Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 238, Chapter 238

The moon is above the moon.

In the eyes, there are countless hanging islands floating in the air. Some are the palaces, some are the temples, and there is still a huge stone statue in the top, floating in all, save the imperminism, not in the world. Shengjing.

'Is it ?! "When you see this, this magical everything, the evening, widened his eyes, turning the doubtful gaze to the moment.

'This is the inside of the moon. One.' 'The angle of the mouth is light, and the drunken opening explains with her.

With a surprisingly unsea-sustained suspended island, it was a magnificent ladie, and she came to a magnificent palace, 'arrived _._. It is here _._.' '

'Red ". _. Are you here?" A slight excitement came, I saw the throne and the ring tone from the palace, and some mistakenly looked at the evening of the moment.

'Prescent ._. I second _ "The provincial meeting is also here, the evening is slightly lower, and I don't dare to look at the girlfriends of my girlfriends.

' ... _. Red her ._. "Xi Yan looks to the look. Some hesitated looks, as a woman, she is sensitive, smelling there is a unusual caring relationship between the moment and the day.

'Good _._. The people have been sent by me _._. There are items that should have in the palace ._.' ' seems to be aware of a bad breath, look at the eve The pair of foxes on the face, there is a bit embarrassing scratching her back, and you have a few days here.

Soon this war will pass.......

I haven't used it for a few days, I will flatten the things _._. I will come back soon.

After the voice falls, there is no such as the throne to react, and the .

The war that involves a woman is not a big thing for a moment. This kind of thing is still handed over to their women's own internal to solve the better.

' _.' 'Looking at the moment of walking, the throne can not help but bite the teeth, and the gas is on the ground.

Even the moment that just returned to the Ninja World, it seems to be all distant space, I feel that the first floor of the throne deeply resentful, can't help but hit a cold.


The final war

, 'J is blue, the life of the god, looks like a small place, as if it is necessary to put the whole sky to ignite the sunset, and the heart can not help but look forward to it.

Yuxi Bouvelle

Just don't know if you are not qualified to accompany me, this game ..., '

(Monthly ticket flowers, please lose it, you can also reward me)

(From the content you will start tomorrow, it is the end of the endurance.).

Crach Yushu Chapter 307 War Front Conference (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 307, before the conference (seeking rewards and automatic)

Take the organization, secret base.

It is still a bright stone room hall, a huge magic of a horrible appearance, and the nine eyes on the face have been opened five.

The sound of the heavy object loudly sounded on the floor, and saw the seven tail column Pifu and the eight tail column Riciraby were dropped on the floor.

'The action is quite efficient. _ Fried a little blue Xuanqi's eyes slightly flash, the moment is bitter, the ghosts and Sasukes in front of them, and they are a group of people,' ghost mostrone Qi Qi _. Sasuke: ._ Less.

Unlike other ninjas, this eight-tail column is really not a simple opponent _._. '' Hearing the softness of the moment, the ghosts have some good mouth, the mouth of the carpet fish, 'I It is also a lot of hard strength to catch him ~ _ less

Some of the differences between the godes, some of them are almost a face of iron blue, and even the big and small wounds even, this time he and the water and the moon are also to catch it. The eight tail column of the Yunyong Gorge, the four people are actually not the opponent of Chilabi.

Whether it is the free flexible manipulation of the seven bayonets, it is like an antelope hanging angle. It is also a knife that is free to find. It is still the strength of the strong, and even a level of physical fitness, even after the beast. The kind of tail-tailed happened, the kind of flowers that he just awakened were unable to

Capture speed.

If it is not a special ability to be incense and the two people in two people.

I would like to die in my hands of the eight tail column.

Sasuke's heart is a bitter thinking, I originally thought that I swallowed the power of the big snake pill, and awakened the clouds of the flowers, although I couldn't reach the level of the moment, but at least I should be able to stand in the organization. Foot.

I didn't expect to imagine and the reality, they were so huge _._ thought here, Sasuke is not allowed to turn the gaze to the ghosts around you

This guy_._.

Originally, he seems to have a class with the class to follow B.

It is more like a sinna in front of the moment.

But in fact, the four people in the eight tail column were completely different in front of the eight tail columal, and the ghosts took over the battle with the eight tail column, did not expect them to explode directly. Imagine powerful strength, whether it is the type of water-covered water,

In the end, the huge water cage that directly built a wonderful sea, and even the strong eight tail column was successfully arrested.

Sure enough. The ninja under the hand.

Is there a mediocrity guy?

Also .va

You have always been letting me dire for the fight between us, the battle between us.

I thought about my heart, and I didn't know that my nails were deeply embedded in my hand.

It seems that there is still a long way to go. ...

But it is because of this ... It is more interesting to wait in such an organization ...

Of course, there is no one in the inner fluctuations in the inner fluctuations, and the flashy eyes are slightly aging staring at the eight tail column of the ground. It seems to be a little slightly.

'Chilabi. ... Drunkenly, I didn't know the chilaby of life and death, and the thoughts of the moment seemed to fly over the cloud battlefield for more than ten years ago.

At that time, myself was in the first time, and the chilai compared with the eight tail is undoubtedly a powerful existence. Time is turning, and now Chiraby is like a chopping board, I am slaughtered.

The world changes, it is better to be.

'This octopus idiot is not good to deal with. ... and very embarrassing ...,' ghost N grinned his mouth, said with his unique low noise, 'Almost he made the tentacles to escape ... less

' ... What is governed ...,' Looking at the distinctive ghost N, just have a seven tail of the seven tail of the seven tail of the village to arrest the seven-tail, 'I and the corner. Still not to catch the seven tail column? "

... seeking flowers

'Ok ... Let's talk about it ... Your blue gods have been splared with all the members of all the tissue members, watching the flying sections and ghost N in the stone room hall seem to start fighting mouth, flashing to stop This trend, 'Since the seven tail and eight tails have been arrested and recovered ... less

'Today, I will call you back. In addition to the work of sealing the beast ...,' staring at all the face of all the organization members, the sound of the moment is a substantial precipitate, 'is about the task of our organization of this endurance war. Arrange ... less

'Arrangement of the Became ?! "

I heard the content in the moment, and some people in the scene have erected their own ears, because everyone knows that the words that are mentioned will be fully likely to affect the entire endurance.

The leader! Are you going to join us to join the art of our organization ?! '. At the moment, I haven't started to talk, and the Didala in the main hall has been interested in the face of M out. Urgent expression.