Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 255 of Hueding Crack System

In the middle, it seems that there is a pair of intangible eyes in silently watching everything in this world.

And the flying in the sky is unlimited. It is close to the moon. It seems that the change in the ground under the foot is noticeed. He bowed with his own round of eye. He looked up with his niece.

'The little ghost. Actually live ...,'

Some strangely raised their own brows, Yu Zhibo spheres, Zhe Zhe, the breath, the breath of the whole body, 'and. ... The whole person seems to have become different before. ....

. Just, the six old people told me all things ..., '

I saw the Naruto standing above the ground, lifting a pair of blue eyes seems to be deposited and the extensive light of the past, which is inversely drunk with the flying animal system of the flying animals, "I will be alive from you." The purpose. ... Never let the world fall into the nightmare !! "

I heard the voice of the Naruto, and the face of the Yuxi spots in the high altitude was awkward. The rotation of the monster between the monsters, the mouth of the mouth M out disdainful smile, although I don't know what happened to you ... ... but you will never change anything like you. '

Between speaking, Yuxi Bao spheres couldn't help but show his eyes in the moment of the other side.

Only this guy.

It is my biggest shoot ...

Crash System Chapter 329 Unlimited Moon Read (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 329, unlimited month reading (seeking rewards and automatic)


It seems that there is no feeling of Yuxi Bao spheres, and the moment is drunk floating in the air. The blue eyes are slightly smashed. The sound is standing on the ground, and the sound is fascinating and light, 'You are Not to see the six immortals in the spiritual world? "

'Well ?! How do you know ?! "

I was very surprised and out, after I heard the question of the Puba, the Naruto was filled with the eyes of the villain. He was full of surprises. He just saw the six immortals in the spirit space after the short-term death. Yang and Six Diva.

It seems that suddenly thinks about what. Naruto's blue eyes suddenly lifted their horses to the flash floating in the sky, 'Yes ...

'In the spirit space just now ... Luo Dao Bo also mentioned you ...,' Naruto's mouth seems to throw out a ligated bomb, into the heart of the moment.

'Mentioned me ?!' I heard what I said, I'm somewhat incredible frowned. Is there a six immortal concerned?

'Um ... he is a very special existence ...,' philosophy is surprising, the Naruto is aware of the reaching out to scratch your backhand, and it seems to say something ... this world The original development is not likely to have a few words such as the ninja.

In short, I don't quite understand his hidden ..., 'Even in the spiritual space, I have seen the six cactors in the spirit space, I got the Sixth Cactus inherited the strength and Luixian Xianli, the Naruto is still the original two sons. character. 'In short. ... Whether you are still ...,'

'If you want to harm our ninja world in front of this Ninja ... I will definitely you !! "Naruto's blue eyes shine, what is said, but the mind is not placed on this.


The six cactors have been peeping in this world.

I also worried that I was originally not there. ...

'Forget it ... Naruto ...,'

I heard the words of the Naruto vowed to say, even the expression is somewhat unprotected, and the nun of the feet is grateful, and the tone is plain and no ups, and you only have the strength of the yin ... The power of the beast ..., '

'Just like Yu Zhibao, you can't change what you can't change ...,' Cold Cold Decoction, because you are involved in the relationship of the plot, Naruto did not get the force of nine tail beasts, and Sasuke There is also no appearance in this battlefield.


The day is now ... Whether you are fine. ... The nine tail boy is also. ...

'It's too much to say now ... The whole world will soon be integrated !! "

At this time, the flying animal system floats in a very high sky. Yuxi Bao is in the huge moon close to the sky, gently reach the handle of the white horny in front of him, a pair flashing the purple monster lights Straight hook hook huge moon.

'It has a turnover ... When the moon is close to the moon ... The corpse of the Yisi Bo family's stone monument is found on the scene of the scene of the shacks of Yuxi Bo, and only see him with a blazing heat. The moon of the high altitude, the sound of the mouth can achieve the eyes of infinite dreams ... will open your eyes ...

And reflected above the moon ...

Gradually, it seems to communicate some specific forces. The previous central center gradually produced a crack before the amount of Yuxi Bouc, and the round to the nine black hooks gradually appeared above. The monsterous violet light seems to contain A vast power.

'Round-write wheel eye? Corpse

Finally, the low voice, even with a very far distance, the moment can feel the

The next is the unlimited month read. ...

But there is no other action. He has your own plan. ...

"Waiting for so long. ... this moment is finally coming !!"

·· ... seeking flowers ·· ...

It's like a normal whisper in your mouth. I feel the powerful pupil in front of the round. The heart of Yu Zhibo spheres fly over the past, and finally turned a little, gradually The quotation of the previous round of the end of the eye is put on the top of the sky.

At this moment, suddenly I feel that some kind of will have a long time in the moon seem to be wakeful.

Everyone looked up at the national moon in the sky, has changed into a blood red color, which is the same as the top of the rounded eye in front of Yuxi Bang.

In the midst, I don't know if I have the illusion in my heart, in the whole sky in the top, I seem to see a woman's face, beautiful, but the gods.

'What is it ...,' This moment all people looked up at the sky in the sky, and has turned into a huge round-eyed shape.

From now on ... all things are integrated !! "

I saw the extremely high sky, and I was unlimited to Yuxi Bo spots that were close to the blood of the moon. The face was brought about by excitement, which was suddenly printed.

Infinite month reading, start!!!


A diffuse light of the whole world.

Among the eyes of everyone, the blood red national moon in the high-altitude, the strong light spread throughout the world is filled in the eyes of the world's eyes, and the sign of the round look.

'This light shadow can penetrate. ... There is no thing in this world to be open and avoided ..., "I will see the endless flavor that is illuminated by the sky, and the whole world is placed. At this moment, the face of Unexpedition The expression seems to have a unprecedented sublimation. For so many years, the wish finally got the answer.

At this time, there seems to be only one person alone, there is no change in the eyes.

(Tomorrow is the list of rospels, and friends gave me a lot of money on the month. "

Crash System Chapter 330 Prelude (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 330 Prelude (ask for reward and automatic).

The unlimited month read is finally started ... as I expected ...

The livestock of the livestock is floating in the void. The flash of a pair of zone is not a change. Just the eyes stretched out the inexplicable glory. 'In front of the eyes of the gods, the blind eye ... Unlimited The light of the month is not a role in me ... strict

However, in addition to the two people in the moment and Yuxi wave, it seems that all the people in the world have been infected with the color of the round, caught in the eternal dream.

Among the eternal dreams, it seems to be the most eager world in his heart.