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Crackshell system Chapter 326 Chopped planet (seeking to reward)

Chapter 326 Cut Planet (seeking to reward)

"Nine bohemian stone ..., '

Feeling the surrounding air is constantly shaking, a huge gravity is constantly pulling his body, and the flash is lifting the blue eyes staring at the top sky. The nine are growing planet.

Regardless of the quantity and scale, it is much stronger in the long name ...

Zhe is constantly pulling the sky in the sky, and the nine rapidly growing planet among the sky, and there is no way to feel spectacular in such a scene.

'Is that God's strength ...,'

At this moment, the Ninja in all the battlefields can't help but attain the nine huge planets in the top sky. It seems that everyone has been taken away. It has been forgotten between his breath.

'Fighting between two people in the moment and Yuxi Boss ...,' Looking at the nine huge planets in the sky, the three generations and Ning will be shocked. It seems that the future of the Ninja World ... They are around this battle ..., '

In this case, no one is more vast power than nature, no one doesn't think 26 is incomparable.

Of course, there is an instant.

Boom! Boom! Boom! ...

A pair of flashing with the monster purple light epigenetic round, firmly locked the moment of air floating in the air, Yuxi spots suddenly broke out, manipulating nine huge planets in the sky quickly smashed into the moment.


Looking at the sky among the sky, the sild is mad, and the planet of ourselves, the mouth of the moment is slightly San, and the blue eyes of the blue gods have issued an unimaginable and Guanghua.

I saw a huge planet against the sky, and I was floating on the sky. The twelve of the 12 flashed Ying Ying Guanghua's seeking jade, suddenly spinning into the right hand.

Golden wheel is blown up!!!

Under the launch of the vastness of the God of the God, the twelve of the twelve of the body floating around the body shines in Ying Ying's face. In an instant, after his right hand, I gathered into a golden Chakra scream sword through the world, agitating the clouds in the sky, looking at it as if there is no end.

Another trick ..., '

The purple strange rounds are dead, and the golden Chakra scalar sword running through the world, and the sound of Yuxibo spots is low and dry.

Once I've turned on this trick, I almost kill him into a virtual.

'what is that?!"

The Ninja in all battlefields. At this moment, it is like dementia that is generally silly looking up at the sky in the sky.

It's like the gods of the sky, and the air float is floating in the air. At the moment, I hold my right hand. Holding a golden Chakra scream sword through the unsatisfied, a pair of mysterious looks. The nine huge planets in the middle, and the eyes are indifferent, no

There are slight temperatures and emotions.

Yuxi Bao ..., '

'You and the two people ... I can't escape the fate of death !! "

The voices of the open space seems to be flooded between the world, the entire battlefield, this moment seems to all people forget the concept of time and space, and even forget their existence.

The nine huge planets that have been hit by the top of the head, and the moment began to suddenly wavily the golden Chakra scream in his hand.

Golden wheel to rebirth · Tiandi cut!!!

The harsh cut has almost shocked everyone's eardrum, which is temporarily caught in the state of deafness.

One seems to have the same level of the golden Chakra scream sword, and a few times in the air have killed several trajectories in the air.

It seems that there is no other color between the heavens and the earth in addition to this wipes of the golden glory.

At the moment, there were no number of golden giant swords, and the sky in the sky was rumored. In all people like lost the soul of the soul, I saw the nine huge planets under the Sui Zhibo spheres. All of this moment. Open into countless pieces.

Boom! Boom! Boom! ...

After the nine huge planets were opened, the huge rocks were suddenly smashed, and the earth was suddenly smashed, and the loud sound of the rumbled, as if they were hitting the battlefield. soul.

The dementia is looking at the geomorphology that has been completely changed, saves a completely chopped nine huge planet that is completely crushed in the distance. Everyone suddenly begins to change the vast power of nature, they are so small to see the dust. General presence.

'Do you have any tricks?

However, the shocking scene still did not end, I saw that there was no ending the golden Chakra scream sword in the beginning of the unfamiliar, still in the palm of the moment. The blue gods were indifferent to the Yuxi Boli in the front of the eye. The same look seems to be a dead person.

What is it?

Too 397 to joke.

'I control the power of the six ways and the tower ... Now I am the only God in this world !! "

It seems that there is something that is stinging in the heart of the heart, and Yisi Bo sphere is somewhat out of angerous roar. The whole body Chakra and the ignition in the eyes are also protected by him. It seems that you want to launch a strong sterile.

'Self-proclaimed God ...,'

'Now you ... and the past of the past seems to have no difference ...,'

The sound of some fallen sounds in the moment sounded the whole space, the Yuxi Board in front of him and the swirls of the past, and the eyes of the past, it appeared in the eyes of the two people gradually overlap together.

Both people have become great because of powerful power. ...

With the gradual disappearance of the resistance, all the scattered thoughts, the blue eyes were locked in the voids in front of the void, and the moment was launched instantly.

The golden wheel is enhanced to the blind!!!

Yuxibo spheres are in the eyes of a smart, and instantly reflect hundreds of thousands of gorgeous golden Chakra scream swords.

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Crash System Chapter 327 Shenshujie (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 327 God Directory (ask for reward and automatic)

The golden wheel is enhanced to the blind!!!

Yuxi Bouf spots are in the eyes of the horrific, and the momentum is now reflected in the figure and countless gorgeous golden Chakra scream sword. 'This is ...,'


It is clear that there is a hundred thousands of attacks, but it has been connected in a very short time, and this sound is in the entire world.

Among the eyes of Yuxi Bao, the huge golden Chakra scalar sword is held in an instant, and it has killed thousands of golden wheels to the explosion, and each sword has the power of the whole moon.

This trick is so fast, and it is also strong.

In the entire battlefield, the whole sky is full of heavy light, and there are countless golden strong light, and the criss-crossing of the huge Chakra light is like building a whole sky, and the whole world is only the rest of the world. A color.