Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 254, Chapter 254

In the extremely trick of all the annihilation of the mood, Yuxi Bao's pole seems to have a breath of death, and the purple monster reincarnation has issued all the , I saw him fight When you bite your teeth, you have opened all the jade guards, protect all the space around yourself.

Even a gap has never left.

Boom !!!

In an instant, a hundred thousand thousand times, the gold-wheel reincarnation exploded all all the Chakra scream swords, the entire paint black and jade formed around Yisi Bo spots, almost twezy, it is torn between the moment. Countless pieces, all the shredded pieces formed by the jade, the shredded dropped to the ground

Among the battlefields, annihilated a countless deep shallow giant pit.

A slightly a bit of a wheezing floats in the void, and the spirit of a pair of blue gods has been circulated in the eyes of the eyes, and the world around the world is observing the world around the world.

'Is it true that it is false?

After cutting the entire paint black, there is a countless piece of fragments, and there is no need to see the slighte of the Sui Zhibo spheres in the moment. After all, in such a moment, it will become an attack of hundreds of golden rotation. In the middle, even if you have the strength of the ten tail and the force of the six power, you must be by yourself.

Kill it into a commercial powder.

Continuously use the golden wheel in a very short period of time to go to the instant, whether it is a huge load, whether it is a huge load, such consumption, is even somewhat overwhelming.

Rogue !!

I saw the moment of being floated in the half-air, a pair of gods were born in the eyes of endless pupil, and the whole time around the body seems to have time to have a timely reverse current, and there is countless deep analogy time law gradually rearranged. The whole space of the whisper is back to the past five seconds.


The slight breathing of the moment finally succeeded, under the role of reincarnation of the eyes, the whole person's state has returned to a good state, as if the battle and tricks like just now, did not give him a one-yet consumption .

After the new reply to the state of the I peak, suddenly the blue-blue god of the blush eyes were slightly, because he was newly captured in Yuxi Boss in the mountains at the foot of the feet.

'._. In the case of using the jade to protect the resistance under my killing: ._ After the figure, I couldn't help but knead my mouth I bar. I guess this only possible.

'so close._.''

Yuxi Bouvelle, who fed in the mountain range, thought of the case that I just had a lot of hair, couldn't help but have a heart palpitations in my heart, 'If I just replaced my body with the shadow of the tomb, it is probably being killed by him ~ _. ''

The purple monster reincarnation is dead and dead, and the face of Yuxibo sphere has never been like this color, just in an instant, it has simultaneously showed the golden wheel. It is indeed a fascination that it seems that the golden light of all life stuffed world is indeed

Let him feel the unprecedented death.

In the case of the troishes of the tissue, if the tissue is destroying all the tricks, Yuxi Bao pointers can not affirmed whether they can survive the power of ten tails and the power of the six way.

"'One and his state is still the same as just the same _. Even the degree of tricks did not consume him...................................... Flashing a deep doubt and thoroughness. I didn't expect to become the tail of the tail. Evolution

This form is still not his opponent: ._. ''

I remembered that from the beginning, I have been suppressed in the bottom of the wind. If it is not because the relationship between the ten tails and the six way, I have already killed countless times.

Thinking of this, I think of my next plan, and the inner heart of Yuxi Boss will start to get into drunk.

The day is in the middle of the _. It is even more powerful than the imagination _._. 'The Su Zhibo spheres are dark, and forcibly presses the hearts of their hearts, they want to continue and have a high ,' The plan for unlimited months "._. Can no longer drag it up _._ ) ''

I have collapsed all my thoughts that I have poured out. Yuxihu is a pair of back and glance firmly locking the position in this sky. The gradually enjoyment is floating in the sky, and it is like a tsunami. Unlimited Ten That Chakra, instantly, one-handed hands.

Shenshujie gave birth!!!

Just as the Ten Chakra of Yuxi Boss, it seems that the whole world has a vibration, all the air among the whole space began to boil.


Everyone in the entire battlefield, I felt that the ground under the feet was overwhelming, and the whole land began to break, and it seems that there is a huge substance below to break the soil.

