"It's simply in your hands, this pair of eyes don't have a half difference ... that seems to be a parallel time and space with our realistic ninja world .... The house is a pair of monster reincarnation

The purple magnificent, the dead, the dead locks, any expression that is likely to reveal in front of her eyes, Yishihu is hidden, "It's a magical world ... no

Is it ...... Factory

"Sure enough, it is the eyes that get from the messy time and space of Loulan .... The factory didn't pay attention to the expression on the face of Yuxi Bo, and the moment is in the whisper, '. But this is also

Not to ... if it's black, with me into the time and space of the landland ... I have no reason to notice it. ... factory

"At that time, I entered the time and space of the time and space ... I only had Xiaonan, Naruto and that. The household is soft and low, the thoughts in the brain are flying fast," Naruto and Besid

Under the insight of my gods ... it is impossible to create a chance to create a chance ...

"Then there is only one possibility. ... Factory thinks here, the moment of the moment is like to detect the change in the world, and the blue eyes are sent out.

Murder. There is no one-game temperature.

"It seems that you have already guess ... Yes ...

A low sinking voice passed into the ear of all people in the field. I saw that the black shadow was gradually drilled out from the bottom of Yuxi wave. It is like ink.

I can't see the whit expression on my face.

". 'One black ... less

Staring with the black trimming from the bottom of the ground. In the deep eyes of the deep eyes, with a inexplicable meaning, the tone of cold and sinned spit out his name.

"Your pair is not an unusual eye ... For your insight, I don't dare to do everything ... Less only to stand in the black-definitely narrow of Yuxi wave sphere," at the time except Xiaonan

Outside ... I think I will be accused by you in any person.

"All only on your most closest people ... I can find a trace of opportunity, not being aware, not? Don't be low, the sound is low and calm, the paint black face no one

I can't feel that he is in the heart, "Of course ... to prevent you from discovering ... less

"I attached to the shoes of Xiaonan foot and follow you into the mess (Li Kehao Zhao) time and space ... I finally found the chance to leave when you fight with the golden flash wave windshield.

... less black and quietly said, there is no fluctuation of the empty eyes, "then immediately went to Yuyin Village to find the long door that was placed in the eyes of the spot ... I got his round look

"Through the things ... is like this ... less

The look is calm and listening to the explanation, everything is almost the same as you guess, and there is no emotion on the face, just condensed the eyes of the blink of the eyes.

Flashing all murder.

"Black ... No matter who you create, you are created ...

"Today you and spot are destined to die in my hand ... less

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Crash System Chapter 319 Six Popularity (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 319 Six Popularity (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Today you are destined to die in my hand ...

"This is the fate of anyone can't change ... less

In all the people's ear with a dull tone, the little look on the face seems to be just a established fact, the phlegm of the immortality is constantly

Brewing, the momentum of the body exposed seems to be in the heart of the mountain.

No matter who creates the will ...

What does he mean by him ...

Does he know my secret ...

After listening to the moment, after the face, the face didn't see emotions, the heart shock, and the man's words seemed to be able to chaos his foot.

I didn't know that there is a black truth of my heart, I hope to see the madness of the moment and tone, Yisi Boton's wall has a brow, '' It seems that I have been reincarnate in the body.

Losing in your hand ... this is a strong confidence to you ... less

"You have to know ... I have made a 637-wheel back to the birth of the birth, and I have become the tail of the tail. I am now the same as the six cactors !!" Shen Sheng burst

Between, Yisizhi spots purple reincarnation flashed the fierce Guanghua, and suddenly the body was re-condensed out of the nine paint black and jade.

Looking at the nine seeking jade around the side of the Schiso spheres, the moment of shook his head, and the blush of the blue eyes, the endless diliosis suddenly

break out


A strong eager repulsion is in the moment of being in the middle, and only the nine paint black, the nine paint, black, and the nine paint, which flew it, flying in the moment.

Boom ...

After the nine cases of Yu Zhibo spheres were played out, after the death of the gods, the trend of the past, fell into the far-reaching forest, and the constant roar has been passing.


"Nothing ... You I have six power. ... Factory gently launched God's reincarnation of the eyes of the eyes of Fei Yu Zhiwei, the moment is calm, stares with the eyes of Yuxi Bouvet.

, ', Your kind of jade is can't produce it ...

"And '' said, I'm glanced over the ground on the ground, I saw the Naruto that was killed by Yuxi Bouche," you will take the tail taken here. "

... I will tear them from you.

I heard that Yu Zhibo face, the words he said, it seems to be completely angered, I saw his face showed a smile of anger. "Since the jade is invalid to you ... then we use it

Let's talk about it !! "

Immortal · !!

The voice of Yuxibo spheres just fell, and the moment in his hand was in a moment. The Zhangkou was a very incomparable laser ray toward the moment.

"Six Dai Xianke. ... Factory

God's reincarnation of the blue light, the speed of Yuxibo spheres, although the speed of the spot is very rapid, but the god of the left eye has already taken his move in advance.

The corner of the mouth is slightly, a huge spiral hand has already been quietly formed in his hand, and the middle of the air sharp whistling blade is constantly torn, it is a blue white like a laser.

The purpose of the purpose, exudes a burst of glare.

Immortal · !!!