Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 235 of Hueding Crack System


If the powder is broken, it seems that it is not only the four generations of four generations of frozen frozen, and there is a vintage heart in the scene.

"Lei Ying University ... less

Yun Yin's elite, I was looking at the four-generation Lei Yai, who was blown up by the flash of the powder, and the face of Bai Zhe's face was full of confident expressions.

9 Then you ... Less to see the moment, I will kill the four generations of Lei Ying. There is a strong concern between the eyebrows, which means that the moment is completely standing alliances.

Another end.

"Well ... Today's five shaded conferences also argue in a paragraph ...

After killing the four generations of Lei Ying, I saw that I was like a slightly smaller little thing, and I was afraid of the hand, and then gently jumped from the huge ice thrown in the sky.

The top of the snow.

"So ... next time you meet .... Factory

After gently falling in the snow on the white snow, the blue eyes were calm and glanced at all the Ninja present in front of him. "We are on the battlefield of the fourth endurance battle.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

After the sound of the moment, all the people have reacted yet, and the moment is in the eyes of the plan, and she pulled her slender wrist, and the two people lost in an instant.

Original place.

Only under the shadow of the big meteorite, I loved the Snow on the snow, and the beauty of the three generations of the three generations, and the ninja guards who were lying in the past.

He killed the four generations of Lei Ying. ... The factory is staring and disappearing with the moment, the whole body, Chakra, almost exhausted, and finally supported a fart.


"Yeah ... The short three-generation Soil is almost helped to be buried in the body. It is also a bit of the eyes that look at the moment. The position is whisper," The fourth endurance battle

Is it coming?

Only my body around the body was wrapped in countless gravel, a pair of green eyes in the dark eyes silently, quietly looked at anyone, "It seems that we must

The establishment of the Union of the Union ...

"Because Union ... Less I heard the proposal of my love, the three generations of Si Shadow slightly smashed the eyes of the eyes," It seems that it is really a thing. "

A scorless cold wind suddenly blows all the cold snowmen of the iron country. It seems that the role of the opposite of the eyes is about to usher in a deep winter.

(Monthly ticket flowers, please lose it, you can also reward me)

Among the trees in the country of the iron. The snow-capped wrap is also faintly about about about a piece of broth.

"What is you?! ... less

The apeer only felt that the scene of the eyes changed, and it was already brought to another place. It could not help but exclaimed. The wrist looked away from the hand.

"Are you crazy ?! Ludar in the face of so many people to kill the four generations of Lei Yai ... do you know that there are so many.

Being a complex complex, just when she didn't finish it, I was interrupted by the scene that suddenly appeared in front of him ...

Space channel!

I saw the ambition of my eyes, and she saw a dark space channel, which appeared in front of her eyes, "This is ...

"There is no time to tell me these nonsense now ...

I glanced over the face of a surrounding face, and I pulled my thoughts directly, I pulled her wrist again. "Are you not anxious to return to the wooden leaves? Just gone, I am rushing

Go back ... less

"I used my mouth to set up space coordinates in the family of the port ... After coming with me ... After the thumb, the sound is pulled, and the hand is pulled around, and the dark space is in front of the eyes.

Walking in the channel.

In a single excitement of the ahead, the moment pulled her hand directly to the dark space channel in front of her eyes. Two people disappeared in the calm void.

With the disappearance of the moment, the space channels in the snow forest have gradually disappeared, and the whole space seems to recover the conventional calm, except for the footprints of two people on the ground, imitation

Buddha has never been here.

at the same time.

In a unknown shaded dark cave, it is a sharp-thorn rock 0.9, which looks a whole dark cave as if it is a monster, a monster.

Under the slight light irradiation, a white body in the dark cave is still standing in it, and looks at it carefully to see the margin, at least tens of thousands.

"Are you ready for Bai Millennium ... There is a lot of body-black figure in the ground, and the sound looks deep and mysterious.

"Ah ... is you ... Less feeling less, the whole body is shrouded in a kitcheon in a dark rober, slightly turning his head and showed his narrow snake," all are ready for two

:. And my embarrassment of the army has been ready ...

"We can leave any time ...

Chapter 304 of the Crane System Arrived in Wood (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 304 Arrives in Wood (ask for reward and automatic)

"Since all are ready ... then let us start ....

Black painting is like the same face as in the ink, but can't see emotions, there is no fluctuating in the low voice, "this time ... we will be written into history ... less

"Write history ... Hehe ... Less hear of the true words, the whole body is shrouded in the black robe, and there is a deep smile, '' I am not interested in the whole body." I am now

I just want to know yourself more clear ...

Is it clearer to know yourself ...

Darkness is secretly secretly, using others' soul defects and contradictions to achieve their own goals, this is all the priests of his most hand. Two sons from the ancient times six cactors

At the beginning of Athens and Ashura, it has picked countless disputes.

The same is true for the drugs in front of you. From the small in the war, you lose your memory to be a war orphan to accommodate the leaves. Finally, I was taken away by the group to take away the mother's mother, 24. That is

The spy ninp in the leaf vessel 11 is on the witch, the pharmacist wild is.

Since the design of the group, I think that I have lost the meaning of survival. At the same time, the big snake pill found a pocket, invited to join the sound of hidden village, and it was very big after this.

Snake pill's hand. After the big snake pill was sealed by ten boxing swords, in order to find the true own himself to imitate the survival path of the big snake pill, he won the ability of the big snake pill and its part, but also on the dragon

The hole was repaired in the cactus. Try to explore the truth of the world.

country. Village, Ninja. Name. Identity. These are not memories they belong to. And many years of playing multiple spy Ninja identity. It is no meaning concept.