The sound of the moment is dropped. A huge gravitation that could not be resistant to suddenly pulled out the whole person from the soil, and flew it in the flash of the huge ice throne.

At the moment, I got a white throat, and there was no temperature quietly looked at him in the blue eyes.

"What are you doing ?! ', I was in a flash of the throat, and the emptiness was put in the hand, but the face was still calm, even the sound of sound," I have

The body is just a hundred thousand army of the zebra and the pharmacist. If you can't change anything ... less

, 'I know ... I saw the expression on the face at this time is more calm than white, and the blue eyes are revealed.' 'I just ... Every time I see you, I can't help it.

I want to kill you again ...

... ...

After the mouth is finished. The moment is gently launched, the cold frozen force, slightly mirror, freezes the whole white whole frozen into ice sculptures, and lost all the life atmosphere.


I have a white frozen into a ice sculpture, and the whole white frozen ice sculpture is turned into the frosty, and the cold wind array.



The slight shock sounded softly from the hands of Xiaocan and Xiaonan, and the moment turned and smashed.

"It is the flying segment and the corner ... and the message they pass in the ghost R ... There is a small mouth of the small south. The cold scorpion stares at the moment.

"Hey ... you have been dealt with ... I will wait to go to the wooden leaves ... less, I'm slightly, I look at the small South opening.

"Um ... then you should be careful. ... less

I deeply looked at the moment, and I seem to take a trace of nostalgia and unsatisfactory. Xiao Nan suddenly opened his white paper wings behind him, and suddenly flew down the horizon in the distance.

"So ...

After the movement of Xiaonan, after the horizon of the distance, the moment gradually recovered his deep eyes, transferred to the five shadows under the feet, "I have just brought by the news.

What are you listening? "

"I said that your true enemy is not me ... but the enemy hidden in the dark ... ,,,, ,,,,,,,,

The war has begun ... so good, it's ....

"Hey! Just set off this war is the so-called Yuxi wave spot ... but you and him are just a hill !!" "At this time, there is still some of the electric light shining.

The four generations of Lei Ying snorted, and it didn't seem to believe in the speech of the moment.


I heard the coldness of the four generations of Lei Ying, and the moment of ignorance, and the blood of the blue gods once again issued a raging pupil, reaching out, the four generations of Lei Ying gentle

Hand a trick.

Seeing the move, the four generations of Lei Ying suddenly shocked, but just wanted to resist, but only felt his own figure, a huge gravitational force that could not be resistant to the moment.

And go.

"Do not recognize the lifting, there is a limit ...

Although the four-generation Lei Xi's burly body is still much higher than that of the brakes, this still does not hinder the chunks of his hand in his hand.

... seeking flowers ...


I saw that the four generations of Lei Ying's whole tall, the burly body was attached to the hand, and the horror found that he can bend a steel bar with a steel bar, and there is a flash of the moment.

The finger cannot be IS.

Suddenly, the four generations of Lei Yai stunned out his remaining Chakra, surrounded by the glory Rz RZ A, trying to use the thunder attack, and suddenly the horror whispered his eyes.

"Chakra ... is being sucked away .... Factory

The four-generation Lei Yuxi's body surround all the electric light sparkling thunder, in the moment of a pair of gods, there is a moment of pupil in the eyes of a breeze, and it is actually in the same way as a water flow.

Suddenly, the limbs were weak, and they had a heart of the four generations of Lei Ying. The whole person tall and a burly body is like a soft noodle.

"I don't kill you ... because I still use it ... I can help me cleave some troublesome little chess pieces on the road ... I am watching the four-generation Lei Ying, who is in his hand.

The eyes of the flash began to become swearing, "But since you don't know this ..., I have to trouble myself ...

"Lei Ying Adult !!" seems to feel the cold murder in the moment.

Darui, in the snow, seems to be struggling, but the physical strength and serious injury of overdraft

Let his face re-buried back in the snow.

"Don't !!" and the remaining four shadows on the field will see the movement of the moment, and suddenly shout.

A pair of gods, the eyes of the blue and blue, and the eyes of all people in their feet have incorporated their eyes. Sitting in the huge ice throne, the moment of the moment, the mouth gradually raised.


A wave of frozen from the land of the gods, as if the tide is generally poured in the hands of the moment, is fast, and no cast, the four generations of the four generations of the four generations, and I can't help but I can't help it.


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Chapter 303 of the Capaci Yushu (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 303, a paragraph (seeking reward and automatic)

Diamond star dust !!!


The freezing of the diaacie has sounded, and only the whole time and space in front of the moment seems to be paused, and a white ray sparkles from the hands of the moment, at all people's panic

Among them, the four generations of Lei Ying in his hands dyed a layer of glory.

Four generations of Lei Ying, dead.

The whole person was found to frozen into an eternal ice sculpture. All the cells in the body stopped moving, lost any breath of the symbolic life.

Under the eyes of everyone's eyes, the four-generation Lei Ying, frozen into an ice sculpture, was thrown down, gradually dropped on the snow in front of their eyes.

There are countless beautiful nrates like a star of the sky, just like the snow in front of everyone, and finally the wind and snow who have been blown up in the world.