Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 260, Chapter 260, Collaboration

Turning his own beautiful and indifferent face, focusing on the moment that gradually moved from not far away, the big simmering night is a cold and white eyes, and it can't help but flash a strange.

His eyes ... let me feel the breath of Yu Village. Factory

"Is there anything on his forehead?"

The eyes of the white eyes are gradually moved. When I saw the one of the top of the moment, the top of myself, the top of the blood red monster, the big eyes, and the beautiful face finally produced a delicate. Variety.

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Crash system Chapter 336 Round rebound (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 336 Rotation (seeking rewards and automatic)

I saw that I never far from the spirit of the gods. The perfect Junxiu's face is in addition to a pair of zone of the gods to the eye, I don't know when the amount is still inlaid, and the eyes that flash the monster red rays. .

The shape of the corrugated shape, nine black hook jade, and it was exactly the same wheel back to the front of the front of the night.

Silver white long hair is flying, it gradually gradually went to the front of everyone.

Junxiu is a bloody round of a bloody round, not, but not, it is not awkward, but in turn, the blood of the blules of the blue god is surprising, and there is an inexplicable monster beauty.

Actually, I woke up my eyes and wrote my eyes. ... Who is he ?! "A pair of indifferent pure white eyes stared at the moment in front of him, and the beautiful and fierce face of Da Jiwu Hui's night emerged for a wrong look. The cold sound spits out from the mouth.

'Hey. What should I say ...,'

27 I heard that the big simmer, the night asked the moment, and it seems to have some difficulties and , the tone deposited a deep inexplicable emotion, 'He called the day to the Basket ... Yu Village ...,'

'Is the only thing in this plan is also the biggest variable. ... In his interferometry, my resurrection mother's act will fail ...' seems to brew some, and the black is very careful. And the somatsu said: There is also the Half Ten Tailing Radian Attribute of Chakra. It was just

He takes away ..., '

'Just I didn't think ... I am still awakened by him.

'Oh? Black ...,'

I heard the blackness seems to introduce my identity and deeds for the big simmer, and the mouth of the moment gradually gains a strange smile. The voice is deep and indifferent, 'What do you think ... is not my hairy . ... you Can you really resurrect to the night censor ..., '

'Therefore, I heard what I said, and he is now a fascinating look, and suddenly, I am sudden, I have a bad feeling from my heart.' Isn't you, '

Tongling is!!!

After the sound of the moment, in the eyes of all the eyes, I didn't see any Chakra fluctuating on my body, just gradually extended my hand, gently press it.

Suddenly, a whole body, black crow, flew out, appeared in front of the moment, a strange purple round to the eye in its eyes in its eyes.

In addition to this inlaid, a pair of purple rounded crows, there is a broken palm appeared in the hands of the moment, and the palm of the palm of the palm of the red light, and it is a big simmer. At the beginning, it was attached to the arm that broke out in the big simmer of the night.

'There is still a pair of round eyes !! There is also the arm: ._.' "I only see the big simmering night pure white eyes flashing, it flapped the radiant brilliance, from the moment of the hand, She seems to feel a kind of breath that I have gone. Is it a huge guy?

'System 2 Now you can come out _._.' 'There is no obvious expression on everyone's face, and the moment is in the bottom of your own heart.

'Host _ .... Do you want to ask me if I can absorb these three rounds? "At the moment of my mind, I came from the sound of some play flavors.

"Don't talk nonsense. First. One. '' '

The system detects that the host gets three rounds. Does the A force secondary _. '' This system is not too much ink, directly pushed the system prompt to the brain of the moment.

, '$ ", It is directly silent in the heart, if you don't have to estimate the wrong, the three ordinary rounds look, just able to match the round-eye of the turn of the Ten Ten-tailed force now. Fusion, evolution into a higher level.


'! The system detects that the host has three rounds, and it is currently being absorbed in the second _.' '

With an instead of the sound of the system, it sounded in the mind of the moment. In the eyes of all people, I saw a pair of purple rounds in the crow eyes on the shoulders, and the moment in the hands of the hand was in the hands of the hand. The red reincarnation is gradually dissipated.

'._.' '

Feel the three pounds of pounds, the source of the system is constantly absorbing the round of the round, even if the six level is now, it has become a tail of the tail and gets Yang Chakra Yanyang is deeply unspeakable, and it can't help but lightly.

What is he doing ?! "" The province's movement, there are some people who have been shocked in the scene, and the three rounds of the three rounds on the body are constantly absorbing and dissipated by him.

'Hahahaha._.' '520.

Yes.'._. This is this feeling. One. ''

After completing all the three rounds of eyes into the round-eyed eyes of the three rounds, I felt that I was in the vast boundlessness of the chaos that I was in charge, and I was almost a little laughing.

'! The system detected that the host successfully learned the huge turn to look forward, breaking the boundary success, congratulations to win the round of the god. "

'God's round looks: ._.' '

I heard the last tip that the system was passed, and the mouth was so rustic. This is my new eyes .... Just and my God's reincarnation is equipped with a pair. One. ''

'So: ._.' '

After adapting the endlessness of the front of the forehead, the moment is slowly lifted to the eyes of the blue eyes to all the people in front of him, 'Behind the tail of the tail, and get the strength of Yang and the moment. Write the wheel eye ..., '

'Now I ... Yin Yangyi is a touch of rotation of the round ...,'

'Big Jane Wood Hui Night ... Who is the only true God in the world ?! "

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Chapter 337 of the Cracks of Cracks (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 337 damage to the gun (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Now I am a yin yang, one palm, controlled round, ".

Big Simple Wooden Night_._. Who is the only true God in the world ?! "

Kill "The voice just gave a lot of people, and all the people in front of them have brought an unimaginable pound pressure.

From the beginning, breakthrough after the six-channel level, it became the tail of the tail, absorbed the ten-tail-tail, and the yin and yang was completely completely confident.

Then I woke up the previous round-write wheel, and absorbed the other three rounds of eyes, breaking through the bottleneck breaking the boundaries into the higher level of God's round.

God's round looks in combined with the blind eye of the moment, two kinds of eyes that transcend the ultimate gods are integrated, and the moment is now the highest that they can't speculate even.

Among the eyes of all people, the body suddenly broke out of the mountains and hosiaries, and flew all things in front of them.

'Ah ._.' '

In the excitement, the Naruto and Sasuke flew out from the strong attached airflow from the black attachment, accompanied by countless in the earth. Chakra and momentum shocked rocks.

'Is incredible ._. I have a long time in the long time, what happened in the past _ actually some people have mastered such a force second _ "Gently reach out the big sleeve, cover the endless endless The airflow and the strong wind, a pair of pure white eyes are flowing to the color,. Such Chakra and

_. ''