Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 232 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 300 Calt's Five Shadows (ask for reward and automatic).

over there!!"

At this time, the cloudy blue seems to capture the position of the moment, just want to point out, but there are already more faster than him.

Soil, Gary Rock !!

In the other side of the snow, the shadow is divided. I only feel that my head is strong and sinking, and the short-term three-generation noodle hand has a very competitive giant, and he is slammed toward his head. .

There is a huge deep pit in the snow in the foot, and it is in advance to make the reaction gently escaped the three generations of Si Shadow.

Change the quality and density of your fists?, '

God's reincarnation, the horizon, the horizon, with the god pre-, five seconds to presence the future of the future, let the moment, like playing the same, the fans of the passengers of each of the games.

What happened to the big people.? I have seen my most beloved disciples don't give up? "At this time, the five-generation water shadows standing around the program were like the beauty, and the sight seems to be there. The agency, the heart speculated on the other mind.

Well? This woman?, '

I heard the meaning pointed out in the beauty of the mantra, and the card has secretly biting the teeth, saying that the fifth generation of the five major people in the five major countries. What do I not abandon the colleague? '

Sorry, I'm now.

Yes, this is just your shadow.

Heaven !!

After I saw the card, I raised my feet, and the high-heeled shoes were bombarded on the ground. When I monstrically launched, the whole ground suddenly swayed, and a crack after the ground was broken. The crack moment moved toward the moment. Extend the past under the foot of the furnish.

Is it a hand?, '

Sitting in a huge ice thrower, a hand gently pulled his chin, and the province saw a slightly sinking, and the deep eyes flashed in the complex and difficult color. That is a little more serious. ?

Not only one hand, even the remaining five shadow guards, the elite ninja that carefully selected from the respective rivals also set up the endurance in his hand, and scored in the moment.

The sky is gradually sinking, it is originally born because the wind and snow weather is getting dark.

Time I don't know how long it has, under the huge meteorite, the sound of fighting will gradually calm down.

Watch !!

The foggy slightly sink double-knife in the hands of the foggy, "s is constantly rotating in the air, and inserted into the far snow.

The Changzi Ten Lang instantly kicked out in an instant, and the ridiculous place was on the ground, and suddenly lost their consciousness.

Can be evil. Is this really shadow?, '

The dark hair of the skin is white, and the end of the end of the end of the, the whole body is weak, and it is like a dead body. It is like a dead body. Some difficult to open the eyes and look down. That attacked white figure.

I saw the huge meteorite, and the whole of the white snow, except for the five shadows, they can support their bodies, and barely stand up, the rest of all the ninja have fallen into the snow.

Actually just a shadow. Take us so many ninja?, '

The wonderful moon rushed together because of the physical strength of Yan Yue, like the beauty of the beauty, and there is some steady look at the figure of the eye.

Have to admit. This guy is really unliked?, '

The short three-generation Shu Ying has even ts, Fu in the air, there is no such thing as a face in the snow, there is a wonderful.

Can evil. This bastard has changed so much than that time.

The fashionable four-generation Lei Ying seems to have no previous Gengqi, looking at the expression of the eye shadow, full of unbelievable colors.

At this moment. Have you ever growed like this?, '

The plump crispy moon is constantly exhausted, and a pair stares at the movie in front of the moment. It is the least injury and consumption in the moment, which is in an instant.

Originally thought it was just a shadow? I didn't expect it.?

Symbolizing the five shadows of the highest combat force in five rivals. At this moment, even someone else can't be knocked down. If you are not your own experience. Maybe everyone dreams unimaginable.

I found a small ghost that I saw me in the country of Tianzhi.

Unconsciously, now it has grown to such a high level??

Staring at the shadow of his eyes, the apeer couldn't help but think of those words that had been told by her in the Five-Year Rachashue Office, and the mood became more complicated and difficult.

"" It's really boring? The so-called five shadows?, '

"The highest war of five ninja villages in the 21st, '

'Is there only this level?,'

A sound of ridicule, a sound of the whole cold, the hidden snow, which appears extraordinary empty echoes under the huge meteorite.

I saw the shadow of the moment. I was standing above the snow, and smashed my head. I saw all the Ninja, including five shadows, and seemed to be happy.

Damn?, '

After listening to the moment of the moment, (the Zhao) three generations of the three generations of the three generations of the three generations of the three generations of the three generations, and the ended Chakra and the aged body have not supported him to make such an ordinary action, ' The glory of the five shadows cannot be used by him in the end of the foot?

'Is the entire Ninja World have to listen from him in the future?,'

I love Luo lacked black eyes staring at the flash shadow in the snow, and the physical strength has been completely overd on his face, and the absolute defense sand he introduced in the battle is almost entirely. Furnishings, completely follow the speed of the moving shadow.


At this time, all the Ninja under the huge meteorite almost all, and hundreds of Samurai, who were arrested in the snow, surrounded by the moment.

Chapter 301 of Crash System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 301 Message (ask for reward and automatic)

"Don't come over..........................................

"Hey ... I don't know the so-called. ... Factory observes the move around the samurai guards. The film is untechid.

Diamond star dust!!

In the face of tides, we generally pull out sharp guards towards yourself. I saw the movie in the moment. It seems that I have a light-written hand. Suddenly all air condense. Super

The more the absolute zero-scale frozen force instantly formed a white light impact wave, the floating like snowflakes, as well as a fantastic star crumble.


At all the Ninja is horrified, they widened their eyes. They saw the time and space in front of the time as if they were instantaneous, and the shock waves of white Guanghua were infected.

White makeup, each of them has turned a lifelike and magnificent ice sculpture, lost the breath of life.