'The one. ... I interrupted ... With inexplicable means. I don't care if I don't think about whether this peace is false. I just want to

One thing to say is ..., '

"Yu Zhibo spheres. You have to die ..., '

In the moment, I passed a torque in the middle of the person, and the face of everyone came into the ear, and everyone's face came out of the look.

'Day is now ... I don't quite understand your hidden ...,' I heard the mocking tone, Yuxi Bo spots have frowned, spinning, disdaining, because I successfully launched a month Read, so you ..., '


Yuxi Bao has not finished the voice that is abundant. I saw him unbelieving his eyes. Some sluggish sight gradually transferred his sight to his moon homes, and the dark arms were hung from him. The Yunnanese penetrated.

Body. ... It can't move ... Less only see Yisi Boss Some difficult gradually has twisted his head. I saw a darkness of the face of the face, and there was no sound appeared behind him.

'Why ...,' Yu Zhibo spheres are unbelievable, and suddenly there is sudden attack on themselves.

He is not. ... Why ... In addition to Yuxi Boss, the province suddenly appeared in his back, Sasuke and Naruto shocked his mouth I bar.

Among everyone in the field. At this moment, it seems that only the face of the moment is still still still. It seems to be pre-expected. Just watching a good play that is about to be staged.

'Japan, I'm talking about it ...,' I saw Yu Zhibo spots behind the dark voice 390 sound slowed down. You have to die. Everything is not over. ... You are not a savior ..., '.

And the ridiculous thing is ... You rely on yourself with the soil and the long door two different ... I only see the black-skinned face, but I can't save any mask expression, but deep tone is deep and ridiculous. Do you think you can control everything? 7 ".

What are you talking about ?! "Darkness, every word in the mouth, as if it is like a sharp sharp knife, deeply stabbed into the inner heart of Yuxi Bo, he is still a confidence that is full of face. One you are a will I created, and you should follow my will and ideas.

About this. ... You are also wrong ... If you are not a dark face, it is as good as ink. At this moment, his expression must be and sharp, and my will is:

Hui Yiji! "

Just after the black spit out this name, it seems to affect some kind of power in the invisible, and a long time in the meditation is coming over the whole land.

(Tomorrow is the month of the month of the month, I will give me a lot of money on the monthly ticket.).

Crash System Chapter 332, Six Level (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 332, six levels (seeking rewards and automatic)

Hui Yi Ji ?!

'Black, said "." Isn't the name of the six immortals mentioned in the spirit space?!' He heard the name of the black mouth, Sasuke seems to be the first reaction, I remembered it before The six cactors talk to what they said.

What's going on ._. Do they have a inner bar in this time?! 'At this time, only the nervous guys in the nerve, still unclear.

Big Jane Wood Hui Night. Different from all people, the look on the face is very interested.

Although this name is already familiar with the heart, it is really exhausted, today he is the first time to hear this name from the world's mouth.

'So ... _. ._.' '

Planning for thousands of years, just waiting for this moment, in the dark tone seems to have a different mood fluctuation.

As early as the ancient times, he has already started planning, and there is a long-term war of Six cactors because of the long and endless war. It is destroyed until their body is destroyed, but their Chakra has not disappeared and reincarnate over time, continue to reincarnate to Yizhi Boi and thousand hands.

Continue to continue the endless, non-stop struggle.

Finally, until the end of the Warring States, and finally in the body of the reincarnant Sui Shibang, the reincarnant of Dhalla, I saw this possibility.

'You have no value _._. Behind the resurrection of Hui Yiji !! "

Yin and Yang Spiritual attachment !!!

After the black voice, an endless yin and yin yin mysterious power broke out, with Yuxi Bouvelle, a hand-smashed millet, and countless black cracks spread throughout his body and constantly Diffusion, stone is shocking.

'Mingming clear!' '"!"

It is difficult to imagine the whole body of the homewhere, and Zhang Da's mouth I Bari is full of the whole battlefield.

