I know that you want to express my dense _._. But I am really busy now ._. '' Listening to my mind is still talking about the words of the teaching, I have a lot of accumulation in the earth. In the limit, the Chakra Ocean, which is about to go, and -287 a moment of slightly.

The brow, 'I am afraid that I will tell you that I want to say that I am fraudulent _. Factory

At the time of the end of the system in the heart and the system's conversation.

Suddenly, the land at all of all people suddenly took a explosion, and countless Chakra light columns.

Chakra ocean underground seems to have been accounted for a limit, suddenly erupting the ground, instantly tearing the entire ground, countless huge rock ground is set off, and suddenly flew the Naruto and Sasuke.

'Is Chakra: ._. The ground has pourd a lot of Chakra._.' '

After the huge Chakra ocean that is thrown out of the ground

'Ah, ah, Ming ._.' '

At this time, Unexpectedly fusion controlled Unecheboloid the whole person's body began to expand, and forced infinite absorption of Chakra ocean in front of the big (CHBB), until the body thoroughly The distortion is deformed into the shape of the ball.

'Worse _ I have to stop him before he takes action !! "I saw Chang Zhibo spots that constantly expanded, and the left-eyed reincarnation suddenly flashed an anxious eye.

He is still absorbing Chakra: ._. We quickly stop him. _. '' Naruto Although the nerve bar, it sees this moment, the state of Yisi Bo spots at this moment, also suddenly reacted.

'Hey: ._. Two moths fluttering the flame...'

Sasuke and Naruto, which are ignorant, the whole top cover, the entire top cover in the black spot on Yuxi wave, "just _. ... put you two Chakra also absorbed. Let's !! "

Lala ._.

After the dark voice, the endless white long hair is like a tide, and it is spread with an incredible speed, and there is a wrapped between the eyes, blocking their two all the actions and quickly Absorbs Khakra for them.

Not so, white long hair is not limited, as if there is a kind of life and spiritual, and it is constantly moving towards the flash in the air.

The whole god concentrates controls the black tribe of Chakra ocean in the earth. Obviously, I didn't pay attention to it in half of the air, I have a unscrupulous formal breakthrough to six levels.

'Oh ... Even my Chakra is also intended to absorb ... less

Looking at the white long hair wave towards yourself, the mouth withdrew the disdainful smile, still is so good to float in half air, the body does not make any move.


The time and space in front of the eyes seems to fall in a passion, I saw all white as a long hair, all frozen into a finely broken iceberg, slammed into the ground, smashed into a frozen ice crystal, in the endless chacla The ocean flashed in the incomparable irony.

The countless white long hair is all blurred, and there is only a good happen.

It is very clear in his heart, it is not as good as it is as good as Sasuke and Naruto.

"No matter what he ... no, the mother Hui Yi Ji is going to be resurrected ..., '

The endless white long-haired white long hair that is scattered out is can't generate, and it is not intentionally, and it is not intentionally, and it is necessary to control all the hearts of you. ... When the mother is new to this world, '

'Everyone will once again experience. The goddess of recognizes, the ghost. The horror ...,'

Black and detachably controlled the Chakra ocean that is sprayed in the earth. It is necessary to explode.

The death ..., then absorb him to explode !! '. Naruto trapped in the endless white long hair, looking at the eye to explode, the face, the expression on the face, no wonderful .

Actually, because I can't absorb this point ... less, I have to explode, I will explode, I have an anxious look on the face, 'We have to come and go soon ...,'

However, Sasuke has not finished, in the darkness of the eyes, it has disappeared.

'It seems that you are now very busy ...,'

The sound of some fallen sounds in the earthen sound of the Naruto, and the all person suddenly watched his eyes.

What do he want to do?!

'It's better to let me help you ...,'

I saw that I didn't know when, I have already appeared in front of the black, and the middle of the two people, the face with a slightly smile, the blue eyes flashed, no one can read inexplicable Brilliant.

(The month of the month, everyone throws me with the moon ticket, thank you).

Chapter 334 of the Crash System to grab ten tails (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 334 grabs 10 tails (seeking rewards and automatic)

The philosophic appeared in the moment, looking at him on his face, inexplicably smile, I don't know why, the faded heart gradually produced a strong uneasiness.

What do you want to do ?! ', the whole body is dark, like the ink, the ink is covered with the constant inflated Unexpected Boss, and the tone of the black is a bit promotion.

"Hey ... There is a deep smile. If not at this moment, everyone is in this subtle situation, almost thinking that he is a five-three-three-thickness, and it is a delicateness. Help little girl.

"You will know it quickly ..., '

The sound of the moment, in the eyes of Sakuo, the eyes of the squad, the eye is dark, and the sphere is about to explode, and there is a pair of Bai Zhe's stomach.

I saw that the hands of the hands of the eyes were tightly expanded into the shammous spheres, and the blue eyes of the blue gods made a difficult look, and the six levels of Chakra on the gods. Chakra mode and the perfect immortal mode have reached an unprecedented

The degree of shock.

Is my illusion ..., '

The whole body covers the attachment of the Yisi Bouchet that controls him to continue to absorb the constant Sikra ocean, and the dark eyes are staring at the moment in front of the moment.

I feel that the shocking breath that I passed out at this moment. It seems that I have just judged that two people, and I can't help but set off a horrible wave. 'It is when I am fighting just now. ... His strength seems to improved…,'

Among the eyes of Sasukes and the black, the brakes gradually pulled their own hands, the hands of the bonded in Uzhi Boss seem to have caught what objects in the body of Yuxi Boss, bring out A series of energy light sources.

'That is…,'

Zhu Zhenea took out the energy object from the Yuxi Bottle body, and saw the shape of the different forms of the body, and his eyes were great, 'Damn. ... he actually wants to extract the spot. Ten tail !! "

The philosophies have seen the intention of the moment, and they also detected the strictness of the situation. Immediately use the yin and yang spirit to attach Sui Zhihu spots to stop the continued absorption of Chakra Ocean, and the la marked pulling the Sui Zhiwa The ten tail of the detached.

Guard, Jiji, Sun Wukong, Mu Wang, Rhino, Ming Ming, Niu Ghost, Nine Lama.

A total of nine-year-old, one, a different form of different forms floating in the air, and the feeling of the moment is slightly tight in his hand, and suddenly felt the pulling force that was passed from the other end Yishihu spotted.

"Hey. Do you want to play with me?"

The blue eyes stared at the front and the other ends and pulled the power of the beast power and the perfect handsome face, and the handsome smile was suddenly played.


Feel a huge strike, the province's tail beast is constantly pulling out, and the heart is shocked when it is stunned, and the strength of the Suiwa spots is urged to die. I lived in the tail beast power pulled out.

'That is. From a nine tail beasts !! "

At this time, I looked at the nine forms of the nine forms of the other in front of my eyes, and I was tightly contained in the body of Chakra, and I had my mouth I bar. At the moment and black trimming of the beast.

' . Neressed struggle ...,'