Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 244, Chapter 244

'It is looking forward to the next development. ... "On the side of the Yishihu spotted purple rotation, I watched the Naruto in front of my eyes, the smile of his mouth gradually,' province clearly ... A few seconds, '

'Will end ...,'

When I finished, I saw that Yu Zhibo spheres were branched and said, and the outer road behind the scene broke enough to shoot countless coarse Chakra lock chains. When I penetrated the body of the Naruto.

Naruto !! "Zhe saw Yizhibo spheres in front of him, and hit the Naruto, and the aperator and Kakashi and others were shocked.

'Is this ?! "The horrified looks, the Chakra lock chain that has been penetrated from his own month, the Naruto feels like his soul is kept firmly by the chain of the Ming.

I saw a huge Chakra lock chain in the outer road, and a huge golden flavor of Chakra fox was dragged out of the nun.

Is it nine tail ?! "

The philosoprien saw the huge Chakra fox dragged from the namberry body, and the face of all people in the field was shocked.


Zhe saw the entire nine tail of the body, dragged away by the Chakra lock chain in the outer road, and the Naruto immediately reached out and died and snorted from the dragged Jiuji Chakra from the moon.

However, it is obvious that the Chakra lock chain injected from the outer road can be more huge, and the nine tail is dragged into his mouth.

'The damn. Can't let him get nine! "One!"

After saving this, the prime face is over, and all the ninja all the ninja in the exclamation will rush.

Hey. ... don't self-tempered ..., 'I will see all the ninjas that are rushing around. The Sui Zhiwei disdain is awkward. A pair of purple monster reincarnation suddenly suddenly, a powerful pupil suddenly broke out.

Wheel tomb · Prison!!

There is no difference between the invisible, as if there are countless sorts of the figures, the figures, the farther, flash attack, and all the ninjas that suddenly rushed into the invisible power.

'Good pain ..., Kakashi and Akai who have been flying out, only feel that at least the ribs have been interrupted, and they can't help but hang.

'What happened just now ...,' The ape course of starting Baiqi's surgery, although it turns into his injuries, but still being shocked by what happened in a moment.

'That is the tuger of his round eyes ...,' and the demon I burned the beautiful Mi Ming, at this moment, it seems to have lost the soul of the past, and the corner of his mouth has flowed a bright red blood, and it is still looking at it. Yu Zhibo spots in the distance.

'Hey. Nine tails finally arrived ...,'

Nothing to pay attention to it by his tomb, prison, at this moment, the eyes of Yuxi spots are only dragged into the nine tail of the outer road, and the face gradually streams a unable to contain excitement. .

Finally finished!!"

The whole nine tail is saved by the outer road. After using the Chakra chain to drag into the mouth, the Yuxi Bottom a pair of purple reincarnation is suddenly a dazzling purple light color.

He has been waiting for too long for too long ...

So many years of planning and preparation ...

It's this moment ...

After a shock, I saw that after the nine tails were absorbed into the mouth, the outer road of the vision suddenly broke out the unimaginant challenge, as if they would like to concentrate all the world Chakra Go together.

Such as Di is like a sea, such as a prison.

In the middle, between the eyes of all people shocking, the original appearance of the horrible outer road was absorbed after the nine-tailed Chakra, and suddenly infinitely expanded throughout the body.

In the airflow and storm, it turns a more huge white monster, and the eyes are still in the eyes of a pair of purple hooks, which exudes the heart of the heart.

'That. What is the second _.' '

The province gradually changed to the outer road of ten tail, almost all people have temporarily lost breathing. In this vast vast chakra, everyone has been thinking about the ability.

"'' Is it ?! The nineth is only the yang, Chakra. One. ''

It has established a mysterious induction and contact with the huge ten tail behind him. Yishibo spheres immediately felt that the nineth tail of the external magic image seems to have only the yang attributes, and there is another half of the Yinyin property. Kra did not be perceived by him.

Not in _._. Anyway, in this world _._. It is already my opponent _._ "Feel the vast champion of the Ten Tailings, Yu Zhibo spheres are lying on the ground to live and die. The Naruto glance, a pair of purple monster, shining, it is difficult to look, 'Even if it is day

I can't do it in the moment. "

'So second _.' '

Low Shen Houqi noise came out of the mouth of Yuxi Boss, under the eyes of everyone, I saw him gently reaching out his own hands and slammed, and the "surprised scene occurred. .

"Let me feel the power of the cactus !!"

Yuxi Bao's deep voice echoed in the air around, with his printed, the reincarnation and ten tails established a inexplicable communication and contact, behind the huge tail, the whole is absorbed His body.

It seems that the whole air is shaken. Some people in the scene can't help but raise their own hands to block the strong airflow and dust of the flow of boys.

'Is this the strength of six?.' '

The endless airflow and dust gradually dissipate, the figure of Yuxi Bouchet is more clear, and everyone has a big glory after seeing his current appearance.

(The book friends are relieved, and the ten end will soon be teared by the moment, which is the step of glowing the night).

Chapter 316 of the Crane System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 316 appears (seeking rewards and automatic)

, 'This ... this is ... less

Seeing the appearance of Yuxi Bouvelle now. The master is full of unbelievable looks.

, 'Six cactors ... less , Kakasi and all other people are also shocked.

White long hair, printing a black hook jade imprint of the immortal robe, holding a paint black condition, nine mystery, jade is quietly floating around the body, a pair of monster reincarnation

Evil is like a purple ray, simply in the shape of six cactors.

"Finally completed ... less

After becoming the tail of the tail, I feel the endless Chakra and the strength of Chakra and the strength of the six-way form; I will turn my own monster reincarnation to the eyes of everyone.

"Death in the power of the six way ... should be your honor ?!"

Dust, limited life!!

Although the heart is shocking, the experience-rich three-generation Tang Shadow is still seized the opportunity, and suddenly launched a 560, the strongest blood, the dust, the dust, the huge square energy moment

He is formed in hand. All the way rolled the crushed Yuxibo spots in front of the six-way shape.

Seeing the three-generations of the three-generations of the three-generations of the strong killing, the six-way form of Yuxi Bo blouses appeared for disdain, and there was a ridicule of ridicule, "although the age has grown.

Less ... but your strength doesn't seem to change ... Dafaum Minister ... less

I didn't see anything of Urcho spots. When he was so quietly floating, he fed out, and in the eyes of everyone, the tremendous dust released by the three generations of Spring.