Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 245 of Hueding Crack System

It is unspeakable, and it will not be rapidly attacked by the three generations of noodles.

Awkward ...

After seeing this scene, the first reaction is the wind shadow, I love Luo, I saw the surrounding Huasha filled, and the shield formed by a layer of sand was blocked before the three generations of noodles.

However, I loved the sand without blocking the footsteps of the jade (CECF). When I was in a moment, I broke the jade broke through a round hole, and suddenly bombarded the arm of the three generations.

"Ah ... Less whole arm is asked for jade to become a virtual. Even the willfuling experience and rich three-generation natives can not help but make light pain.

Everyone turned back and looked at the huge explosion from the distance and roar. I saw that the forests in the whole distance were blown up with the black spheres into ashes.

"Can you annihute all objects and tolerance ... The black material seems to be much stronger than my dust ... Levels must be eliminated on the blood, and the old eyes are flashing, broken

The three generations of the three generations of a arm quickly analyzed the nature of Yuxi Bo-talks.

"Don't hit the hit ... It seems that it is still not adaptive ... less seems to have some power to become the strength of the ten tail, Yisi Bao is looked at your own hand," no

How do you deal with this?


At the moment of Su Zhibo spokes, I saw the nine paint blacks surrounded by his body, and the goal was the injury to the three generations of noodles.


"Can be evil ... Do you have a medical ninja?

Everyone looked at the face of Yuxi Bouc, the nine-faceted, black, and the jade hit, and it was too late to stop.

"Hey ... The woman is the descendants of the column ... less pair of monster reincarnation, the dead, lock, not far, the corner of Yisibo spheres comes with a cold smile," Compared to no need for printing

Can recover any injuries in the battle ... There is no power, the thousand-hand family people are not qualified to live in this world !! "

The most beloved younger brother Yuxi Bao Nai is died in the hands of the thousand hands. For thousands of hands outside the thousand-handles, there is no hint at all.


Under the eyes of everyone, the nine paint blacks that the Yisi Waki ​​speed flying out will hit the master, and the plenary of a layer of desperation is suddenly in everyone.

The eyelids disappeared under vacant.

, 'J is lost ?! "In addition to the other people present, even the Six-way form of Yuxi Bao spheres also can't help but surprise their own one-round look, four times and see the position of the program.

"Is it ... less

A name has an name that is in the heart of Yuxi. Then, a dangerous thoughts suddenly rushed to his heart, and immediately flew away from nine paint black and jade not far away.

"Too slow ... less

A familiar voice passed the tone of the sigh, and shocked that the Yishihu spokes suddenly responded to the hands of the paint black cactus.


Eighty gods air hit !!! It seems that the air around the body is rolled away, and the Yuxi Baozhuo has lifted a pair of purple monster reincarnation. Huge truth

Empty fists, every vacuum fist seems to be like a king of the heaven, I have a hegemony of Identifies the whole world. It is directly bombarded by him.

Obviously there were countless vibration and deafening rings, but they made a sound in an instant, and the shocking sound formed almost had to shock the eardrum in the field.

In the eyes of everyone's horror, it was also like the six immortals in the world, and the whole person was blocked in front of the earth, and formed a deep and unparalleled giant.

The big pit cave, all over the hustle and bustle.

I saw the quiet floating in the air in the air, and the arms were gentle, and the long hair of a silver is gently floated, and the gorgeous cacto is slightly flooded after the white.

The robe slowly floats, and the mysterious vast blue eyes shines in the void.

(The book friends are relieved, with the round look and ten tails, I will explain the clear as clear tomorrow).

Surprised Spot (seeking rewards and automatic) Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Surprising Spots (ask for reward and automatic)

"The day kill J ?!"

I saw a flashy showing the spirit of the gods, and all the ninja faces appeared in all the ninja faces showed a horrified look.

How could it be him…

I didn't expect the critical moment to save the program ...

Actually, this terrible guy ...


There is only a strong arm in his hand, and I saw a familiar and perfect face when I was a strong arm. I saw a familiar and perfect face. The corner of his mouth was also gentle.

Smile looks at yourself.

I don't know why everyone is attached to the hand, I look at the inexplicable smile on my face. When the card is taught, I will struggle to struggle from the moment.

"Let me go down ... Yuxi Boufah ...

But the next scene, the scene of all the people in the scene was shocked, and I opened my mouth I bar.


I saw the aperator surprised to open their own eyes, two warm double i lips packed 26 on her mouth I bar, and suddenly let her brain blank.

No, ...

So many people here ...

There was a light} tremble, I wanted to struggle from the moment. I found a strong and powerful arm when I stopped my slight move, quietly leaning against the generous moon.

In the Hungarium, the agency couldn't help but put its own body, and he couldn't stand the color of WL red.

This madman ...

It's really losing to him ...

Quietly in his arms, the aperator is a blank in the mind, and when she is temporarily forgotten, she has forgotten the enemy of the eyes, forgetting her village, and forgets the surroundings.


Even if the character is strong, she is always a woman at the end of her. At this moment, this moment, the strong shoulder, is the harbor, who has never been experienced so many years.