Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 248, Chapter 248

As if the attributes of this recruiting immortal in Upper, it is a moment of the excitement of the Yuxi Bo Peti, and the moment of the CGBH.

The big sword was lost in the spiral hand.

0 Peng 0 Peng!!

I saw that the spiral hand threaded in the moment, the laser ray collided with Yuxiobang cut, suddenly countless as if the liquid water flows, the laser is flying out.

In an instant, the thousands of holes were penetrated in front of the ground.

I saw that the spiral spiral hand thus thus lost and the

It's going to cover it.


In the face of the laser and wind blade that came from himself, the nine seek jade floating by the Yishibo spheres, and formed a dark shroud in front of him.

All attacks are resolved into invisible.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

Just in the moment of Uki Boss, Zhang Jianzhu, a moment of resolving the offensive, pre-led his moment, the fierce light of his eyes flashed, and the whole person disappeared in the original place.

Just opened the jade shroud to resolve the attack in front of the eyes, Yuxi spots purple reincarnation eye jumped, immediately pericated strong hardship from himself, instantly responded

Move the front of the jade shroud to the side.

"Oh ... All your ideas and moves have been predicted in advance !!"

The faint ridicule is scattered in the air around, using the moment of moving appears next to Yishibo spots, see the black, the black, the jade shroud, the blind eye

The pupil is once again.

Just use the Xu Zhibo sphere next to the jade shroud to block the body, only felt a pain in the cheek, a huge power hit, the whole person could not stop being attached

A boxing flew out and dragged a long trench I am in the ground on the ground.

"I have been forgot to tell you ... less

The blue eyes silently watched the Sui Zhibo spots who were flying out by themselves. The moment is like a leisurely step, and it is gently moved to his position.

The eyes are empty and ethereal. "My God's reincarnation is a higher level than your turn to look at the eyes ... one of them is to predict future ...

"So ... you can't escape my eyes everywhere ....

"In front of me ... you ... don't win !!"

(As soon as the monthly ticket, please lose it to me, you can also reward me).

Chapter 320 of the collapse of the jade system (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 320 pressing (seeking rewards and automatic)

"The eye is more advanced than the round of the eye ?!"

"Can you predict future ?!"

Is there really a glasses in the world ...

Yisi Bao spots who have been flying out of the moment and rubbed their mouths and rubbed their mouths. He turned out a blood break.

The injury caused by a punch is restored.

However, the message revealed in the moment did not help but make him a shock. The spin is calm down to calm down, "Beyond the eyes of the eyes, it is ridiculous ... less

"Is there really a future of future eyes .... Production is different from the bleak, at this moment, I can't see the face of my face, but I set off a shocking wave," Then I

What is the plan?

"I have become a six cactus ... it is the strongest person in the world ... gradually stood up from the ground, Chakra on Yuxi Boss, Chakra again, the tsunami," None

On the thousand-handles between the past ... or now you now!

Xianfa Yin Lei !!

Under the driving of Xianke Chakra, I saw that Yu Zhibo spots extended their hands, broke out a large black lightning, and formed a fan-shaped area area covered all of them.

Space, quickly moved towards the moment.

"The strongest person in the world ...

A large black lightning that is black and thundered in front of himself hits himself. Feel the strong power of these unique to six Xiancai, and the moment is slightly smiling.

The angle, the body is like the fairy Chakratton, which is like the Ice Cosmic, "Then let you see the so-called strongest power to beyond your mouth !!"

Diamond star dust !!!

In the eye of the Yuxi Bao Pleuzing, the moment is reflected in his eyes, and the shake of the cloud is like a cloud, and all the air is condensed, surpass the absolute zero.

In an instant, a white light, the shock wave, the same as snowflakes, as can be frozen and smash the stadium.


The freezing of the molars sounded, in the eyes of everyone shocked, the whole time in the eyes of Yuxi Boss seems to be frozen, and the white Guanghua shock wave shocked.

On the black lightning, the black lightning released in his hands, I saw the whole black thunder release released by Yuxi Bouvelle along with his arms. It was frozen into a white ice crystal.


All black lightning and Unexpell spheres of ice crystals suddenly fell to the ground to break into the surface of the crystal particles, as if to cover the whole piece of grammar

A dazzling crystal, appeared in the US.

But obviously, this beautiful scenery can only bring unlimited shock and surprises to all people present.

"Lightning ... is frozen ...

I saw that Yu Zhiwu splamed him a pair of purple reincarnation, some did not dare to pay attention to everything that happened in front of him,

Hand, "Luoxao is frozen ... how can this?

"Is it the terrible ability to freeze everything ... less

In the far away, Kasi is hiding in the far away gravel, and the mouth contains a shocking tone, '. Actually can suppress the state of Yuxi Bozhu

"At the moment ... and the board next to it is some worried hands in his own month, a pair of mutual death locks with a very distant moment," You don't lose ah

"Your expression seems to be unbelievable ... less