Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 259, Chapter 259

The dismiscation of the disappearance of the shackles of the nine tail beasts that were pulled out by themselves, and the hips were raised, and there was a burst of unanimous. The rays of the shiny, the body is like chaos, and the smart looks, in the hands of the hands.

Silently increase your own force.

'I have just said. Yuxi Bao spheres I will take it back from my thief, I will take it back ...,'


The insurmountable gap between the moment and the moment, the inner heart began to sink, 'It's going on like this, I have to pull it away by him ...,'

··· ... seeking flowers 2 -

0 The force of ten tails is can't change by him ..., '

Looking at the nine tail beasts, the nine tail bervara, which is uninterrupted in the impersonal spots, is decided to have a decision, 'Now I can only do this ...,'

Suddenly, I suddenly opened my eyes, and the blue eyes of the blue gods flakeded a surprised look. It seems that there is an incredible thing that is about to happen.

I saw that the black suddenly increased the speed of Chakra Ocean in the Chakra Ocean in the UHC, and the ostrich and Sasuang had expanded into a spherical Uneers, when it was stuffed to the limit.

I saw that Yizhi Boli, who was supported to the limit, suddenly exploded, countless earth gravel felt, rolled up the fog and dust.

'Damn ...,'

The heart is dark, the moment and the Naruto saky them together, and it was flying out by this violent explosion.

Although there is no harm, Chakratton pulled out in the hands of the moment, opened from the interruption. Leave a part of the recovered dust.

It is only halfway to get halfway ..., '

There is no change in the mist in front of the mist. At the moment, I was staring at the nine tail beasts of the other groups in their hands. A pair of Zhan-blue gods blooming in the eyes of the eyes, and suddenly came to send a pound of pupil.

A invisible barrier that is invisible in the naked eye is open in an instant. I saw a nine tail beast chaclas in his hands in his hands. It was quickly attracted to the body.

Is this the strength of the ten tail ..., '

After absorbing all the nine big beasts in your hands into your own body, the moment is drunk in the ground, and the whole person seems to be brewing a change in mystery.

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Chapter 335 of the Crash System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 335, Hui Night (seeking rewards and automatic)

W's !!!

A invisible airflow sprouts from the moment, and immediately rolled up the boundless airflow and the fogging gas stream in black and the fog fog fostered to fight each other.

At the moment, when I stopped my eyes, I was close to the ten tails in my body, and the fog on the black and the fog had gradually spread, revealing an amazing scene.

In the eyes of both the Naruto and Sasuo, I saw all the Chakra oceans in the whole land were all absorbed, gradually condensed a woman's figure, and the whole body covered with black shadows, Only x out of the forehead, a bloody monster, a way, symbolizing a kind of

The color of peace and disaster.

Gradually black and black shadow faded, revealing a woman's true. Seven eight three "contours, in addition to the previous center, a bloody monster, a bunch of white rabbits, also inlaid A pair of pure white eyes.

A beautiful and fierce face, with an indifferent look, wearing a fairy robe in printing, filming, and drunken animal system floating in the void, a snowy and endless long hair Flutter.

"This person is not the one of the six old old people ...," The province clearly has a sharp outline of women, the Naruto shocked opened his mouth I bar, and the intermittent words were intermittent. I can't say it.

'Big Jane ... Hui Ni ... There is a difference between the Naruto side, Sasuke's mouth spit out of the woman's name, the left eye is flashing in the eyes of the eye,' It is unimaginable ... Some people have such Chakra ... less

'The spot is completely unable to compare with it ...

Two people were shocked by streamers. At the time of the vast Chakra, the strong momentum was suddenly done from Big Simple Mountain.

Bang !!!

The entire ground was shocked, set off a boundless gravel and dust, I saw Sasuke and Naruto two people suddenly slammed out.

"These two kids are feathers and Yu Village. Factory

The cold and beautiful voice spit out from the brilliant night of the light, as if it is stuffed throughout the world, I saw her eyes on both sides, and her eyes were clearly seen in the vision of the Naruto and Sasher. Kara, "No. ... Is Dharo and Ashura?"

'What two of your two is to teach you?'. Save people and Sasukes who are shocked by themselves, and the big simmerous night pure white eyes seem to have only endless indifference.

Deceived. ... ..., 'being shocked by the momentum of Da Jiemu Hui, the full face is a sharp color, "Just the momentum ... Just fight our two. …less

To know that two of them are now not soft.

One is getting a six-way fairy, and the round look ...

One of the rivers and six immortals get six cactors. ...

I didn't expect to be in front of the big morning ... It's like a play.

Huangquan is good!!!

At this time, I saw the blood red monster in front of the big Simple Mountain, I sent a big Point, the whole person got into the air in front of you.

'She didn't see ...,'

The Naruto and Sasuke Some of the surrounded by the ground, and the four came from the trail of the big simmer, but suddenly two people were still moving, and the whole body could not move.

I only saw the void in the voids behind, I opened a dark time and space hole I point. The big simms and nights suddenly appeared, and the Narves and Sashers who couldn't move in front of him, gently extend their hands to stroking them two cheeks, and suddenly suddenly flowed up two lines.

Sad tears, "I hate you. Yu Yifeng Village. You and Chakra are x-in !!"

'What happened to her!', With the eyes of the big simmer, the night's face, sadness, I don't know, the hearts of He Shan and Sasuke, the hearts of the buns have been hidden and touch ...

But at this time, the darkness gradually drilled out from the big sleeves of the big simmer, slowly covered two of them, and two people and Sasuo two people were very shocked. Chakra. ... ...


The gradually covered the black and detained of the Naruto and Sasuke, as if it changed a person, the sound begins to be high, and the two children are seal by the two children. ... is a poor mother ... .

As the body of the ten tail ... Hui Yue Ji is burst into the sky is bursting with the two children of the two children. ... becomes the moon ... Less only seeing the sourced sources constantly absorbing the eye Naruto and Sasuke Chakra, and the other side is constantly talking about the big simply, the night is far away.

The history of past history.

Big Jane Wood Brilliant Night. ... After all, still appeared ..., '

At this time, a diluted sound was unsatisfied with an incoming part of the ear.

this is??"

I heard the voice of the Bouss. Everyone consciously turned their own brain 1.3 bags, including the Naruto and Sasukes that were forced to turn the head.

He is ...