Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 231 of Hueding Crack System

Unbelievably looked at the high-raised dust spiral pills in the moment, the huge volume of a hot small sun, and the shocking Xianli energy from the middle flow M. The horror has widened his eyes, and the floating floating in the moment.


Snapshal !! "

As the most loyal ninja guard guard around the three generations, I saw a huge dust spiral pill in my hand, and the terracotta immediately stepped forward, and I suddenly launched Chakra.

'Well ?! "I feel that there is a peaceful, and the bloom of Zhan Blue Guanghua flashing God seems to foresee what interesting things happened, his mouth gradually raised a brutal smile.' Want to use clay giants to help Does the old man replace my endurance?

'So you die for him?,'

In the moment, the sound of the slightest temperature passed into the ear of all people, in the eyes of the horizontal and terracotta horizon, the small sun in the hands suddenly falls.

As if the ice and snow melting the general sound under the Strike, if there is no sound, I saw the voices of the huge stagan, and the sound of the terracotta, and the real person was decomposed into atoms. The form is chemically, the finest particles in nature.

Terracotta !! "

The three generations of Si Shadow were shocked and angry, and the black-haired girl black soil stared at the eyes of the flash of 4.7 resentment.

All things just happened in an instant, from the moment to use, the four generations of Lei Ying were kicked, the black and the Jilang counterattack was slowly resolved, and then the three generations of the blood of the three generations were eliminated. After the moment of absorbing, the moment, killing the terracotta, the whole thing happened only

It has a short a few seconds.

'I said that I have the purpose of today is not to kill you. But the province is clear that you are not ready to accept me? After killing the terracotta, the moment is standing in the same place, Drunk glance, all the people present before.

Cracking Yushu Chapter 299 Enthusiastic VS Five Shadow (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 299, Shadow, VS 5 (seeking rewards and automatic)

'People always feel the world in front of me,'

The blue eyes of the blue eyes glanced over all the people present in front of him and found that their respective faces with different complex expressions. Or is frightened. Or shock, or anger.

If you don't seem to have a certain reason, '

Among the snow in Fengxue, the figure of the flying and slenderness seems to be listening to all the people, and it seems to be self-speaking in one person.

'Well? Next, the endure is soon usher in a major change.? "

It seems that suddenly, I have a hutue in my heart, and I have a inexplicable smile on my face. I am looked at all everyone in the field. 'So before this. I will give you a chance. Give an opportunity to all endure people, '

The image of the shadow !!

Among the eyesight of all people, I don't see any movements. His side suddenly came out of a white smoke, one and the same figure appeared next to his side.

It seems that I have thought of a fun and herd, and the face has a smile, but there is no temperature in the tone, 'Defading my shadow is divided into one,'

"Otherwise. All people today have to die here.?"

The discounted words in an instant, but the wind and snow in the surrounding environment have blown into the hearts of all people in the field. At the same time, all the ninja feelings in the moment are in the moment, and they are also secretly moving. 3 out of the murder.

"Don't be so nervous. I made a joke?, '

It seems that all the people in front of the eyes are very interesting, and the moment is loudly smiled again. The footsteps are gently, and the whole person seems to have no weight, which is generally slowly moving toward the top of the top.

'So? The game begins! "

After the sound of the sound, there was a huge ice throne in the huge meteorite. battle.

What jokes !! "

The surprise sound came, a thunder IT sparkling figure sprint from the extremely far snow, the violent momentum has opened a long trajectory above the white snow, a blink time Flying and rushing to the moment of the stone.

Have to say. The guy this guy is really tight?

It is in a stunning moment to rush to his own Lei Ying at the foot of the feet, and the mouth is gently touched. His gods have been resolved by the eye. Break two.

Reincarnation !!

The four generations of Lei Ying is the Ninja, which is only the golden flash. It is almost coming to the foot of the moment, but it is faster than him. It has no signs of transients that have no sign. He above.

Among all the people in front of all the people in front of the white snow, I suddenly had a dark big pit. I saw that the four generations of Lei Ying were instantly burned into the snow in the feet.

'Before I don't defeat me. No one wants to close my body?

The blue-blue eyes are lightweight, and all the people present, suddenly dispelled that everyone wants to spend the shadow to directly attack the .

Lei Ying Adult !! '

According to the four-generation Lei Ying's film, the shadings of the Fourth Generation of Lei Ying were slammed from the snow, the dark hair white Darui and the skin white hair were screaming, two people almost simultaneously Start printing.

Don't use tissue! ',

The province see Darui and Jiegou view uses the scriptual attack in the moment, and the three generations next to the three generations reached out and interrupted his tired.

Everyone is careful! He seems to have the ability to absorb tolerance! Everyone try to use the body to deal with him !! '

Next to the demon I burned Yamai, I also said that I used to use God's reincarnation to absorb her happiness, and that scene left her deep impression.

A flash!!

According to the beautiful voice, I flicked on the eyes of all the eyes, as if it was a little sparkling cold star like a dark night, directly forced the throat of the moment.

First, it is not the next person, is the general three boat in the country of Tie, and implements a man in the martial arts belief. If it is in the sword, his strength is not inferior to the general movie level.

"It is a master of the three generals of the Tiezhi, the master of the two _. ''

Sitting in a moment of huge meteorite on the edge of the huge meteorite, the three boats smashed at the foot of the feet, and the high evaluation of the high evaluation was given 343. The original born, half-god, semi-located will be defeated in his hand _._. ''

'Very sharp sword: ._. But a pity.

In the face of the three boats of the iron country, the three boats killed, I saw the full face of the film shadow, but the face did not change.

The body is gently twisted, the shadow of the moment is almost a few miles of the three boats, but the top of the head is raging, and the anti-blue god of the blue is predicted to the next second change.

Yi Lei Shen Renner Ax !!

I saw that when I was a four-generation Lei Ying, I just hit it into the snow, I didn't know when I had already appeared in the top of the moment, a feet lifted like a tight The bow is like a string.

The whole snow was a huge deep pit by the four generations of Lei Ying, and the thunder is flashing from time to time, showing the strong power of the four-generation Lei Yunyun secretly.

Didn't hit? _. ''

There is no one in the snow in the snow, and the four generations of Lei Ying went around.

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The five shadows of the 300 chapter of the collapse of the jade system (seeking rewards and automatic)