Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 256 of Hueding Crash System

Beautiful, but not real.

Just when the light of the infinite month, the whole world was found, and suddenly, there was a special scene to the left eye of the "three or seven".

I saw the distant horizon, a purple spot gradually enlarged, almost blinking Kung Fu came to the battlefield under the moment, and the great purple shadow covered with the eye, and the sound of unlimited months. people.

The huge chase Chakra giant, with the sale of ancient warriors. He has opened a pair of huge wings behind him, and it is a full body that is a purple.

'Well ?! Do you need ?! "

The huge complete body on the ground, and seeing this familiar power, the face of Unexpected, I didn't expect myself after I launched the unlimited month reading. At this time, this place saw the descendants of the Yishabo family, especially the complete body

It is necessary to.

Sasuke ?! "

At this way, I can't help but frowned my own brow. I save the feet of the earth, and the purple full body of the nun. "I didn't expect the six immortals, I really didn't have a thick thicker ... Even if there is no death, it is also pulled into the spiritual space ... ".

In the moment ... The corpse is a huge need to be able to stand the Naruto side, and the other side is slightly looked at the moment, and the sound is greeted.

In addition to the write-wheel eye of the right eye, the left eye of Sasuke is a purple round. And in the vision of the blind eye, his whole body Chakra has a quality. Transition, as if a strange soul is attached to him at this moment.

Because Dalora's soul awakened ... The body's mouth is soft and rustic, not only in this moment of the gods of the gods, the philosophy see Sasuo left hand, the moon mark, it is constantly emitting a purple light, Although there is no power in the original, the strong force is one but the six cactus still gives it.

Helping the strength of the body ...

Sasuke ?! "At this time, it is more surprising to the moment, but it is a niece who is surrounded by a huge full body, and only see his eyes. In addition to surprises, more or doubtful colors, 'Why do you come over?


Because of the intervention of the moment, Sasuke has not been like the original, and the Naruto has produced too much embarrassment, so this time it is saved.

In this way, it is determined to be surprised.

I have just heard it in the spiritual space, I should also hear it ..., 'I look at my face, the confused niece, Sasuke said

: 'Yuxi wave spots should be used to read this operation in the world to drag in the whole world.

I haven't hesitate to sacrifice all the Ninja World. ... I can't let it fall into anyone's control ... Shao Zuo helps say it in the heart.

The idea is since knowing about the truth about A, I can't let him go for A.

Guardian Touching all the Ninja World, which is also guarded ..., 'I heard the foot on the ground, Sasuke said his own ideas. At the moment, I am watching him blue

The eyes of the eyes flanged the styles. Don't let the world fall into anyone's control ..., '

'This also includes me?' It is a huge whole body that is in the foot of the huge, and the moment is asked. ......

'Including you ..., although it is greatly oppressed under the staring at the blind eye of the moment, Saso helps think of it in mind.

Faith, still don't still still look up, on the eyes of the flash,. Whether it is Yuxi wave pointed or you ... I can't let the ninja world in front of you.

A person's control ..., '


That is that I who did not hesitate to kill all people and did not hesitate to bear all the burdens.

It's true that I want to know what the six cactors have said to you in the middle of the spirit space just now ... let you have such a big change ... I heard Sasuke

The answer, the very quiet floating in the high-altitude, the mouth gradually outlined a smile of fun.

And the 0 million flowers are still in my hand ... look at the firm look and the eyes of the face, if you think about it, though

However, the six immortals give Sasuke's power awakened the ordinary round-back eye, but there is no eternal light, his strength is still owed.


The Yangxian World falls into the hands of the servant ?! "

After listening to Sasuke 5.1, the reaction with the moment is different, and the Sui Zhibin spots are slightly flying from the high altitude, a pair of purple.

The color of the monster, including the amount of the rounded round, the eyes, dead, stare, the eyes of Sasuke,. You are the last time the Unexpea family

, ...

'Although I don't know why you can wake up a round look. ... But you still open your eyes !!'. Cotting the left eye

When the purple strange corrugated wheel, the face of Yuxiobang blocked some fanatic smile.

'I have turned hell into heaven !! "

(Tomorrow is the month after the beginning of the month, friends gave me a wonderful ticket, I am awakening new eyes tomorrow.

Chapter 331 of the Crash System Betrayed (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 331 betrayed (seeking rewards and automatic).

I have turned hell into heaven !! "

Yuxi Bo Squeezed a little enthusiasm repeatedly sounded throughout the battlefield, and suddenly slammed his hands before the month, and settled a handprint.

Boom ...

There is a deafening roar from the earth from the earth, as if the whole world is in the sky, under the manipulation of Yuxi Bou, the trees that spread the whole world are buried in the big tree roots in the earth. A move.

In all corners of the world, as long as there is a place, all the earth under the feet has a huge tree root, and the thick tree is like a flexible giant, and it is rapidly in an incredible speed. Wrap the people around the world wound into white mummies.

One by one was hanging on the tree of god trees spread throughout the world, and a little bit slowly draws all the human Chakra, gradually transported to the moment, there is a heaven, as if Connected to the huge giant trees in the world.

This way. Should I be a savior of this world ?! "

The face has a smile that is paid to the wish, and Yisi Boupe is gradually falling on the ground below the feet. It is around the world to reincarnate in the whole world. There is only the rest of the moon reading. Sasuke and Naruto three, 'now. ... I have cut off the causality of this world ...,'.

Turn people from sadness. ... pain and emptiness will be removed ..., 'Although the ways and means taken are distorted, it is undeniable that the starting point of Yuxi Boss is indeed a so-called in his mind. peace.

The nature of the spot is to pursue justice, but he chose a more extreme way. He has faced a world that has already completely lost confidence, choosing a very extreme road, using a unlimited monthly read method, establish an ideal dream world.

And all the starting points are just just the justice in his heart, and the truly peaceful of him is looking for. Since the death of my younger brother Quan Na, there is no one in the eyes, and his eyes have only yourself, and there is a thousand hand of your own friends.

It is this kind of person who is only my alone, causing his extreme psychology, and all the root of this is the deep-rooted goodness and no loss in his heart. This kind of psychological plus is induced next to it, is that he embarked on this root cause of guiding the world to destroy.

Bring all people into your dream ... Is it the peace you want ?! 'I heard what Yu Zhiwu said, it seems to stimulate the justice and blood in the hearts of Naruto, and only see him suddenly Said that it is excited: 'What are you false?! "

'What is the false thing? The reality is that I read the whole world through the unlimited month of the world !!'. I saw that Yu Zhibo spot disdainfully laughed. The mouth of the Naruto could not affected him. A firm mind, 'everything is over ...,'

At this time, only the flash floating in the air, the mysterious light of the mysterious vastness of the eyes, seems to be a sudden change in the world in front of the world.