Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 252 of Hueding Crack System

Even a large amount of Chakra and physical strength in the body have also returned to the state before five seconds.

"The field of controlling time ... is really cheating ..., '

Since the mild rhyme, there is a bit sigh, the mouth of the mouth is soaked, the blue eyes of the blue is unable to look at the essence, and the figure is moving to the mountain range from the distance.

Rumbler ...

The continuous gravel mountain collapse, and the long-awaited dust, Yuxi Bao is a bit hard to open his eyes, and the purple monster reincarnation is in the moment, it is hard to have a shock and obsolete. .

Under the common role of the whole body, the body is gradually started under the common role of the forces of the Ten Town and the Six Power, and the bones that are almost all exposed to the air under full have begun to gradually gain a flesh.

Just in that moment ...

Even my own thought it was dead _._.

Some self-compliance thinking that Yu Zhibo spots struggled to fly all the gravel and rock blocks around his body, gradually stood up from the mountain.

You seem to have a lot of virtual weakness, "_._. ''

The familiar sound in the mountains sounded, and after hearing this voice, Yu Zhibo spots reflected the general settlement of his own round, just resumed the full body full of sweat to blow up.

The recovery capability of the 'Zhe to Ten Tail Column Power and the Cactus is also a load of the upper limit...'

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Crash System Chapter 325 God · Discount Star (seeking to reward)

Chapter 325 God · Brazted Star (seeking to reward)

I saw the flash of my hands before my Moon, I don't know when the whole person has been drunk, and the blue eyes seem to be greatly overlooking him.

This kind of look is so familiar.

Do you always wait for others like this? ...

It seems to read the ,

'Provision of you is not like what you said,'

It seems like a kind of gods fluttering in the air, and the moment can save everything in the heart of the eye to clearly see the situation in Yisi Bozo.

Although the 'May 4 zero "tail and the cactus can constantly restore any injuries of Unexpell Body, if they have given him a lot of hurt, he is like just now. The body will cause a feeling that the ability to recover such a recovery ability now.

In the face of the tone of the moment, the face of Yuxibo spheres changed, but just wanted to attack, suddenly a pair of rounds blind, seemed to have any incredible things.

How could this might ..., 'I saw that Yu Zhibo spheres were flashing in the eyes of the incompetence. Some somewhat looked at the moment of void,' I used the level of tricks just now. ... Your Chakra and Physical strength is actually completely consumed ..., '

The chakra and momentum of Chakra and the momentum that were emerging in front of the whole body, indeed almost completely different from the times when they were just now, this is a thing that is not understandable.

It is necessary to know how much energy is consumed with how much power is used, especially at this level, and each powerful display is usually accompanied by a huge consumption that ordinary people are unbearable.

The moment in front of the moment is now completely consumed after the might of destroying the earth.

how can that be.

All the surprises and unsuccessions in the face below the mountains, and all incorporated their eyes, and the face was slightly smiled, but didn't plan to open the shock and doubts in his heart.

Let the enemy know that the ability to be part is a low ...

But let the enemy know all the abilities ... that is stupid ...

Diamond star dust !!!

In the eyes of Yuxi Bai, a white light suddenly swung from the hands of the moment, and all the air condensed around the flash, surpassing the absolute zero-scale frozen force instantly formed a white Guanghua shock wave, service Sprinkle like snowflakes. It is also like a star in a star.

But this beautiful scene like the stars, Yisi Boufei is very comfortable at the moment, the power that can be frozen and smashed now now, it can only be brought to him.

Under the moment, this kind of tricks can be frozen, and their own strength and the body of the immortal can be restored. Yishibo spheres do not guarantee, so they don't dare to gamble.

Among the mountains, all spaces around the body must be occupied by this white light, life and death, and the Unexpected Spot purple monster reincarnation suddenly broke out a vast pupil.

Wheel tomb · Prison!!

After the cooling recovery of the original cooling, in the reflection of the blue-bricks of the moment, there was five top shadows like him in front of the immigrants.


Even with a very far distance, everyone in the ground gravel can hear the freezing sound passed in the mountains, and only the mountains who are constantly falling are as if they are fixed.

A smoking Guanghua flooded from the collapse of the mountains, and blinking a white glory giving a layer of mountains, and the entire mountains were all frozen in the whole mountain in the eyes of everyone.

I saw that the whole body broke out in the whole body, and suddenly exploded all the obstacles around me, two of the dragons from the sky, under the huge impact of the two people, the whole seat was attached Ice frozen mountains crashed, turned into ice crystal debris

Flashing hard to look directly at the shining day of the battlefield ...

What happened there ?! "

There is not only the battlefield of this side. Almost all the battlefields around the entire mountain range will move their eyes to the huge mountains that are frozen from the frozen.

The whole mountain is frozen and then crushed as a silver river, so magnificent scenes can't imagine all their people's poor life.

Transcending God's taboo? ..., '

On the occasion of the millennium, I rushed into the housing in the mountains. In my feet, the whole moment of the moment, a diamond star frozen, saving the shattered mountain, saving the feet, the silver rose, the silver river, can not help In the middle of the palpitations, this kind of power is just unheard ..., '


No one is unobstructed.

God · Brazen Star !!

There is a lot of Chakra, a pair of purple monster, and the palm of sleep is crazy, and the palm is gently spoon nine paint black spheres to fly from his palm.

this is._.''

4.6 God's reincarnation with the eyes of the Yuxi spots in the sky, the slightly moving brow, the same tricks, he once appreciated it in the long gates, but there is absolutely not to meet the Yuxi spots. This kind of power is out.


Under the sky, the nine black spheres are incomparably vigorously trailed, the whole earth is shaking, and countless grounds begin to cracking into huge rocks, they have raised their sky.

Quickness !! What is that? !! "

People around the battlefield stopped the battle in their hands, looked up, looking at the rocky ground where the mountains and the mountains were constantly flying.