Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 239 of Hueding Crack System

'Yes, the leader. ... can kill so many life sacrifices to the evil spirits ... I think the evil god will be very happy ... Less than the face of the flying segment is also IS, I'm going to try the expression, write in the expression Full of desire for fighting and killing.

A group of neuropathy ... looks at the expression on the face of Didara and flying sections, and the moment is secretly shaking his head.

No. Compared to this war ... corpse only see the brakes, the sound is empty in the entire stone room, "I have a more mission to give you ... less.

What is more important task ?! "

I heard that all the members of all the well-being members were surprised to raise their own brows. At the moment, the fourth endurance battle is in the world, what else is more important than this?

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Chapter 308 of the Crane System arrives in battlefield (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 308 arrived in the battlefield (seeking reward and automatic).

Because this time your task. ... Directly Relationship with this endurance battle ..., '

The face is inkilled in front of all the familiar people, and the moment is called to tell them to tell themselves and plan, 'Can we control the entire ninja world. Less

Control the world of the entire Ninja.

After listening to the plans and arrangements of the moment, all the members of all the well-being members were full of interest, and a pair of ZHANG ZHANG ZHizhen 's blind eyes, at this moment, it appears like that Mysterious.

In just a few days, the entire originally drunk tolerance suddenly set off an unprecedented dramatic storm.

Number of unclear. End and seven three "Dedicated to the army of the country, the five major ninja villages, and the five major countries and neutral iron countries also formed the Ninja and the warrior of the warrior, the central battlefield of the whole part of the Ninja Continent Guarding.

The war has filed a 20-year ninja world, and it is newly added to the blood color of the war again, and this scale will be more than any of the past.

Among the Yellow Sand Plains, all sides are the loess rocks of high tall tonlight, and the scorpion of the sand will continue to echoing the whole land.

With the whistling of the wind, the constant endurance and the sorrows of the ninja, I saw a hundred ninja group surrounded one of the gods, this is a multi-hitting, but still has a constant source. The ninja was blown out.

'It's engraved. I endure, the words of the words. But the costumes on my body are different ... Is this a newly established endurance Union ...,'

On the highest rock rock in the distance, the figure in the black-nest gorgeous robes is quietly appeared, and next to a mirror, we wrap a black red cloud coat that represents the identity of the organization. .

It is the moment of arrival in the front line battlefield of the Fourth Return War.

Although I don't have such a good vision ... But it seems that the Ninja of the Five National Union has encountered a strong enemy that can't resist the enemy.

It should be the ninja that the pharmacist is reincarnating ..., 'flash is laughing, and the slight waist is gently watching the south of Xiaonan. It is like a leisurely walking in the battlefield of the distance. "I don't know Yu Zhi Where is the sphere now, '

'You guys. ... It's too weak ...,' I saw the battlefield of Huangsha, and a ninja, which combed a golden back, and the surrounded by a hundred ninja. I sent a sound like a regret, 'I clearly told you my weakness ...

Why is it still so unbearable. ... ".

No. ... is you too strong. ... Second generation shadow adult ..., 'At this time, one of the end of the Union of the United Army wiped the sweat of his forehead, and some difficult openings said.

This man in front of me is the second-generation water vast moonlight that once fogged. After the transfusion, it is like crushed the ninja in front of the face.

Be evil ... Floating mouth we are not a grade of Ninja ..., 'Feel the invisible momentum of the second generation of the second generation of the two generations of the second generation of the two generations, and all the endurance joints around the field have almost penetrated the intensive sweat. ,. Second generation of water, adults, have already told us their weaknesses

... but we still. Really useless ..., '

'This is the strength of the first-year shadow. ... Sure enough, we are not in the same time ...,' face the second-generation water shadow that is more stronger than the current five shadows, all of the endurance Joint military The face of a layer of dead gray is can't help.

'.. ... I really don't know how the ninja quality of the five major countries is so incomplete ...,' The clothes are almost dusty second-generation shadow ghost lights, and they are giving almost lost the parsley, voice. There is a slightly ridicule, and the depth of the eyes flashed a loss.

'Second generation water shadow lighterage is it ...,'

At this time, a light-written voice covered countless winds and sand, and it was easily incorporated into the ear of every person ...

'Well ?!' I heard this voice, the second generation of water shadows are somewhat surprised to go.

I saw a man and a woman wearing gorgeous costumes, and the body was gradually moved from the winds here from the far sand.

I saw the man's slender body and sprinkled this dazzling silver, and a pair of blue mysterious eyes can feel the stunning stress from the middle, and surrounded by all of them. The winds and sand can't be close to the body of the two.

'Day ... day, moment ...,'

Seeing that the figure of the southern and Xiaonan suddenly appeared in this battlefield, the surrounding endage of the Union's ninja almost a complete sentence.

'I will have to understand me ...,' I will see the expression on their face, and I have a bit of play to provoke my eyebrows. To tell the truth, I really don't recognize the long phase of this dragon set in front of you.

'You are ... Some of the second generation of water shadow lights Some doubts are proud of the eyes, the closer to the small, the surroundings of the Farrant Joint Army, the gods on the face of the parties. 1. I v. Not a camp of Ninja, and the kind of shocking feeling that is shocked by the battles, so that

He didn't help but feel a surprise.

Now this era is still a such ninja ??

'Why don't you dare to say your secrets?'. It's just a walk after a meal, and the small South of the building is finally in front of the battlefield. The eyes look at the second-generation shadows of the two generations.

'Is it still. Play such a group of A ant seems to make you feel a sense? "

Crash System 309 Chapter 2012 Five Shadow (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 309 First generation 5 (seeking rewards and automatic)

A group of 0 ant?!

Listening to the Ninja of the United Naure Union in the Pain, although there is some angry and not embarrassing, everyone does not dare to open back.

Because in front of the moment, in fact, their confirmation is indeed different.

who are you?!"

Stared of the eyes as if the air around him is completely isolated in another world, the kind of momentum of the whole people, and suddenly caused the second-generation shadow ghost moon, and asked.

I have seen my illusion:.

The eyes.'._. It seems not ordinary eyes.

'Oh, second _. You don't have to know who I am.

At the moment, the head smiled and stared at the eyes of the second generation of shadow lighterage. .One.''

'The prior to the appearance of Yuxi Bao, some boring wants to send a time _._.' 'I only see the moment of my mouth, my face is hung, and the wind is light.

'Deliver time?! Ha ._.' '

I heard what I said in an instant, I saw that the face of the second-generation shadow ghost light moon was not angry, 'In the past, I have never seen this arrogant ninja.......

However, he just mentioned Yu Zhibo spots.

Is it.

The scorpion of the wind is coming, and it looks like an invisible momentum floods the whole space in the battlefield. The ninja face of all the endurance Union has revealed the look of the liver and altime.

Steam violent!!