Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 237, Chapter 237

With the portrait and ring tone around, the scene in front of me is instantaneous conversion, and the three have come to the center of the wooden leaves, and they are all collapsed buildings. A bright red blood is flowing well.

"Good color fairy!

A grief of the sad gun passed into the moment of the moment, put on the line of sight, only to see the Naruto pumped on the ground of the wooden leaf, a high man's body was lying in front of his eyes.

For a long time, I didn't see it, it was a white-eyed ninja, and she was standing after the nun. After the look, God stared at this scene.

A long hair in a white. A pair of red wooden hamlets. An old-fashioned ninja and service, the madness of the legendary three tolerance is also the arrogant.

"Late ...

At this time, the promenade just rushed to see this scene, and he couldn't help but reach his mouth} Pakistan. As a teacher from the same door from a small to the big companion, I saw that I have fallen in the blood of the blood.

The sadness is obviously impossible.

Silent sitting on the ground and trying to rescue the sputum, because the blind eye of the moment, I have already seen the Tacrush of the Turki in the ground.

The flame has completely disappeared.

"Naruto adults ... After seeing a hand, all the Ninja surrounded by her make a road.

"Silent ... less from the people from the crowd to the silent side. Look at the lying in the bloody, turn your line of sight to her.

After listening to the question, I saw the mute silent stopped the rescue work in my hand. Looking at the hand spoke, "The whole heart was pierced ...

There is no way ...

The whole person heard the whole person couldn't help but be a light I tremble. She kept her tears in her eyes. She remembered that she is now the fifth generation of the fifth generation of the wooden leaves, it is definitely not a soft.

Weak woman.

But this time, a warm shoulder silently leaned over, a generous arm gently took her shoulders, and the apeer gradually turned back and saw the familiarity of the moment.

Face and comfort expressions.

I don't know why, after seeing the familiar faces of the moment, the apener finally couldn't help but rose in the heart of the moment, and there was another heavy life.

The people who want, it is fully able to understand her pain.

Not long ago, Yu Zhibo spheres hit the wooden leaves ... to grab the nine tails in the body ... I saw that the quiet eyes were slightly bleak, and the son sounds explained the whole thing, "but they also adults

The protects of the monsters go out to fight ... and transfer the Naruto with reverse Tongling to transfer back to Miao Mountain ...

, 'Did not find the drops of the Naruto. ... Less only see that you can sit on the ground, "I have no way to enter the Maki Mountain after you have killed it." So he seems to leave


Are you leaving ...

Indeed, the first thing after the moment of arriving in the leaves is to search for the trace of Yuxi spots. However, his gods have become the whole wooden leaves and cannot find his traces.

"The good color cactus is to protect me and die .... Less only see the squats in front of the body, the Naruto's blue eyes are can't stop the flow of tears," is the Zhizhi Boze

A bastard ... I must kill him !! "

The Naruto lived from the small column and orphans in the woods in the wooden leaves. Later, they were later encountered in his more than ten years of life, and there was undoubtedly played a master and father's role.

Now, in order to protect him, the nine tail of the Northern Chakra, which is sorrowful and angry, to protect him.

The day is now:. (Da Zhao) two

Many wooden leaves next to this time. I also noticed the appearance of the moment. Suddenly, my face has been vigilant. But then I will see their rigs.

Cry in the shoulder of the moment. Also, I have to relax my own tight body.

"Baby brother ... Yang Ning also noticed the appearance of the moment. Looking up at him.

At the moment, I nodded to him silently, and I stretched my hand to cry, and I stood quietly at all.

Bang !!

The rumbling thunder suddenly sounded through the sky of the whole wooden leaves. Gradually started to have a heavy rain in Zhejiang, Zhejiang. The ruins of the whole wooden leaves are as if they are mourning this countless life.

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Chapter 306 War is coming (seeking rewards and automatic)

The next afternoon, the golden ghosts sprinkled every corner of the leaves.

The funeral of the company has been delayed for a week, and the construction of the wooden leaves is being tensioned.

Recommendations on the Five-Daguo Rota Joint Army have also been delivered to the office of the five generations of wood.

After they have been on the night, they have been paying attention after they have passed, and they will be paid to the moon with space channels set up on the moon.

After all, in the face of the fourth endurance war, the company's ninja is only a big grass, like the portrait and the ring tone. They can't guarantee that it is good to survive in this final battle. Down.

So I will send them to the moon. After waiting until the end of the fourth endurance battle, they will then take them into a good choice.

A spacious backyard, a variety of flowers.

The stomach is already a slightly toned evening day that is not easy to detect, please have a long-term holiday to the wooden leaves, and the flora is watering the flowers in front of you.

'I haven't seen it for a long time, red ...,'

The familiar voice behind him sounded. He heard the sound of this voice. He couldn't help but chaotic in the evening.

' ...,' gradually returned, the evening red fruit is 0 to meet a perfect but but the wrong face.

'What did you do here ...,' Xikaihong Some doubts are stunned, and the underlying consciousness of the hand is touched with some hot cheeks. I don't know why this man is in front of her, there will always be a kind of face. Sign of red earliness.

'Don't have to see me so much ...,' I am noticeable to the evening, I am sophisticated. I am slightly smile, and I will explain my intention. The fourth endurance battle is soon To break out ..., '

'And this time is different. ... The whole wood is also likely to be involved in ...,' is in a blunt gaze looks more than the pendulum of the demon I burner than the past, and the moment is carefully considered: ' So I came today. ... bring you to an absolutely safe place. ... Waiting for this war knot

I have a bundle, I will pick you up again ..., '

The fourth endurance war. ... absolutely safe (CEBB) place ... After listening to the moment, the lips of the night, the lips, the lips.

'So ...,' The flash of the blue eyes, you will look at the eve of the night, as if you appreciate a wonderful thing, you have also done two nights, if you can protect her, I still want to be exhausted. Do it. Your exhaustion is. ... Taoist? "

The eyes of the eyes are complicated. This man is rejected, but she suddenly remembered the life in his belly, and suddenly changed his mouth: 'I. ... I am tareered ...,'

'Well? Then please follow me. "Some of the rare rarely raised his own brows, he originally thought that the character of the NTR will refuse directly, but did not expect it.

However, there is not much thought of in the moment. After the day, after the red enhanced house, after the clothing, I used God's reincarnation to open the space channel to the moon, and I took the evening.

After the space channel disappears, everything among the yard has returned to the past.