Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 242, Chapter 242

The blue-blue eyes are fluilized to stare before the eyes gradually re-recover the first-year four shadows, the mouth of the mouth, the vast ice river universe is quiet, and a pluralism is difficult to describe the freezing force, ' This is unprecedented in the form of ugly embarrassment


The sound of the moment is not big, but the deadly breath in the speech makes everyone in the scene, but it is already the body of the dead. However, the momentum of the body in this moment seems to die at any time. once.

It's really worth you ... the day of the moment ...

Suddenly, the second generation of the second generation in front of her eyes did not atmospheric dull noise, and some hoarse voice passed into the ear of all people present.

'Pharmacist brother ... The body is in the eyes of the eyes, looking at the front of the second generation of earth shadows to reincarn the dark red eyelids, and the radius will react it immediately. This should be the will of the pharmacist to control the second generation of the second generation. Spring is talking to him. 'It turns out that you are hiding in the dark corner of guys ... less.

I have to say that your progress is really big ... I have dared to talk to me ..., 'I'm on my face with a light smile, a pair of deep mysterious gods, the eyes, the eyes, the second generation of the earth Deep red eyelids, the blue eyes seem to penetrate the bodies of the second generation of natives, straight

I saw the Pharmacist hiding in an unknowned and dark corner.

'You are still as terrible as before ... The corpse will pass the second generation of Si Shadow from his mouth. Even if the space is in the space, the pharmacist is still able to feel the eyes of the moment. Clearly see yourself, it seems to be in front of this mysterious eye.

There is no secret to the body under the body.

This is not forbidden to remember the days they have still been restored to the big snakes. Every time I see an instant, I can feel an unsolicited feeling. I have a long time to have a long time in his heart. Still affecting him.

However, I haven't been from me. "It seems that I have thought of my current strength. The pharmacist finally worked hard to suppress his heart, and the hoarse voice is somewhat dry. The original is small. I have died ... I have now evolved into a dragon now.

"As long as you can cross your big mountain ... I will be able to find a more real self ..., 'said that the pharmacist in front of the moment seems to be in selfless words.

Lost itself ... The corpse is a little bit of words that heard the poor pockets in front of you. The moment is so silent in this chaotic Ninja world. There is too much to lose normal world view like this.

In the previous year, there was a non-lost Ninja, which was like him like him, maybe, when he wanted all obstacles to control the entire Ninja world, it can change such a world.

'Will n't let you hide ... I solved these soft and wrong shrimps, I went out _._ With the black, they deal with themselves, then he has not lived in this world in the eyes of the moment.

Possible, 'But you control the second-generation Tuchai just to tell me these words?' '

'Of course, not. After the cells of the big snake pill, the pharmacist also contaminated a hint of the personality, smiled in low-grade hoarse noise,' I am in order to tell you the second _. is already in the current Other four shadows handed over.

... seeking flowers

'Yuxi Bao Pravel Hands with the current other four shadows ?!' I heard the message revealed in the past, the moment, the sound suddenly became deep.

That is to say that the plan is very dangerous.

'Province to solve your things to drag to the back _._.' 'Thinking here, the smile on the face is gradually varying, and the momentum of the whole person has changed, and a violent wind is from him. Suddenly develop, the rolled roof dust directly will fly all around all the endurance joint military, 'I

Now you have to solve the Unexpected Boss.

'Finally serious ?_.' 'See this pound of the majesty in the moment, even the pharmacists who have worried themselves in the second generation of the pharmacists are difficult to cover the shock,' Let me See the power of killing the thousands of hand of the dirt !! "

Hell Tricks a hand !!

In the face of the sixth cactus in the face of this and the legend, there is no difference, the first three generations of Thunder Ying took the lead in shot, the thunder of the whole body, Chakra sold the thunder, reach out of the right hand The root finger puts the thunder Chakra in the fingertips, and the strength of all the strength is fierce.

However in the moment.

Dust splitting the original stripping operation!!

The second generation of the second generation of pharmacists did not need to print, so that the splitting, the splitter's body and Chakra were split, and two entities were separated from the blood, and the whole yellow. The three huge square energy appeared on Shapingyuan, and it went to the moment.

Just in the second-generation shadow ghost moon and the four-generation trend also tried to use his strongest tolerance, all of them had already been impatient in the face in advance.

Aurora punish!!!

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The key to the Crash System Chapter 313 (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 313 The key to war (seeking rewards and automatic)

Aurora punish!!!

In the body, Chakra and the freezing force is perfectly integrated with Xianli Chakra outbreak, facing the first-year-old four shadows in front of them and the tentative surgery they show, and the moment directly with all the ice is fierce. Double hands on the front.

In the eyes of everyone, it seems that the whole time and space is frozen, and everything around it is falling. After the flash is swayed forward, the endless white aurora is as if the ancient wave is generally crazy. In front of it, all things in front of them have been stained with a white


The second year of embarrassment.

Surrounded by the uniform army.

Whole yellow sand plain.

All things, in the moment of this remember. Eight five zero "underwent, it is dyed on white brilliance, stopping everything, all chemically constant ice sculptures, in the sun sunshine Evil fairy in the shine, as if there is a sunny day in the sky.

That frozen.

In the moment, I was alone in the world of the boundless white ice, and the white long sprinkled on the cactuary robes, as if it was like a god of the Taikoo Ice Age for the whole world.

Rotating eye · Hell brigade !!!

After all the things in front of you have been frozen into the eternal ice sculpture, the moment of the blush of the blue gods issued an endless odor, and a hard-working gravity field seems to be a vast disaster. General. It is like a tide to flourish out in an out of the whole person.

!!! ...

Under the influence of the huge gravity field of the blind eye of the moment, all things in the Huangsha Plains of the Ice Age began to smash, the stars were like the sky, the dark crumb, dust, the noseblabble was filled in the air. Wall away, in the shining day, as if a magnificent silver river.

So beautiful…,'

In the sky, the huge white paper wings behind the sky, the small southern refreshing eyes reflected in the feet of the whole film, the Sakura I, Xiao I, I can't help but send a sincere marvel.

Xiaonan ... you contact white and Jun Ma Lu ... Go to me to find the position of the pharmacist ..., '

The unrelinged ice crystal debris, the moment is slightly looked at the small south of the floating circle in the sky, and the sound said: 'I will go to the Sui Zhihukin after I will find you ...,'.

Do you want someone to deal with Yuxi Bouvelle? _ "Fan the angel wings hanging on the smashing of the flying dance, after the moment, the beauty flashed a wonderful concern, 'To I still go to all members of the organization Call back and go to deal with him ~ _ less.

Don't worry ._. I am still unclear.............................................................. Beauty, probably, this situation is in the moment.

According to my words ._ After the war. .

'Soon _._.' '

But when the sound of the moment, when the slogan of the elegant, the south of the south has lost his figure.

' ._ You must not have something to produce

The lips bite, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at the moment, the small South disappeared, Xiaoshan couldn't help but pray in the heart, fanned the white angel wings behind, and immediately disappeared in the sky of the Sunday Zhaozhao.

"Damn." What strength is it ._. ''