There are countless clouds among the atmospheres to be dispersed from the powerful airflow. The whole of the dark sky is covered by a huge shadow, but the gray sky is burned in a vast and incomparable fire ring.

A boundless huge meteorite in a diameter of more than 100 meters suddenly came, and the whole body rubbed the hot flame in the air, covering the volume of the sky with an unsolicited shock, as if the merits of the end of the day are generally all of them The man fell.

The huge meteorite has not reached the ground. The boundless air wave has already attracted a suffocation on the ground.

The size of the two '' '. I can't escape. We all finished?,'

I saw a big meteorite that gathered from my own, and almost all the ninja faces on the ground couldn't help but bloom.

'At this moment. I look at this constantly huge meteorite in the sky, and the small south mouth is low in I, but there is no fear of fear.

Someone above the meteorite !! "

On the day, when this bulletite came to the scope of the blue eyes, I saw him suddenly screaming. His white eyes seem to see what unusual things have been seen.

'Is there anyone above the meteorite. Is it?,' I heard the reminder next to the blue, and the board on the ground seems to think about what, a pair of mid-to-a-a-a-a-a-in-one medium flows out of the eyes.

'Damn? A to the foot of so many Ninja, your granddaughter and terracotta are also in the area, with this meteorite area, absolute everyone escapes (Wang's Zhao), the three generations of Si Shadow suddenly bite I live my teeth.

The soil is super bright rock!!

I saw that the three generations of Siyun did not return, and the whole person slammed toward the huge boundless meteorite. After near the meteorite, he held the bottom of the meteorite, using this trick reduced the density of the substance and reducing the weight of the substance.

However, it is obvious that the volume of this meteorite is too large. Although the three-generations of the ultra-light heavy rocky is made greatly slowed down, the powerful inertia is still pressing him with him.

'I don't know.......................................................................'

At this time, the top of the huge meteorite passed an example in which something seems to be picked up.

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Chapter 296 of the collapse of jade system (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 296 Emain (seeking rewards and automatic)

'This sound is _._.' '

After hearing this sentence, after the tone of the world, the plan on the ground did not consciously widened his eyes, and the face was revealed with a complicated look.

Snapshal !! "

I saw the three generations of the three-generations of the three generations of the three generations to be covered with such a huge meteorite. Almost all people on the ground couldn't help but blind, the face of black and terracotta is more written.

"Let me come."

Next to my love, I said that as a tail of the column, he has a chakra capacity and recovery that transcends ordinary people, and crazy launches Chakra in the body.

Suddenly there is a large number of yellow sand, a lot of sand has formed a huge sand in my love, rushed to the bottom of the huge meteorite, and the three generations of Si Shadi stood in the high altitude. This huge meteorite.

I saw the three generations of Tangying at the bottom of the meteorite made all the strength of myself. The whole body of the whole body has skyrocketed, and the ground on the ground sees the intensive sweat on the face, controls the -900 sand face revealed A firm persistence.

The huge boundless meteorite seems to have finally paused.

'Well? Responsible? "It seems that some surprised sounds sounded on the top of the huge meteorite, and the owner of the voice seems to be self-speaking,' ._ This is also good" ._. I don't want to hurt Xiaonan. And a master_._. ''

Melting gray condensation !!

Taking the effort of the meteorite, the black soil on the ground immediately reacted, and the nature of the nature of the two Chakra of Water and the earth was burst, making his own fusion blood in the limits, spit out a large group of speed-effective cement, I sprayed into my love of the sand, I suddenly took me in a very short time.

Ai Luo's sand is solid into a hard cement, firmly fixes the meteorite on the top of it.

Nice little girl ._. The reaction is very fast ._. It is a future spring _._. ''

It seems that there seems to be a smiling voice sounded. At a glance in the white, the gorgeous robe is lightly looked at the air, and the white long hair is in the cool wind and snow (CCCo is a little flying, and the mouth of the mouth is A slice of laughs gradually gradually came down from the huge unparalleled meteorite.

On the moment

Looking at the perfect noodles standing on the edge of the big meteorite, a pair of blue mysterious eyes seem to be deeply gazing at the earth at his feet, and the gods on the ground flashed this name.

'Sure enough, you are a bastard! The day is now ._.' '

I saw an instance of the huge meteorite on my head, standing on the ground, the four-generation Lei Ying stares for his violent hatred, almost spit his name over the dental seam.

'Ming ._. is a thunder ._. Long time no see _._.' '

It seems that there is no need to see the four-generation Lei Ying's violent gaze. The mouth of the moment is still with a smile, and the deep eyes seem to have no arms of his left hand.

I can't think of you today, I still dare to attack the five shadow conference. Just a new hatred hate today, we will count !! "

Feeling the eyes of the moment, as if it was like a sharp knife, I scraped his inner heart, and the four generations of Lei Ying glared at the top of the head. Almost crushed the head in his hand.

'I haven't seen tomorrow. Tomorrow ._. You seem to be more handsome than ever before ._.' 'Looking at the moment of the huge meteorite on the top of the big meteorite, it seems that there is a lot of movements in Mei Ming. It is possible to hurt the soul, but it doesn't contain the colorful color in the heart of the cold eyes at this moment.

I really want to melt you.. ''

'Well, you have also become more and more bright and moving. The second _ beautiful water shadow adult _._.' 'It seems that the old friend is kind and talking, and the blue eyes of the moment are not from the autonomous transfer to the foot. The position where the hand is located, 'Of course, the second _. Also the teacher I used to.

' .................................................................. .. Various complicated emotions is not enough.

What really wants to be young face than I think?. You are the day to the Baby. _. '' Gently TS, Fu returned the three generations of Tsi on the ground, there is a trip to the mouth, but stare The eyes of the head of the head are deeply colored, and today is a big gift today _._. I have

I have heard that I have heard of my rumors in the Ibelea.

'Well? In the first time, please advise ._ _._.' ' Lucky and interrupted the Three Generations of Tang Shadow seems to continue to say, Zhan Lanzhong's mystery If the rhombus pattern is hidden, all the people in the five shadows are covered by drunkenness.

'._. It's a rude young man.

' ._.' 'Looking at the huge meteorite coming, Xiao Nan lightly snoring on the white paper wings to fly around him.

Are you okay? "Glamorous, temporarily changed the south of the five shadow conference, asked whispers.

'I have nothing to do ._. Sorry me ._.' 'Looking at the moment, Xiao Nan light i biting his lower lips, it seems to be secretly blame yourself.

'Thin of the things will be said in this way. You will wait for the second _.' '

The voice also gave a lot of wind and snow, and the moment jumped from the edge of the huge meteorite, as if a breeze was as beautiful as the ground.

'The next thing to handle is now ._.' '

After gently fell to the ground, the uncle-cooled double-eyed swept away from all the ninja around him, income their faces in each of their faces.

The mouth of the mouth is foreseeted to have a different ordinary things in the case.

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Chapter 297 is siege (seeking rewards and automatic)

The inexpensive is like a fallen leaf usually falls from the huge meteorite to the ground.

Cheng! Cheng! Cheng!?