Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 233 of Hueding Crack System

"This kind of power .... The factory is a little ignorant, and the eyes are not believed to be ignorant at the moment." It turned out that the true strength of his shadows just now did not force


"This is a 0.090 degree of ice. ... The factory is born, and there is not far from the eternal ice sculpture, as if you feel the deadly temperature passed, the three generations of the shadow unconsciousness.

Three chestnuts.

"Now ... You can sit down and listen to me. ... The factory fell from the ice throne from the high place at this time.

A pair of mysterious deep gods, the eye is silent, and it is almost in the bottom of each of them, "I don't have to swallow my life."

The devil of the world is like. ... factory

"I just said ... I have been to kill you today ...

Devil's devil in the Ninja World ...

Indeed in line with your image ...

Listening to the top of the moment, the top of the top is listening, and all the ninja under the bottom has had to low proud skull. It seems that only strength can let others listen carefully to you.


"You seem to have a very happy ... Japan's moment ... less

Just when I was talking about many ninja at the foot. A somewhat sharp voice passed into the ear of all ninja in the field.

"What do you appear here ... White ... less

The sound of the moment is abundant, but there is no particular accident, because the god of the left eye has seen everything around everything.

"The shadows of the five rivals are also ah ... it's great ...

As if a pig cage is almost slowly drilled out of the snow, the white eyes glanced over all the people present, and finally stared at the top of the throne.

I'm going to be like usually the same as usual ... less

"Speaking? Yuxi Boum? Or is it black ... less

The moment is sitting on a huge ice thrower. One hand is gently stopped with Xiaonan's willow, in this case, Xiaoshan actually has no peace of mind.

"It's spot ... less than some sharp voice is once again incoming everyone's ear, '. He let me tell you ... The final game has begun ..."

"Also ... Since there is soiling that has died in your hand ... The factory is white and the eyes suddenly turned to the five shadows present." So let me convey this news to it ... "

"The fourth endurance" officially started !! ',

After the white voice came, all the Ninja in the field was in a quiet.

(cceg) What did he say?!

Yisi Bouvelle?!

The fourth endurance battle?!

A heavy message that took one was almost scored, the head of the ninja present. For a time, Wu Yun is all fascinating.

11 Yuxi wave spot ?! What jokes ... I only saw the three-generations of the face of the face of the incredible color. I once turned it in his heart when I was very uncomfortable.

Is that guy is not dead?! "

"The Yuxi Boss in the same era of the grandfather ?!" I heard the information revealed in the mouth, and the aperator couldn't help but grew up his own eyes. The whole person was greatly vibrated and rushed.

Hit, "How is this possible ?! ',

"Final game. ... factory

There are all people present in all people. Only the moment on the huge ice thrower. Floating a look of interest on his face, "I can't think of the fourth endurance battle. I have been in advance.

"The day, the moment is also specially given you a sentence .... The factory is desperately in the moment, continue to add," This is the war and game he and the game between two people ...

The endurance is the battlefield and chessboard ....

"He and the war between the two people ... Interesting ... It is a little muttered in the factory, and the moment is born because it is bored because of bismuth.

The brilliance that is unable to look directly. "Although I don't know where he suddenly came to the air ... but this challenge I took it !!"

The fourth endurance battle?!

Whole tolerance is battlefield and chessboard?!

These two madmen ...

Although it is not possible to determine the authenticity of the information about the intelligence information brought, this does not affect the shock and impact of all Ninja in Five Shadows in the event.

"There is also ... I almost forgot. ... Factory White seems to suddenly remember anything, the eyes are once again in all the Ninja present," The drug division of the mystery has begun to prepare the five major countries.

Each rivot is. ...

"Finally, I will tell you an extra news. ... Old to the sluggage .... The factory is white and the face is not expressive. It seems like a numbing machine," the spot has been movable to the wooden arrest

Recycling nine tails. ...

The spot has been going to the wooden leaves to catch the nine tail ??

I heard the news provided by the white, and I was a bit surprised to raise my eyebrows.

And the board on the snow has completely changed the look.

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Crash System Chapter 302, Four-generation Thunder (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 302 Four generations of thunder (seeking rewards and automatic)

Yuxibo spheres have been going to the wooden leaves to catch the nine tail ?!

Naruto ...

After hearing this news, I suddenly lost all the colors when I suddenly lost.

, 'Yuxi wave spots go to the leaves to catch the nine tails ... Naruto ...

The end sitting on the flash above the huge ice thrower. If you think about your own chin. Nine tails and wooden leaves are not what he is worried. He is now the most worried thing is to be in the wood

At the beginning, the ring tone, Ning Ji still has mute (how these two names are like mobile models).

, 'I have to go back to the wooden leaves. After you set the idea, the blind eye in the moment is inviting to turn to the snow in the foot, a vast dilute, "Thank you

The news you provide me. ... less