Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 250

'That. Is it a body?

Loss and the dusty dust is soaked, and everyone hiding in the distant gravel, staying at the end of the moment, the end of the earth, the earth, is almost torn, and some difficult The swallowed itself.

If I open the eight-door armor after the dead door. ...

Can you reach the power of him?

'Is it really a movement that humans can make ... I hid in my love after gravel, I even want to manipulate the sand around it, I can resist the strength of the wind and broken. stone.

3.0 'This power ...,'

The endless big ditch I was placed after the end of the feet, and the end of the ditch I was blown out, and the black-painted black face was simmed at this moment, it seems to have a moving capacity, and the guy will not be like this. I was killed, '.

Did you die ... or ..., '

After all of the black Chakra fists around the body gradually dissipated, the blind eye of the moment penetrated countless distance and directly locked the orientation of Yuxi.

("Tombs" in the "Tulu 4", the shadow of the plaque can also use the fairy to open all the need, indicating that it has been scared)

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Chapter 322 of Crash System Opening mode (seeking automatic reward)

Chapter 322 Opening mode (seeking to reward automatic)

Among the broken earth, a dark and deep ditch is endless slont.

The dust and ashes filled the entire ground, making all everything a layer of fog.

In the fog of the sky, a pair of blue deep eyes are flashing, and it seems to save all the situation among the fog.

Yuxi Bao ..., '

Some deep sounds in the plastic sound, the moment is dragging the gorgeous cactus, and there is no wind, the long hair of a silver white, the more it is getting closer, 'If you only have this level, it is too much to avoid I am disappointed. One. ''

The plain discourse is like a heavy hammer like a heavy hammer, slap in all the hearts of all people.

'Damn ...,'

It seems that the words that have been said to be proud, and some dull voice sounded, the Yuxi Boss spots in the Digou I have burst into a hill-called tsunami, and the moment is all over. Wrapped his gravel, the whole person gradually floated to the air.

'Just now, the whole space is distorted by his speed ... The shadow of the Tomb of the Tomb of the Tomb is that it can't play it entirely ...,'

I saw that in the air, I was like a six cactus in the world of Yuxi Bao. At this moment, I was a little screamed. The whole body has spread a big and small wound. The whole body has disappeared. The constant blood has flows out from his body. The dripping of the dark and deep floods in the feet.

That can not be a world of Unexpected.

It turned out to be like this.

I will see the miseramurian model of Yu Zhibo spots in the half-air, and people who have any provinces in the field can't help but feel it.

' ... or the moment this monster is better. One,' a wipe it is already possible to make a substantive shock, deeply filled with Kakasi's left eyellah, and unclear At the end of the face, I believe it must be a very exciting expression at this moment.

'Even the Six-way immortal form is not his opponent ...

Just now Yishihu splashes the top of the tip of the body and became the strength of the ten tail. It has shown that it is not at the same time at all, but I didn't expect it to encounter an install. This misery is called.

'Does the top of the six-way ... are not the opponent from the moment? ... hidden in the stone gap, the eyes are unhappy, and the battle of the front is not moving, and the heart is active. The mind,. The province. Plan to have changed ...

"Japan to the moment ._. ''

Yuxi Bao's low-spirited voice came out again, and he was only seen in the middle of the air. He was suddenly recovered by the lower body of the sudden destroyed, and the purple monster reincarnation took a touch of lighter. The moment that is staring in front of the front, 'I can reach only by the body.

The extent ._. Have to say ._. ''.

Not only this era _._. That is in the past Warring States era "._. I have never seen any ninja like you....... Interests and Dredits stare for the front of the moment, 'I have admitted your strength! You are indeed a powerful opponent!

Step by step, you gradually walked toward the Schiso sphere floating in the half air, as if the wonderful look of Yu Zhibo spheres and his face, the face gradually emerged, a smile, clear blue The deep eyes do not have a half point fluctuations, watching Yuxi Bouvet, tone

I have some ridicule. Don't be too self-righteous _._. Self-expansion must have a limit ._. ''

'My strength doesn't need to be recognized by you _._.' '

God's reincarnation, Chakra mode!!!

At the same time, when the sound of the moment, one step was taken step by step in front of Yuxi Bo, and the endless sleep of the vast gods, the endless sleeping power, the silent, the silent, the legend of God's revocation mode.

Under the eyes of all people, the green Chakra flame and glorious are filled with the entire space in front of everyone, and the entire broken earth seems to have been stained with a colorful color.

Under the common role of the blind eye chart and complete immortal model, he did not have a marginal chase, and the air surrounded by the spikes, so that the air around him is like boiling water.

The white cactus rouses have emerged in black hooks, which originally fell from the silver-white long hair root that slowly flying after the brain, twelve flashed Yingying Guanghua's silent floating floating in an instant At the side of the whole person, it is like a long history.

The myth that came out.

"'' One is this power."

I saw the shocking power caused by the opening of God's reincarnation eye challenge. The Sui Zhibo parammon is difficult to cover the color. This feeling is not stranger. He used to be born with the body and the moment. At the time, he was a little destroyed under this force.

'I look like _._.' '

Intoxicated and indifferent sounds, (innuo) feels that he is in the moment, it seems to burst into the power, and the moment is drunk, staring at the front half of Uffu, a pair of blue deep God is almost condensed with substantial rays, stinging Yuxi Bouchen


You should not feel unfamiliar ._. ''

At the same time, the sound of this sentence is also floating in the air, and the spatial spatality standing in the moment suddenly blows the entire air. The reincarnation of Yu Zhibo spheres only felt a flower in front of him, a huge head Already appeared in front of yourself.

So fast!!

The attack has not been exposed to his body, and Yu Zhibo spots have already felt a suffocation. It seems that the air around him is all broken.

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Chapter 323 of the collapse jade system is unable to resist (seeking to reward)

Chapter 323 is unable to resist (seeking to reward)

"There is no time to use space, just the strength of the body reaches this speed. ...

Things like this have just formed in the mind of Yuxi Boss, he felt that his cheeks had a pain, and a giant force that had no resistance was in an instant, and the whole person suddenly became like a shell.

Damn ..., '

The whole person was suddenly flying in the air, and his body was born in the air, and the dark-seeking jade was only opened at this time. He biting his teeth, Yuxi Bouchen A pair of purple monster reincarnation kept turning into the eyes, four times searching at the instance

The orientation is in.