Even even, it is also difficult to think about it. In the end, how much pain can make it easy to let like Yuxi spots, like the power of the steel, and the opening of this is very mourning.

The moment is still in the middle of the air, which is all over the feet, and the blood of the blue gods will continue to develop the development of the forefront.

What happened to him ?! Very huge Chakra Mantage !! 'Mastering the Naruto of Yang and Six Xianli stared that Yu Zhibo spheres were mourning, and felt the huge Chakra that was passed from him.

'The shadow that is in the nearby disappears ...,' Sasuke's reincarnation also noticed that Yu Zhibo spheres and the happening there, the philosophy saw that the shadow of Yuxibo spots gradually disappeared, 'and' This is not like Chakra, which is a ten tail. ...

Do you have the shadow of the Tomb of the Tomb, there is a disappearance? The corpse will be the vision of the eyes of the gods. Clear can be seen in Yuxi Bao and the black, and all the turminals are gradually disappeared. Can't help but whisper, "this stock of Chekra ..., '

In the moment, I saw a big earth in the foot. At the bottom, Chakra, which is like the sea, the general sea, is constantly accustomed to the outbreak, and the number is huge to an incredible point.

"This is the energy of God to absorb all of the world of Chakra gathered in Chakra, ... The corpse stares at the feet in the air, this huge to the exhibition of the earth, as if the ancient wave is generally constantly turning the chase ocean, the blue eyes of the blue It is also difficult to cover the color, "it is huge to forget. ... less

At the moment, when I was planning to take a move, I suddenly came out of the long-lost system sound.

The death ... how to stop this time ... less wants to take a moment, and you stop your move in the half-air, but after hearing the content of the system prompt. At present, I can't help but floating a happy smile.

! The system detected that the host chalk puller has arrived in the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the chart of Chakra to a higher level. "

With the sound of the system prompt, I only felt that I had a fever of my body, and I suddenly became like the mountains, the horses. Chakra was full of my body. It seems like the tide of the sun and the moon.

All Chakra between the whole body, no matter the quality of the quality, it has been improved, and the whole person has entered a mysterious realm.

"" Chakra ... I have broken through the six levels at this time?! '. At this moment, the mood is really surprised and happy.

It was shocked that the collapse system actually helped himself break the boundary breakthrough bottleneck to make his Chakra reached six levels.

Hiped is his own Chakra's level in the end of the AL bee has been stagnant. Today, I finally got a breakthrough, and I really officially entered the six-channel level. The powerful feeling really can't figure it.

Although the combustion effort out of the previously opened mode is completely enough to compare the six-level opponents, there is still the difference in the rivers and the sea in the nature of the realm.

Nowadays, the official breakthrough has come to the six-level level, and the moment is really realized that the difference between the two, especially since the (good), the nature of the Chakra in the whole body is completely changed, yin and yang water, thunderstorm, seven M Into myself can be confident, and I will use anything.

Chakra reasons change.

Moreover, it is necessary to consume a large number of Chakra who can make the tricks. Now I can consume a part of Chakra can come out, and the power is more favorable, the whole person is only enough to use the crude changer to describe it.

But it is obviously in this very, there is no more mind in the moment to explore the other mystery after breaking through the sixth level.

How? Is it very surprised? Host ... The sound of the system is a bit suddenly in the moment of the brain, still a state of ancient abundance.

Chapter 333 of the Crane System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 333 shot (ask for reward and automatic).

Surprise your sister! '. Suddenly submit the sound of the system and what to say, there is a bit of a bit unfortunate in the bottom of the heart,' You should know that Da Jie Mu Hui is right now. _. Plant.

Usually, it is not letting me break through the realm ... _. When this is the key time, I will come to me. I have a big one. I broke through the six levels to make my moment, but in the face of this unreliable system, it is still I haven't stopped the spit in my heart. I really doubt that you are lyrical _._. ''.

About this .... The host you can't. The accumulation and breakthroughs still need to rely on yourself to fight for ".