, '' S harsh woman ... you have remembered it ...

The firm will hold the program in his arms, looking at the W} Hongjiao} Yan's face, and the face is unconscious, the meaning of the smile, the meaning of the words IM is very ,"From

It's no longer my teacher ... but my woman! "

Do it ... Do you do his woman ...

I heard that I was surrounded by the enemy, and the crowd said that the boldness of the rebellion was said, and the movie was once killed in the cheeks of her face.

The Hungar, never dare to open.

"Can be evil ... is actually a taboo teacher love ... Less hear heard the words of the Basin's hegemony, staring at the flash of the sky," I can't think of him ... actually still

Such a romantic guy ...

I really envy her ...

A pair of fans looking at the immersive ahead of the moment, because the status of the water shadow and the powerful strength suffered from the beauty of the pursuit, and there was no thought.

"Cough ... or now the young people will play ... Some sluggish hysterestrophy and gradually floating from the plan, the three generations of the old, the old man's face is full of play abuse and


"Naruto adults and moment ...

The rest of Kardi and Akai and other people, looking at the opportunity to hold the plan for the moment, because the horror and open mouth} bar can not get up.

"Let me go ... You are too guy ... After seeing yourself, I finally fell to the ground, I feel that the eyes around the people seem to be like a burning light, the master only feels

The face of your life is not like this, and suddenly struggled to come down from the moment.

"You will give me a good stay here. ... After the factory fell on the ground, the moment was gently put down in the arms, and the blue eyes of the blue gods have already taken insight. The next will happen.

Things, '. The next battle is not you can insert .... Factory

As the sound of the moment, the slightly huge pit cavity that was originally under the ground on the ground, and suddenly broke out, a homage of Chakra, rolled up

The ground is constantly surging.

"Day ... ... ... That .... Factory

The low-grade voice seems to contain a hot flame, almost spit out of the moment from the teeth, and only see the neighborhood nine paint black, jade floating, a wolf is in a blind

The huge deep pit cave on the ground flew out.

I saw Yisibo spots that were like six cactors. Today, the blind spots on the snowy cactus, the big and small wounds under the whole body are recovering with a naked eye.


"I can't think of you, it is strong ... less

Some unbelievable stares with the eyes of the eyes, and the look on the appearance of Unexpectedly.

I thought I successfully used the reincarnation of the natural life, and then fused that the ten tails became the tail of the ten tail, and became the most close to the sixth 990 cactors in the world.

The moment should naturally be natural, but I didn't expect the moment to save the agency under his eyelids, and I also showed that the bloody level of the heroes of the heavens and the earth.


Even if I opened the jade stall, I didn't expect that in the moment of eighty gods, it seems to be able to tear the earth's offensive.

After the force, the powerful recovery of the body and the body of the thousand-handed cactus has just been difficult to expect it under the moment.

"It seems that this ultimate battle ... did not imagine it, it is so easy ...

Yu Zhibo spots who float in the half-air are also gradually falling on the ground. A pair of purple monster retrievably somewhat solemn staring at the moment. Feel the passing from the moment

A wave of challenges like the tide is generally a bad breath, and the face can not help but show a smile of exciting expectations. That is the pursuit and desire of his born to fight.

"But ... This is the battle that I am pursuing to fight out !!"

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Chapter 318 of the Crane System, another pair of round eyes (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 318, another pair of back glasses (seeking rewards and automatic)

I saw that the feelings of the moment were calm and quiet, and the two people were simultaneously issued simultaneously as if they were able to sweep the world. After colliding, they suddenly

Flying all the dust and obstacles around the ground, and all the people next to them could not open their eyes.

"These two people are the momentum of the body creates this effect ... Faced with a strong airflow that is coming, Kasi can't open my eyes.

"Sure enough ... only monsters can fight monsters .... The factory has broken the three-generations of the three-generations of the shadow of the army, but the expression on the face is shocking.

"Is it reincarnated to be born to be resurrected .... Factory

Quiet stare with Yuxi Boss in front of the six-way form, looking at a pair of purple monster in his eyes, and the moment is slightly frowned. "It seems that I first confirm one.

Thing ...

Tongling's technique!!

At the moment, I gently reached into the void in front of the eyes, a black strange mysterious rune suddenly launched, and a floral dark crow flew out, gradually stayed in an instant

Shoulders on the shoulder.

I quietly looked at the crow eye in the eyes of the crow, the eyes of purple halo, the flash of the micro-wall, the expression on the face was more confused, ', my turn is still ... but the outer road

It is stolen by you using a round to look at the spirit.

"So problem is ... Where is your turn back?" The blue eyes turned to the Yuxi Boss in front of you, and the last question of his last question was thrown.

The first eye saw Yu Zhibo spots in front of him, and his eyes of purple in his eyes, the heart of the moment produced a great doubt.

In this world, in addition to the six cactus and Yuxi Bo spots can awaken, it is impossible to have the second pair of comrades.

"Your expression seems to be surprised:" "" I don't know why, I saw a surprised expression on the flash, and the inner heart of Yuxibo spheres could have a happiness, "this world

In addition to the legendary six cactors ... It is indeed a pair of the same reincarnation .... Factory

"But ... Do you still remember the mess of time and space you have been there ?!" Yu Zhibo spheres and low sound seem to be gently prompting some details.

"The time and space of Loulan ?! Is it ...... The factory heard the reminder of Yuxibo spots. Suddenly there is a flash of electric flash, guessing a possibility.

11. You seem to have guessed. ... Factory saw the expression of the mist, the smile on the face, "Yes ... it is in that place ...

In the time and space of the chaos, the black found in the past, I have been placed in the long-eyed ring ...