Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 249, Chapter 249

"How? What? Do you no longer think you are the strongest person in the world?" Along with the sound of sound mocking, the moment of Yuxi Bao Pulk in front of you will gradually go, "there is another thing forgot.

Tell you…'

"My ice is able to freeze all tangible intangible substances and energy ... you show the thunder of the six Xianke's release is also energy ... The moment is step by step close to this Udage, the whole person is brewing

I have a rush of all the momentum, "So ... I will peel the tail beast on you ... until you die ...

·· ... seeking flowers ···· ......

"Hey ... I am eternal life !!"

A pair of monster reincarnation stared at the moment of approaching his eyes, and felt that he was putting it over, as if it was able to crush all the shocking temperament, and the hands of Yuxibo spheres gradually

Completely recovered, "Just the final plan is only the final step ... Just beat you ... '

"I can turn the hell in front of heaven !!"

It seems that I have always adhered to the belief that I have been persisted in my longer, and the Yuxi spots are almost low, and the handsome face flashes a smile, the purple monster reincarnation

I have issued a powerful pupil.

Tomb 'prison!!

The surrounding space seems to have a wave of fluctuations, it seems to have some vast life objects to move quickly.

"Wheel Tomb · Hear ...

The blue gods of the blue gods were smashed slightly. The moment was clearly seen in front of the space in front of the eyes, and there were five shadows of the appearance of Yuxibo spots.

The speed of electricity is rapidly attacked.

This is the world of Yuxibo spots in the world. It is the shadow that has born in this world. The outside world can't perceive its existence. Physical attack is invalid, but the shadow can attack

Bring the outside world, and the defense and the attack power is too high. The shadow has almost the same capabilities with your body, you can use your own ability.

"It's a tricky ability. ... The blood of the young god is killed, and five times in front of him. The shadow of the rapid movement of ourselves. The heart is not exempted in the heart.

Back to the eye, a level of eyes ... is surpassing the ultimate reflection ...

Otherwise, others are facing the Tomb of Unexpected Boss. It is estimated that you don't know how you die.

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Chapter 321 of Capaci Yushu (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 321 crashed (seeking rewards and automatic)

And the most feasible is the most terrible thing is that Yu Zhibo spots have not reached the highest level, otherwise the shadow of the Tomb around the tomb is also able to use and the body is the same as the body. That's too ahead.

_ _

Only in a blink of an eye, the five rounds of Tomb of Yuxi Board called the top five rounds of the tomb have quickly rushed to the moment, and launched a fierce offensive.

It is necessary to know the shadow of the same strength and ability to be the same strength and ability, almost every one of the power and the power of the Six-way shape, almost everything is unnecessary, and it will not be closed.

Reincarnation !!

Eyes. The top five Yuxi Bouvet shadings are hitting, and the mysterious light of the blush of the gods is flashing. After the ignition, the gods have disappeared in the original place.

Can his eyes see the shadow of the Wheel Tomb world ._. ''

After the moment of seeing the attack on the shadow of the shadow, the imuvial pole of Su Zhibo spheres were perceived by this detail. Suddenly used the jade opened a darkness in front of himself. Shield.


As a result, the moment was wearing his move. After he was in his body, he suddenly slammed out, and the results found that the eye is like, the Suiso sphere hit by himself, I don't know when I have quietly replaced it into the shadow. .

Do you instantly replace the position in an instant ?_. ''

I looked at the shadow of Yuxi Bao, who was hit by himself, was replaced with a shadow of the tomb, and I couldn't help but spread my mouth. Zhan Blue double-eye relief once again launched it in the original place.

'If I haven't guess the wrong words. _. Your tomb shadow must go back to your body every other time ._ "Sadness appeared in the other side of the stone, staring at the Yuxi Boss in front of the eyes And the five rounds of shadows around him said: 'And using this ability again should take a period of time.

Cooling _._. ''

'Hey ._. You are from these intelligence two _ "The purple magnificent round to the eye, the dead, the other side, the moment, Yuxi Bao is low.

Still ._. His eyes really can see the future?!

'How I know is not important. One.' '

It is stunned by the five rounds of the shadow to defend in the middle of Yizhibo spheres in the middle, and the moment is said, while the active bones are generally twisted with their neck.

'The important thing is _._ You will die soon, you will die here.' '

At the same time, at the same time, in the eyes of all people, the body of the moment began to gradually increase the dark Chakra.

There is a black-eyed Dragon between Turkra, which has formed a black-eyed day dragon. It is covered with all the breath of destroying everything, and the strong power will fly all the objects around all the objects. The dust and ashes of the sky.

what is that?!!"

Yisi Bouvelled Spreadded his own round of eyes, and some unbelievable provinces were in front of the dark Chakra, which seems to be swallowed everything never seen in his long years. Over, 'This is a simple body ?_.' '.

You are still ready to start praying ._. ''

The whole body is covered with the paint of Chakra, and the blue gods are killed and dead, and they live in front of Yuxi Boura, and the body gradually makes a buffer gesture.

No sunrise!!!

Your tomb shadow can save you ._. ''

When the sound of this sentence has not passed to the ear of Yizhibo spheres, all the air around the moment has suddenly blown away, and the whole personnel have made a last day dragon that swallowed everything. Space distance between.

'What speed is.....'

The eyes were a pair of purple monster, and Yishibo spheres looked at the dark Chakra dragon in front of himself. He immediately reacted that he wanted to mobilize the shadow of the wheel around him, but the discovery of himself The entire space around it is twisted by the speed and strength of the moment,. Space_._.

It turned out to be twisted _._. ''

In this twisted space environment, Yuxi Bao score reluctantly opened a black cure around his body.

It seems that the sound of the ancient stars in the sky, the sound of the darkness of the paint, and the moment of the paint, the mood of the destruction of all the eyes, and I swallowed him in the front of the shackles of Yuxi Bo. .

Hey. One

I saw Yisi Bo spots in the end of the end of the moment, the whole person seems to tear the whole land under the whole foot, almost hit the entire ground, and they have a ditch who won the end of the gravel. i plastic.