Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 240 of Hueding Crack System

The second generation of water shadow lights is just talking, the body suddenly does not move from his own movement, a child looks quickly in his shape, fast activity between water and oil, and the surface of the surface begins to emerge The water in the body is rapidly evaporated.

The second generation of water shadow lights, the child's appearance is sharp, and a huge water vapor explosion suddenly set off a high temperature, and all of them were flying out.

'Water vapor explosion ...,'

The little voice came from the distance. I saw that I didn't know when I had already taken a small South. I appeared in the other side of the battlefield with the air transient movement, and the flash of a pair of blue gods was flashing between the eyes, and I saved it. The principle of second-generation water shadow lighterage month.

Using special Chakra made a mix of water and oil, once the action begins to act, the surface of the surface will rush sharply, and the water in the body will spread sharply, resulting in a water vapor explosion. At this time, it is divided into an original. Then affected by the water vapor, the surrounding air floating into high air

It is a hail, hail landing, and it can be prepared next to explosion after separation. It is an unlimited cycle explosion.

The second-generation noodles that once helped the Tespe Heak, all body wounds around the band, exactly because of the year, the second-generation shadow lighterage in front of him, the whole body skin was burned by this steaming steam.

'Dealing with the antfor anti. It is indeed a good tissue ...,' The whole battlefield is standing in the battlefield in the distance, and the sound of the first generation of the second-generation water shadow light show, 'But after After an explosion. ... The body you hide should be weak ?! "

Ignorable surrounded by a place where the high-temperature burns caused by the second-generation water shadows, the miserable endurance, the miserable endurance, the blue eyes, like a sword, just a piece The body of the second-generation water shadows behind the high rock.

'Damn. ... is discovered by him ... After hiding behind the rock, the ghost lights can be like a sharp look at the moment,' The body is not from autonomy. It starts to act ... Treatment of the starters ..., '

'It is yourself. ... or I will take you out ...,'

A pair of gods have kept the body shape behind the second generation of the two-generation water shadows behind the rock, and the mouth of the moment is slightly Sam, but suddenly discovered the things.

I saw that the four stones were galloping from the Huangsha Plains from the distance, almost a blink of an eye, and the battlefield in front of the moment had four powerful figure.

A whole body is wrapped with a bandage only a pair of eyes as a muny, a full body black and ambiguous hair, there is a beautiful appearance of a clothes.

When the provincial understanding of the face of the last ninja, the flash of the flash is actually streaming a surprised look.

Silver white hair, dark blue battle armor, slender eyes of this extraordinary power, into the gas field that is very different from other ninja.

Actually he ...

I can't think of something such interesting change. ...

533 'Second generation of natives. ... The three generations of thunders. ... The four generations of wind shadows ...,' I only see the surrounding army into a role of the union of the United Army, and the injured several ninja substitically The identity, I recognized the shocking words when they were suddenly shocked, 'also. ... and two generations

grown ups!!".

Do you have a thousand hands ... less flash is soaked in the eyes of the ninja of the deep blue tai armor, the blue-blue gods have flowed in the eyes of a blind, and the mouth is slightly starting to rise. Pre-warm-up movement ... corpse.

The goal of the translusion montage ..., '

Low heavy noise sounded, only to see the blue dragonfly, the second-generation rigid, the second-generation rigs, the second generation of the emperor, staring at the eyes, 'Just this young man ...,'.

I don't think there will be a day of fighting with the second-generation eyes of the wood. '

When the four people rushed to the battlefield in the thousand-handed, the second generation of water shadows came out from the back of the rock, and the five people were collided with the air.

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Chapter 310 of the collapse jade system, thousands of hands (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 310, thousands of hands (seeking rewards and automatic)

'I can't think of you, I was summoned here ._.' '

I saw the second-generation shadow lighterage that came out from the rock, and the whole body was wrapped in the second-generation Soil shadow in the bandage. Because two of them were in the battlefield.

'._. Your guy is also summoned? "Decided to the second generation of the second generation of the second generation of other three shadows, I saw the ghost light moon, some of the mouth, the mouth of the mouth I bar.

'Although everyone is not self-contained, it is not allowed to be controlled by this.

At this time, I saw the burly and strong three-generation Lei Yixian said, with the other four shadows in front of him, 'But the speaker actually controls our four people to deal with this young man. ._. ''

'Is really incredible ._.' 'As a person who once able to do 10,000 ninja in a person, it is difficult to think about the thinking of the three generations of Thunder, actually some people will control him and here so many powerful ninja. Dealing with one person, 'he doesn't seem to be the ninja of the five big fortune _.' '

At the same time, in the first-year five shadows, the moment is also thinking about them.

'Pharmacist actually reincards the thousands of hands, it is brought out _._. Is it using white as a sacrifice: ._.' 'Thoughts, there is a little slightly surprised,' actually controls The first-year five shadows to deal with me..

Just in the moment, there is some slightly slightly sorry.

'Young people ._Russian I don't know who you are ._.' '

I have been unable to make a sound, but the horror of the second-generation rigid, the second-generation rigs, and the moment, I am watching the moment, I said, 'But since we were summoned here ._. You still hurry. One _.' '

'No second _. Forced _. ... There is no second _.' 'Seems to suddenly think of what, the thousands of hands have overturned their previous words,' The Ninja, who is being reincarnated, can be used Everything in the students _._. ''

Under the lock of the flying thunder, _._.

Who can run it again.


Wen said that there was a little funny, and the blue eyes were looking at the thousand hands in front of the eyes. The thousand hands were two _. Is your soul in the bliss pure land without meeting your big brother? Does the column? ".

My big brother ?! "

I heard what I said in the moment, the thousand hands was slightly frowned. As a root of the past, the young ninja in front of him actually called himself and the big brother, this made him slightly feel unpleasant. 'What do you mean ...,'

'Just a long ago. ... he was also used to reincarnate to go to deal with me ...,' , the truth, said, "But he has been killed by me." Return to bliss pure land ..., '


Do you have a thousand-handle?!

That one is actually.

After listening to it, not only the Ninja of all the Brerealed Joint Army present, but even the first-year five shadows in the scene were also a big earthquake.

Because there is no one to understand these two names in the age of thousands of hand and Yisi Bouc.

That represents the top strength in this world, representing the strength of the world in this world, representing the power of the World of Warring States ...

What do you say?! Big brother, he is also blocked out ?! '. Obviously, the thousand hands in front of him is also a great shocked, as a biological brother between the killer, there is a lot of strength, in addition to No one is more clear than him, 'and you can kill it ...

'Simply ignorant the river ...,' Just between the thousands of hands, the incomplete force is started to drive his body again.

Water and water break !!

Among the eyes of all people, the thousands of hands were in the same time, and the Zhang was spit out of a slender high-pressure water column, as a sharp whip quickly went to the sashimi.

Immortal, water break!!!

However, a more shocking scene is that the movement of the moment is even more fast than the thousand-handed, and the S-class water is applied at the same time, almost the same, tolerance is formed in the hands of the faster speed.

Two thick I strong high-pressure water columns suddenly hit together, I saw the high-pressure water column spit out of thousands of hands and spit out of the high-pressure water column spit out.

If you go, the high-pressure water column spit out is gently cut into two paragraphs in front of the first-character five shadows in front of you.