Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 251 of Hueding Crack System

I feel that the familiar figure in the left side of the body is flashing, and the Yuxi Wheel is a pair of eyes with a dynamic vision that transcends everything. In an instant, I missed the trace of the moment, and the dark asked jade shield moved immediately.

A dull impact is spread in the air. It is accompanied by Yuxi Boze. It is not a 010 eye. He just transferred his own jade shield to the left side of the body, and his cheeks on the right side suffered It has been a heavy hush.

'I said ... Your move is predicted in advance by my eyes ... "

At this moment, there is a slightly ridicule sound in the ear of Yizhibo spheres, and the sound of Yuxi Bo spots will immediately combine the dark immortal human rights formed in his hand. However, the location is waiting for him, but it is a virtual.

The ridge of the back is pushed a pain. After the black spot, the entire back will suffer a violent attack. I saw that I didn't know when I had already appeared behind him, and the boundless giant Suddenly slamming.

I feel that the bones in my body seem to be kicking countless roots, and Yuxi wave spots cannot stop, although this is only the injuries that can be restored between the chalets of the ten tail. However, (CGEO is still a strong indignation on his face.

Because in the moment, in front of the body, he felt that he felt that he felt that it was like a lineup of a rack of the moment, all the moves would be inserted in advance, and all the rest resistance seems to be just Knowing, this makes him feel that he is self-proclaimed as if he suffered

Uneven tramples.

'Also. Your move is too slow ... "

Just when the thinking of Yuxiobang also stayed when thinking about the stage of attacking the attack, the sound of the mocked sound once again filling his ears, and the whole person flew out of the air and suddenly stopped, I have already appeared when I appeared in another, I suddenly kicked the cheek.

Then the entire man can go out like the gun.

Hey! Hey! Hey! _._.

There is a huge and dull impact of hurting, and I only see that the whole person is like a hospitious ghost, and the body of Yuxibo spheres is blocked. Every moment is now All accompanied by stereotypes, and there is a look around Unexpectedly.

The shield cannot keep up with his speed.

Hiding a hand in the far-debris, I love, there are them, and they have a black trimming in the geodial gap. At this moment, it is all brought by a numbly stable look. Look at the battle scenes of the air in the air.

Although their naked eyes are completely unable to capture the speed of the province, this does not hinder them, they can provoke Yuxi Bouces in half empty, as if they are like a sandbag, they are constantly suffering from a slim attack.

There was another shock and violent impact, as if they were ,

'Ah, ah.

I saw that Yu Zhibo spheres in the distant halfway finally broke out a dramatic roar. In the moment, it is soaring that the tide is generally poured into the body's body attack. Yuxi Bao plasham, the handsome face is swollen, it is like a pig head. .

The anger in the moon and ha, almost ignited his entire body, under the endless Chakra drive, Yishihuazhuang, a pair of purple monsters, as if refined, there are countless mothers around themselves. , The darkness surrounded by the body is swept, and the whole person will be packaged.

Wrapped in a black sphere.

'Oh ...... Is it useful to hide in the turtle shell?' '

Among the voids in front of the dark sphere, the sound of some smelled, the blushing of the gods, the gods of the blue eyes, the god of the left eye has been predicted to this moment of this moment.

I saw that the sky floating in the half-air, a pair of Zhan Zi's blossoms were blinking in the eyes, and the whole body revealed a very vast breath of the ancient ancestors, and the large number of Chakra contained all their hands. Among them, face the black spheres in front of themselves.

Like the front blow.

Eighty god air hit !!!

All the air in the whole space between the moment and the dark spheres were excluded, and there were countless vacuum heads between tangible and invisible, every punch. And the blind eye pupil of the moment, form a fine-defense, each

A punch is killing a blow to let a mosquito escape.

There are countless vacuum headbands to be able to shake the world of the world. Tv bombarded on the dark spheres of his eyes.

It is clear that there are countless vibration and deafening rings, but in an instant, it comes into a dull voice, forming the shocking sound of the naked eye, shocking all things around a circle.


