Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 243

In a unknown cave, the dark-dark environment came out of the pharmacist's deep shock. In addition to a shot of the color, it seems to have a cold and dead, there is no smilly. world.

Just now I just hit a refrigerant to frozen everything, I realized that I was in the second-generation Soil, the pharmacist pockets in the second generation of the two, almost thought that she was also blocked into a eternal ice sculpture. .

The five tricks that were brought out were all killed in an instant ._ "Recalling that the power of the instant spike of the first-year five shadows just now, even if the pharmacist outside the thousands of pharmacists can't help but get a cold Tremble,. Even if you don't die, you can't escape everything that freezes.

Is the power ._. ''

'Zhe came _._. "The tail of a pyth snake drilled out from the pharmacist, gently swaying the embarrassment of the embarrassment in the mouth, and the deep hoarse noise echoed in the dark cave. The force of the old to the slut is completely exceeded by the cognition of the Ninja World. Factory

'The ultimate key of this war is still to see the guy _._.' '

The other side of the battlefield.

The original landforms have been difficult to distinguish. At this moment, it is already an endless gravel beach.

'... ...

The dust flying flutters. I saw the five-generation fire planner, the five generations of vertical shadow, I love Luo, the three generations of the two-day scale Dan wild wood, the five generations of water shadows, the beauty, this moment is constantly breathing. Breath. Looking at the enemy in front of you.

Before I and the day, I have a final battle ... You gave me a good warm-up event. 2.1 "

Among the sky, the huge blue Chakra giants have passed the sound of Yuxi Board deep. 'As a thank you of the gift ... I will let you die in this whole thing. ... corpse

Is it everything.

Are you here? ...

I look at the huge whole body that seems to stand between the heavens and the earth, saving the black ninja, the long hair of the black ninja, the long hair of the water, the shackles, the current shadow, the face of the four shadows can not help The color of a layer of dead gray is covered.

Be evil ... It is not his opponent ... The corpse is tightly bit his own lips and exposes the same color.

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Crash: Chapter 314 Outer Road Magic (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 314 Outer Road Magic Image (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Is it a moment. Is it going to fight against such an enemy. ... "

I don't know why, in this moment of life and death crisis, the open-minded mind is not my own safety, but it is, but I don't know where to do it at this moment.

"I didn't expect it to be the legend of six cactors ... Round returning ..., '

I saw that the three generations of the old, the old face was filled with unbelievable look, and the brain was a pair of purple, a feminine eye, who had just, Yuxi Boupeter, the whole thing that must be able to get it before.

'This guy is not too dead. ... he has resurrected ...,' Looking at the full body of the whole body, it is necessary to seem to be shocking the horizon of the world, and there is no longer in the pretty face of the beauty. I I burned, replaced by a bitter and dignified.

'Who knows it. ... Sumth, we have to die here ...,' The face at this time is also good, and the strength between Yuxioba spots and the gap between several of them is like a natural, But her tone is still still 24 firmly, but is the shadow of five big fortune ... we are absolutely not

Can retreat !! "

"Nice momentum. ... still have some part of the ninja ..., '

Holding the moon, Hung Zone, standing in the diamond crystals that must be protected in full body, Yuxibo spots put all the desperation and decisive and decided in the foot of the foot, and the tone suddenly became cold and ruthless.

'But I have already felt tat ... I have been buried in this sword in this broken Ronalva !! "

Senlo Yi Sword!!

Among the grades, they gathered in the eyes, the Sui Zhibo's mouth disdain, and the huge complete body surrounded by the body was able to sword around, and the sword in the hands of the trend is like leaving the heavens and the earth.

Wanhua short-eyed eyes · Shen Wei !!

On this thousands of hair, the whole body must be able to start the spiral distortion of the space before the body, and the spatial point that seems to be the foreign world is opened.

A distorted space forces instantly reversed the complete body of the Senli sword twisted to absorb the arm, and the space in front of the people seems to be twisted by a tablecloth, and finally completely The huge arm that must be Sasone is holding too knife and falls on the ground, until it is

A blue Chakra energy disappeared.

'Well! This is ...,'

The provision of your own full body must be strengthened by this twisted time space forces, and the face of Yuxi Boss is slightly smashed, and there is also a good eyes in the ninja of the other side ..., '

, Fire, big !! "

A shocked voice came, I saw Kasi to block a scarlet, the moment, the moment appeared in the battlefield, and followed the Mi Tiekai and Naruto, and Xiao Li.

Yisi Bo Pone You this bastard..........

After coming to the battlefield, a pair of blue eyes stared at the eyes of the huge, and the nervant is full of Yisibo spots. The nun is full of hatred color, 'I must replace the color of the cactus. revenge!!".

What do you run from Carti ?! The key to this war is to protect the Month _. ... you: ._. '' View Kakasi with Naruto, they appeared in the battlefield, the planner suddenly wrinkled My brow.

Yuxi Bao has already been taken to the wooden leaf to catch the nine tail, and it is also good to die, and sacrifice himself to block him to send the Naruto into the Wonderful Mountain's psychic space. As a result, Kasi now has a substitute to come here. Is it necessary to sacrifice the sacrifice of whitening?

'Naruto this kid's temper, you also know. _.' 'Face-to-face questions, Kakasi faces a helpless look,' He knows that Nang Shadow, you are fighting with Yuxi Boli _. All of us can't pull him ._. I have to protect him over _._. ''

'That is another Wanhua short-eyed eye eye: ._.' '

At the beginning, the one of the flowers in the mouth of Kakasi left, and the face of Unexpected Boss was surprised.

'Haha: ._. The little ghost of the nine ._. He sent me to me: ._.' '

After the nun people under the feet, the face of Yuxi Boss finally exposed excitement and expectations. As long as I get together, I can get the power in the legend _._. ''

'Japan, I'm going to come, you will definitely be very wonderful. "Think about the contents of Yuxi Bo's stone monument, Yishibo spheres, finally can't help but laugh.

': ._. I have inherited the power of the cactus pattern from the good color of the immortal, I'm loudly in the second _.' 'The mouth is shouting, the Naruto is right, and it has been absorbed by Xianke Chakra. Divided, suddenly an invisible breath, a yellow eyes appeared on his face appeared on his face.

, 'I must have died this guy .... Replace the color of the fairy !! "

': ._J Mountain Mode "._.' 'Feels familiar with the familiarity that is coming out of the feet, Yisi Bo spreads out a taste of smile,' Compared to the column and the guy _._ You are too far away. ''

After the voice falls, in the eyes of everyone, Yuxi spots have gradually lifted the full body surrounding the body, and the body slowly falls.

'Since the nineth tail sent it to me, I came to me. _ Two, I hurry to end the second _.' 'It seems to be murderous, and a mummy is in the eyes of Yuxi. In the middle, it is the turn of the legend.

Tongling's technique!!

At the scene, there was a horrified discovery. As Yuxi bouquet held on the ground, a black mysterious spent was launched, and a huge magic image appeared in front of them, nine eyes were already open. The eight horrible eyes are only lacking the last eyes.

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Crash System Chapter 315 Ten Tail Column Power (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 315 Ten Tailor Column (ask for reward and automatic)

'Hahaha ...,'

After the success of the virgin, Yu Zhibao finally couldn't help but caress his face, and loudly laughed. The guy should don't want to dream. ... Black, will help me get another one. Ren is back to your eye ?! "