Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 236 of Hueding Crack System

Therefore, since all the plans have been chaos after the appearance of the moment, the black is deliberately led to find the body of Yuxi Boss, and retrapened the things back to his own script.

"Right ...?"

Speak the idea of ​​black and inner heart. Pushing a glasses that push your own nose. The narrow snake is revealed with inexplicable brilliance. That was the only pharmacist Yudai left him.

Things, ', is he not starting to go to the wooden leaves to catch the nine tail? Is it still not successful? "

"I don't know, maybe I have already caught it too .... Factory heard the pharmacist mentioned Yu Zhibo spheres, black and sorrow, I am," After all, he is now ...

"Well ... No matter how .... The households see that the black is not necessarily not to determine the whereabouts of Unexpected spots. The pharmacist has a deep breathing of the slight oxygen in the cave," I will wait for him.

ready to go…

Among the dark caves, the eyes were stunned to watch hundreds of thousands of white army, black and pharmacists, with their respective minds and intended.

Wooden leaves.

The vicinity of the throne, opened a dark space channel.

The wrist of the pulp is across the space channel.

"Is this a space channel ... is a magical ability ...

After pulling out of the space channel, the apeer only felt a blink of an eye, and he had come to the familiar wooden leaves, but when she looked up, she looked up at the scene of the scene.

Suddenly shocked, widened.

"Here ... the wooden leaves are ....

I heard the horizon sound, and the moment looked around. The scene of the eyes couldn't help but let him feel slightly sinking.

I saw that the original bustling wooden leaves were almost unfair, and the broken wall was refurbished. The entire wooden leaves were almost cultivated for a ruins.

"This ... who is dry .....

As the fifth-generation of the fifth-generation of the wood, it is almost completely destroyed by the wooden leaves, and the body that can be seen at any time is almost lost in the ruins.

All the colors, "Grandpa and Second Grandpa have so many people trying to protect the village ... it is ...

At this moment, I have already awkwardly comforted the board. I saw almost all destroyed wooden leaves in front of you. There is also a bodied body, and I have a pair of gods.

The whole wooden leaves are hooded and the sake of familiarity in their hearts.

"Found. ... Factory

In the field of view of God, finally in the ruins of a person who came to panic, found the figure of the throne and the ring tone, and said to the actions around him: "Silent division did not

Injured, she is on the side of the fire office building ...

After the voice falls, the whole person will disappear in the original place when the whole person launches God.

Among the broken walls, the surrounding people were panicked, and I saw a purple and beautiful long hair, and a petite ring tone was hugged in his arms.

"Sister, the sister ... I want to come back to my brother .... Factory

Almost all the buildings around a moment were destroyed, see the villagers next to them became the body of the place, the whole chaotic scene could not help but inherent soft and fragile bells 997 tone

Cry out.

"Nothing ringtone ... I will come back soon ...

The light comforted the ring tone in his arms, looked at her pear flower and frustrated, and the heart of the throne couldn't help but sigh. It is already in the same way as a child.


How do you haven't come back?

"Hallow ... ringtone ....

Some deep sound penetrate all the noise people, and passed directly into the ear of the sunset and the ring.

I heard this familiar voice, the throne couldn't help but have a big pair of my own, immediately looked back, and snuggled in her arms, and couldn't help but immediately looked back.


"Baby brother ?!"

After seeing the body, the brightened figure, the silver double, the blue double-blue, the blue, shining in the sun, looked at them, the throne and the ring tone can not help but surprising

Call out.

I saw the petite ring tone. I laughed with tears. I was like the milk swallow. I usually felt into the absence of the moment. The whole face was buried into the omelette.

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Chapter 305 of the Capaci Yushu is also dead (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 305 is also dead, and seeking rewards and automatic)

"Sorry, ... Hallow. ... Every time I will wait for so long ... less

Gently ignited the head of the arms, the eyes of the flash stood quietly, and found that every time they saw the throne, they were holding this kind of mood.

I should be a slag man ... I have a little self-deprecating in my heart.


Seeing the moment in front of you, the beautiful eyes of the portrait did not help but gave birth to a layer of anise, but did not say, just silently walked to the moment.

Two people in their own and ring tones will be in their own arms, silently, in the raging trend of people around people, form an independent scenery.

"Is Yuxi wave spot ...

After a long time, the moment is released to release the portrait of the arms and the ring tone, and Zhan Lan is looking at two whispers.

"Well ... Listening to them .... Factory heard the problem, the face of the port seems to be a bit, and said," In fact, we did not pay with him at all ... "

"He seems to have not cared for us ... Just suddenly appearing in the leaves of the nine tailings. ... The factory is talking, while it seems to have a scene that happened before the memory," almost only

It is a moment ... The whole wooden leaves become like this. ... Factory

"Then it seems that the adults will come out with him. ... Factory has some intermittent memories.

"Late too ....

From the short-term language of the throne, the blue-deep eyes of the moment, the line of sight continued to search through the whole wooden leaf, and finally searched in a slotted fire in Chakra in the center of the wooden leaves.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!