Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 230 of Hueding Crack System

The province is in front of everyone in front of everyone, and all the ninja guards in the five shadows have taken out the endurance of their hands, and they will have a guardian's gesture to death. Lock the moment.

In addition to the ninja guards around the five shadows, hundreds of warriors around them are like tidal, and they will flourish with the position where they are in the moment, and they pull out the hife in their hands to form a densely surrounded.

'Picking |

In this case where there is no road in the sky, the moment can't help but laugh, and the province has smart-up, it has spread his hands before, and the atmosphere should not be So nervous, bad?

'I came here today, I don't want to kill you?,' It seems that all the ninja warrs surrounded by all the nastro, the moment is as unreasonable, 'Otherwise I just don't Will you call such a big meteorite? Factory


Is that the meteorite is just a big big?

Almost just a big meteorite that was summoned from the sky, scared the gallbladder of the ninja guard, and felt that there was a burst of invisible momentum on the body when he said this, couldn't help but hold the hand of the endurance The sweat is oozed out in.

Hey ?? The bluff should have a limit? The corpse looks at the eyes of the eyes and the eyes of all the eyes, and there is a four-generation Lei Xian, a hatred and stomach of the stomach, the moon, and the moon. The anger among the hunts is almost very fast, and the old went.? No matter how we

Will you escape! ".

Escape ?! '. It seems that there is any incredible thing, and it is generally widened his eyes. The expression is very surprised to look at the four generations of Lei Ying,' You will not think that you will be with a group of warriors. Can you take me ?! ".

At this moment. So what is the purpose of you here today ?! "Unlike other people, the apener did not suspect the authenticity of the sentence, but the complex eyes were condensed with the eyes of the eyes. .

Her heart is very clear. Although the five shadows of the five ninja villages representing the top of the Ninja World, the ninja elites are selected in each of the various rigs, but in the moment of the moment, if he wants to leave If this world, it is obviously nothing else to stay him.

Destination?, 'Clear feelings look for the complex meaning in front of his eyes, the expression on the face does not have a change in the face, and the truth, say that he is here today,. Very Simple.? I came over to tell you?

The enemy that truly needs to face through the entire endurance is not that I don't know. It is not that the enemy hidden in the dark. The corpse is softly said, the blue eyes glances at all the people present. Of course. You may not believe what I said?

It's just a blessing! '. The words of the moment have not finished, and I will interrupted the four-generation Lei Yingye's angry,' You and your hand, the Ninja, who is taught, attacks our major rinsters.? So many tail beasts and column power?

This is not an enemy _._. Do you think we are all fools ?! '. I saw the four generations of Lei Ying hair flying.

'Can you listen to me?............................................... .. '

The half-air of the "good arrogant" _._. '' Drunken floating ground, the three generations of Silhouses are staring at the moment, and there seems to be a comment in his mouth. Qi named Ninja Yuxi Bao Shuge Hands 2 _. ''

Just in the three generations of Diji's old-selling, I tried to put the gold on my face, boasting my own violent collision, letting his voice suddenly.

· Ask for flowers?

The three generations of STY have opened their own eyes. Some stiff sprinkled their own heads. I saw his side of the original four generations of Lei Ying standing. The whole body thunderburk Krabi surrounded the four generation Lei Ying Yingsi. I didn't see the trace, and I replaced it was a white robes, and the silver is long floating.

The moment is standing around him.

And the original four-generation Lei Ying, the whole person has already been stared from the moment, and a long ditch I is dragged in the snow snow. It has been extended to the far-rectification. Under the foot of the mountain.

'It's so fast. This speed is ._.' '

The three generations of Shuying only felt that the sweat beside him was blown up, and the way of this mutually appeared next to him, so that he couldn't help but remember that in the third endurance battle, the name resounded throughout the endurance. Wooden golden flashes.

In this way, no one will interruption, I will continue to talk, two _. ''

Using the appearance of the appearance of the three generations of Si Shadow, one foot will kicked the four generations of Lei Yai, standing on the snow, muttering on the snow, the blue eyes seem to have three generations next to me Spring,. And you just like to say the thousand-handles and Yuxi Bouvet right ._. Two of them have

After defeating it in my hand _._. ''

what did he say?!

It is still shocked in the speed of the three generations, and the information disclosed in the words that he said.

Melting gray condensation !!

Black secret technology, mountain pepper!!

The shocking looks at the moment of abrupt, the first reaction is the black-haired ninja girl next to the three generations of the brunette, and when you have a good fortune, you will spit a big stylish cement. It is essential to freeze the flash in the speed of cement.

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Chapter 298 of the collapse of the jade system (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 298 (seeking rewards and automatic)

There is also another side of the Jiulang, who is standing next to my love, suddenly burst into a large piece of chippup, quickly formed surrounded by the surrounding tried, it is the case of Siri, Jiu Lang, in advance. Snowfish buried under the snow.

' ?? . .

Looking at a big gray speed-effect cement, the organs burst into the snow in the feet, and the eyes of their eyes are lifted, and they will look at it with a breath.


A chapter made everyone feels a bit of molar sounds, a white ice-cold light is from the brake 'nine seventh zero, and the mouth of' B is rapidly spit out. Everyone only feels that the space in front seems to be fixed.

I saw a big gray speed-oriented cement from the black Shukou and the agency burst out of the snow, and I was frozen into a frozen ice crystals in an instant. It shook a little dazzling under the huge meteorite on the top of the head. Glorious.

All frozen frozen cement and agencies have broken crystals, suddenly fall into the snow, as if to cover a dazzling crystal in the snow, it is beautiful and magnificent.

It is unfortunately in this kind of mid to kill, everyone has no thoughts to appreciate this strange view, and the shocking momentum of the moment and the huge meteorite hanging on all the heads of everyone is like a mountain. Pressing their hearts, I don't dare to laverse and bigity.

Oh. What is your It spit out a deep ridicule.

After listening to the ridiculism of the Pasta, I saw that the Jiu Lang, who was standing next to my love, was blocked, except for sweat, there was an extremely unnatural look.

Because the word is not wrong because of the moment it is said.

The country of the wind is secret, and the black three levels are more than the red-handed skills and the white secret skills of the Red Sand. His stupid is still the lowest blackstorm.?

The dust of the dust is stripped!!

Just now, black soil and surveying Jilang's gap in the moment, the three generations of the three generations next to it have already seized the opportunity to show the blood of the hand, and there is a hidden square energy between the hands. A spherical white rays quickly placed in an instant.

Sure enough, whether the real world is still the same world, is it true ?? The blue light of the blue is turning, the god of the left eye is in the face of the three generations of the three generations, the movement will be made, and the face can not help but have a helpless God, "Only you use absolute strength to take someone else.? Others will

Listen carefully to you?

I saw that the flash stopped in the same place. In the eyes of everyone, the body is surrounded by an invisible barrier, and the three generations of Si Shadow can break the decomposition of all the blood, and the dust is hidden behind him. There is no bullion of a dot, all absorbed.

'Since your dust is your tricky? The three generations of the dusty dust is stripped, and after a smooth absorption, the mouth of the moment is a smile of playing taste. Then I will let you See my dust, '

Immortal, dust spiral pill!!

Among the eyes of everyone surprised, the immortal Xianke Chakra is over, and the hand has formed a huge incomparable white round light ball in his hand. The appearance looks like a transparent sphere, there is still a good middle. The energy model of the square is in combination with the nature of the earth, the wind and the fire.

Chemical spiral pill.

'this is?,'