Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 241, Chapter 241

See this scene, the mouth of the moment is slightly outlined, and the god of the gods, the god of the gods, the gods of the eyes, have predicted the turtle movement in advance.

After almost seeing the sickness of him, the hardships of the heart of the moment were used in the same water tolerance. Only under the growth of the strong Xianke Chakra, the power quickly watched the thousand-handed room The effect of the show.

The drizzle is slowly drafted among the air, but it can't cover the shocking eyes of the thousand hands. It can use this S-level water in this desert environment without water. It has already proved the identity of his strongest rush, but (Nuo Wang) is used

The faster speed exhibited the same rush to defeat him.

"'The two-generation rigid shadow thousands of rods, was defeated by him ?!"

I saw the second generation of the second generation of the second generation, and the only one of my own eyes, I want to know that in the era, the name of the ice, the name and his other one. Because the first god The name of the name is also resounded throughout the ninja world.

As a result, in front of the moment, I used a faster speed to make a stronger rush to rush to thousands of hands. How can I be surprised.

However, surprisingly surprised, the mysterious prime dried by the mysterious and exhaustive mystery, the movement of the first-year five shadow did not stop, all the handsome kills yourself.

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Crash System Chapter 311 Instant Dictacy (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 311 Chang killing the first-age five shadow (ask for reward and automatic)

'Province of this fever will be more interesting than I imagined..' '


Dust, the original stripped operation !!

A huge square energy is in the middle of a spherical white light. It is quietly blooming from the second generation of noodles. To.

Steam violent!!

Under the control of the revival, the second-generation water shadow lighterage re-produced a water vapor bomb, and the high-speed sports lane rushed to the moment.

Magnetic gold sand sword

As the weaker ninja in front of the eyes, the four generations of wind makes it out of the magnets that take hands, and the control of the Sand has formed a sharp hand to the sword, and the kill is swayed.

Irritacei is useless to me: ._. ''

In the face of the three strong killings, there is no lifting of the eyes, and an invisible barrier is opened before the moment. -103- Suddenly put them three skewers are generally all of the water flow. Absorbed.

Treatment .... Actually absorbed _._. ''

All people have grown their eyes, but as the five shadows of the ambiguity, they have the stability and powerful strength of the ordinary ninja.

Hell Trouble · Four Hands !!

A dazzling electric horizon, I saw the three generations of Lei Yings, and the three-year-old thunder chakra selling armor, reached out the four fingers of the right hand, put the thunder Chek scrapping the speed after the fingertips To the moment, it comes.

'The strongest spear, and the strongest shield is the second _.' J Blue God's reincarnation of the three-generation Lei Ying's movement, the moment is low, you can fight with the fungus Ninja, it will not be underestimated.

The hell of the three generations of Lei Ying initially used four fingers to attack, and the reduction of fingers will increase their attack power. When it turns into a finger, it can achieve the strongest attack power when it is a finger, and the power is enough to pierce thousands. So this trick is also known as' strongest spear,

Eighty god air hit !!!

Suddenly a dangerous death breath is shrouded in the heart of the first-year five shadows. I saw a pair of Zhan-blue gods to the eyes of the mysterious light flashing. They revealed a very vast breath of the ancient ancestors. Chakra agglomerated to the extreme, suddenly hit

Every air between the tablets and the entire space between the five people was excluded, and there were countless vacuum fists between tangible and invisible in space. Every trick is It seems like a king of the king of heaven, each trick is with the A road of the heavens and the earth.

Weili embarrassing is on all of them.

All the wakes around the ground around the ground, the Journal of Ninja suddenly spurted a blood, and the huge air generated under this hit almost all their viscera is shocked.

I saw that in addition to the crisis suddenly launched the thousand-handed out of the air disappeared, the remaining first-year four shadows were suddenly killed in the eighty gods of the sky.

It is said that the attack and defense is integrated to destroy everything, the power can be seen.

'What is the integration ?_ I've been a deep and colorful color appeared in the eyes of the riots of the fly thunder, even if he has never seen this in the Warring States era of the power of the strong. Terrible body, that is not the level that can be achieved at a class.

The province is coming to what he just said. "

Big brother may really defeat his hands.

Fly thunder !!

Between the rotation of the blush of the blue gods, the special bitterness without sound has passed his brain, and the figure of the thousand hands is covered with deep blue warfare. After a moment, Grasp the sharp edges that pierced behind the moment.

In the heart, I have to stab the back of the moment, but the next moment suddenly shrinks in the thousands of hands, the figure is suddenly disappeared in front of him.

This feeling is.

As a developer of the time-space, the developer of the flying thunder, which is certainly unfamiliar with this unspecified mobile method.

"Fei Leizhen _._. The wave of the wind is better than you more excellent _. '' The light sound from the moment from the thousand-handed, although it is the body of the bust, but he still can't help the whole body Bulp the hair.

No one is coming to think that the waves say that the waves whose waves say, feel the cool murderous machine behind them, and the instantaneous response between the thousands of hands and then launched the immeasing of the fly thunder.

'Well. _. If you make you so easy to escape...' '

Some ridicule sounds, and the blood of the bloom of Zhan Blue Xuanao has issued a highlight of the thorn, as if the endless .

'Is that, isn't it very boring ?! "


When the sound of the moment, the time and space in front suddenly occurred, the time of time, which had already been used in the instantaneous movement of the flying thunder, and suddenly reappeared in front of the moment.

Diamond star dust !!!

In the unbelievable eyes of the thousand hands, the moment is like a soft-handed blow, and the body is like the vast vastness of the Ice Cosmo, Chakra suddenly broke out.

Beyond the absolute zero-scale frozen, instantly formed a white light, the shock wave, the barium sprinkled like snowflakes, as well as the stars, the beautiful dreams, with the speed of the thousand, the whole person, the whole person, the whole person, the whole person, the whole layer of white brilliance .


Some of the molar frozen sounds, as if the whole time and space in front of you are blown up, everything in front of the thousand hands is on the whole body, all of them stop running, the whole person is frozen into an ancient ice sculpture, in the Trigel day The sun is shining with a dreamless halo.

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Chapter 312 Pharmacist (seeking rewards and automatic)

If you have a thousand hands, you will have an eternal ice sculpture. After the air is frusted, the shades of the wet sky are gradually reduced to the form of the remaining advanced four shadows.

The second generation of rigs and thousands of hands are actually by him ...

A pair of dark dark red eyes dead staring at the lifelike ice sculpture in front of the moment, the second generation of natives are unbelievable, and they are unbelievable.

"Don't worry ... You will have just like him right away ...