(Tomorrow is the list of rospels, and friends gave me a lot of money on the month. "

Capqin System Chapter 328, Six Masters (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 328, Six Masters (seeking rewards and automatic)

In the incomparably, the hunger is passed to everyone in the battlefield, in the eyes of all people who are shocked, from the broken earth, a huge huge tree that is huge to imagine, and towards the sky. It rises in it.

'what is that…,'

At this time, all the Ninja's eyes in the entire battlefield were all focused here, and the face was written in the face.

One seems to be full of huge trees, the roots of the roots seem to cover the entire battlefield, and the entire huge trunk seems to have been extended to the sky, breaking through the floating clouds of the sky.

This huge and unparalleled god tree seems to have connected the entire world, and has become the only pillar in the whole world, and the top of the god tree has gradually emerged for a huge incomparable flower bud, as long as it absorbs the whole All of the world Chakra, there can grow out all Chickens

Pulling the god tree fruit.

'Ten of the body is true. God tree ...,'

The slowly floating in the void, the blue eyes blinkled in the eyes of the inexplicable glory, staring at the huge giant giant trees of the eyes, seeing the whole world seems to be placed in this huge god tree, moment In the eyes, I can't help but flash a shocking eye-400-400-

'Is it ... He wants to show the unlimited month reading ...,' Deep eyes gradually move toward the animal system to the Yuxibo spheres in the high-altitude, and the hearts of the moment gradually flashed a wire idea and guess.

The Shenshu world has a blend of unlimited months, summoning the god tree to spread the whole world, use the people of the gods to live in the people who read the infinite month, so that Chakra, let everyone sink in the unlimited month read In the dream of the dream, the gradually fallen turned into a white.

If the operation is successfully displayed, it can eventually lead to Chakra in the world again, and the new Chakra fruit is formed, which means the end of the world. And this is also the most widely scheduling of the entire Naruto World.

Among the meditation, there seems to have an invisible force in promoting the development of this world.

Just in the moment is planning to be prepared, Yuxi Botel gradually fly to a higher sky, wants to be more close to the moon in the sky, the bottom of the bottom slit is gradually streaming A inexplicable smile.

The blind eye in the moment suddenly saw an incredible change in the world in front of the world.

I saw that the Naruto died of the nine-tailed injection of Yuxi Bottom was taken out of the body, and suddenly, the fraud was jumped on the ground under the moment.

'No. Do you want to have this forced to hang ...,'

The anti-blue gods saw the nun people suddenly squatting at the foot, and felt that he had a change in the earth, and the mouth couldn't help but twitched in the heart. He wanted an infinite Tucao I hope.

'That is ...,'

Look in a whisker. In the blink of the blind eye in the moment, it can be very clear, seeing the foot on the floor, the Narler, Chakra, which has been completely changed, as if carrying another person's appearance,. Sixth Mono. ... Ashura Chakra ..., '.

There is also his right hand ... less mysterious vast gods to the eyes of Guanghua slowly flow, in his eyes of his eyes, in the horizon, see the upper right hand on the ground, and insert a sun mark, bloom warm and hot Golden Chakra rays 2 six-six-way Zhizheng Chakra ..., '

Can't think of ...

The Dad of the Prince is still forcing him to drive him ...

'I just don't know if I have changed so many plots. I have seen six cactors in the spirit of virtual dreams ...,' slightly wall ((cgej), L1LT is floating at high altitude The moment is staring at the Naruto on the ground below the foot, and his mind is thousands of thoughts.

The six immortals in the world of Narutors in front of this Naruto, have always been a unhabeatable myth, and I have heard a saying that as the ancestors of the role, the world's first ten tail column, he after him Chakra still drifting in the world, silently holding this he created

Ninja world.

But for this way, the moment has always been an attitude towards the attitude. After all, it is possible to give Naruto and Sasu, the power of Chakra, which can give the nun, and the power of the yang. The bliss clean soil summon soul, and unlocking the infinity of Da Jiemu Hui

Monthly, this is not like a halo that is just floating in a human world.