I saw that in the moment of opening the gods of God, the Eighty God of the Gand, the perfect cactus, and the black sphere used in Sui Zhiwei, as a black sphere formed by the jade package, is as broken as a egg.

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Crash system Chapter 324, fierce battle (seeking to reward automatic)

Chapter 324, fierce battle (seeking to reward automatic)

The entire black sphere formed by seeking jade is like a egg. It is broken, and countless black fragments seem to fall into the ground as if the rain is, almost abuses annihilated surroundings. .

Feel the light penetration of the outside, and the Sui Zhibo sphere wrapped in the black sphere was shocked to the eyes of the purple monster, countless huge vacuum, as if it was like the palm of the God of Heaven. I hit all the power of all the temperament of all everything in his body.

The breathing between the eye nose is hysteresis, and the eighty gods are blown into the bombing of the unsatisfactory attack. Yuxi Bao only feels that he is more likely to be torn.

A group of blood mist is constantly spraying in the air, I saw the flesh and blood in the Yuxi Bottle Body, which was stunned by this countless huge vacuum fist, and the shocking white bones were gradually exposed to the air. Among them, it is covered with intensive cracks.

In the moment, the living is floating in the air, as if it is like the king of the lonely king in the world, in a pair of blue vast gods, it is reflected in the eyes of the Eight Vendoes. Just like a shot of all the strengths, the pen is straight into the mountain range, fried

Destroyed the large mountain.

The constant gravel and the mountains are rolling down, shocking the whole land, the blurred and dust, almost cage the whole battlefield, caught the tissue of the Ninja that is in other battlefields .

"Mountain ... The whole mountain is collapsed ..., '

Unbelievable eyes have their own eyes. At this time, there is a struggling to swallow their saliva in the battlefield.

"It's too exaggerated. ... What person is over there ..., 'The fog in the side of the fog, the fog, the sword, the double-knife, and the double-knife drunk, and a huge heavy hammer blooms a large piece of white, After retreating to the neighborhood, he looks at the mountains in the distant collapse.

'There is the battlefield of the four shadow people with Yu Zhiwei praised ... I don't know what happened ...,' The shackles are watching a side of the mountains, and I seem to have a strange and familiar with it. Chakra, the province saw a piece as if it was stuffed through the general space, can't help but be more surprised.

I have a big eyes, 'that Chakra is ...,'

'What is your philosoprote? ... Ning Ji ... A body, a lot of composite, killing a large piece of white, the three generations of fire shadow, the province, the Said, and I can't help but come together.

The rumor is constantly astishing, and it is not like the bodies of the embarrassment of the midst of the original. At this time, the body that has been inquiry is not enough to support the three generations to participate in such a fierce battle.

Fortunately, after an instanta, the strength of Ningji in this period is almost like to touch the standard of the shadow, and play a unrecognulated role in the battlefield here.

'Yes. ... is a brother ...,' I recovered myself to investigate the white eyes of the long side of the mountains, and the three generations of Ning times whispered and next to the scene said she just observed with white eyes. 'He is here Spottarr ..., '

' ...,' I heard the answer of Ning, some expression on the three generations, and the eyes of the old turbid eyes are unparalleled, and it seems to be a little confrontation.

It seems that many years ago, the moment I turned on the movement of my eyes, the young face, the dark long hair, and some pure white eyes, everything seems to return to the original.

His choice is ... It seems that there is no way to deviate too far ..., '

It is no such thing as the battlefield at home.


Shu Jing floated in the void, flashing in the eyes of the blush of the blue eyes flashed a bright light, endless pupils, all the space around the body seems to have time to have time, everything is changed, It seems that everything has not changed.

·· ... seeking flowers ··· ......

Gently reach a hand holding your own head, only the bottom of your own heart is clear.

I just made my best to open the gods of the gods, and became some collapsed body because of the simultaneous immortality of God's reincarnation, and became a lot of time after using it. status.