the faces of the people at the feet, and they couldn't help but stopped the dust in their hands. He went back to the sky behind him.

I saw that the three generations of Si Shadow had just turned back, and the scene of his eyes was reflected in his eyes almost from the eyes, and the pupil did not consciously narrow.

Semi-earthquake star!!!