Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Chapter 261

However, with the endless airflow and dust, the outline of the moment is gradually clear. At this time, the transformation of the body in this moment makes the big simmering night, which has smashed his pure white.

It is still a long-haired dance, but the immortal robe on the moment has changed into a more mysterious style, and it is filled with dark hook jade, symbolizing the most powerful power in this world.

The blue eyes of the blue deep blooms, the eyes of a bright, and the round of a monster, the trend of the god of God, and the twelve lacquered blacks of the body surrounded by drunkenness, and the hands of the moment were also mastered in the hands of the moment. A cactus like a gun non-gun like a spear, two side of the head

The sun symbolizes the moon, representing the creation and yin and yang, revealing a vast atmosphere.

'Is that a feathers?! No _._. No one _.' '

A pair of pure white eyes stared at the huge shift in the moment, and the armored weapon he mastered in his hand, the big Simmark Hui night seems to be faintly about the feeling of familiarity, it belongs to create and destroy the power of.

The Tianyu is a god sword that is a big simmer, the eldest son of the big simmer. It can be paided on the sword on the sword. Therefore, it is also a sword of the wish. In the past, the six immortals are created with this sword. It has the power to retroact back the universe.

More powerful than the feathers of the sky ... What weapon is ..., '

It is easy to collect my own heart god, and Da Jiemu Hui has finally removed his own sneak in the moment of the weapon. It is condensed to the moment of immortal, and there is a moment of immortality than his eldest scent. Holding a silk question.

Does this weapon ..., 'I heard the question of the big morning and night in front of the night. It seems that some kind of hard work has grown up his own brows. The blue gods have been drunk, and they are staring at their hands flashing and smashing. Weapons, 'I also condensed such a weapon for the first time ... what is the name?

Is it good? "

'Just call it R gun ... I can use it to create the world I want ...,' I placed a name for my weapons in my hands, this is the ultimate power of my own use of yin and yang. It can be built. God's weapons, but also weapons in front of this world in front of them.


Drunkenly feel the mysterious force that slowly passed the paint black and deep weapon, and the beautiful and indifferent face of Da Jianhua Hui's night emerged. It was originally impossible to appear.

'No matter what. My mission has been completed ...,'

At this time, gradually integrated into the darkness of the big simple wood bronchie, the tone is deep and high, 'Mother is Chakra's ancestor ... in front of her strength. ... No, no one can escape, no loss ...,'

"Let's return together ... and all Chakra together. ... Let the mother become the god of all-around ..., 'Darkness, it is the spokesperson of the big simmer, and tells her own voice and weathered, old to the heart. ... only you. ... It is not the history of Ninja !! ',

'so you…,'

After the black voice came, I saw the face of the big simmer of the color of the color of the color of the color, and the pure white eyes were staring and staring at the moment, and the entered the extremely ray. .

'Your future is only dead ...,'

The sky is in the sky !!!

The sound of the big simmer and night ice is radically, and I saw her predecessor, the blood red monster retrieval, the wearing ambition, and the glimpse of the world, seemed to communicate the entire world. (Nuo Zhao).

Suddenly everyone in front of me, the world in front of me has completely changed the scene.

!! "

The voice of the Naruto was shocked. I saw a holiday at the feet of someone in the field. He and the body of two people suddenly fell. The violent high temperature came, and everyone had quietly changed to a borderless lava. It turned over the heat waves of the sky.

"How can this be ... Is it a illusion ?!"

Sasuo left eye purple reincarnation is full of unbelievable brilliance, but from the end of the body's surface, the intense high temperature reminds him, this is definitely not illusion in front of you.

(Huo shadow has been written, Xiao A thank you all the way to accompany, just through these days, I plan to plan the next world, will not let everyone down).

Chapter 338, Chapter 338, Da Jiemu, Reward and Auto)

Chapter 338 Big Jane Wood Hui Night (ask for reward and automatic)

Tongling's technique!!

In the eyes, I will fall into the row of rocks. Sasuke immediately responded to the moment.

The sky is in the sky ... Can you transfer your own world and around the world to other spaces in an instant?

Drunken floating in the whole sea, feeling the violent high temperature that is constantly transmitting from his feet, and the blush of the blue god can also not help but flash a shock color.

Although the ability of the moment in the past memory has a deep impression on the ability of Da Jiemu Hui, it is not a shock that I am in my own eyes.

In the sky, this round of the round of the round-eyed, can weave freely and hunt space, is the open-minded ancestors exclusive.

At the time of launching a large number of Chakra, an unmanned problem that is unattended except for the large number of large quantity of Chakra.

Can force people and objects into other spaces, no relief, depending on their ability to return to the original space is almost completely impossible, and it is definitely one of the most terrible sickness of the Naruto World.

In fact, in the era of great simmerlish night in ancient times, there is no different generation. This concept is, but the part of Chakra's big masterpiece is all differentiated in the later generation, therefore. Surgery.

Forced to pull the target into your world. ... is indeed a terrible ability ..., '

In the high-temperature lava sea, the sea is easy to enjoy, the fascinating of the fascinating, the fascination of the smart, the smart, the big simplicity of the eyes,. But like this high-temperature lava space world. ... as long as the target has a flight ability, it is not possible. Is it affected? "

But as the ancestor of Chakra.

Is there only such a means of big simms?

Pure white cold double-eyed dying locked in front of the bluff in front of the bluff, the big simmer, the night is beautiful, the face is on the top 9 out of a fierce smile, the previous round of the round, the road is sent a burst The pounds of pounds are the ancestors of Chakra, which is a unique vast vastness of Chakra.


I have seen the cold and brutal smile in front of the big simmer, and the pupils in the blush of the blue gods suddenly contracted. His god of his left eye has foreseen the scene to occur.

Tianzhi Yuzhong · God !!!

I saw that the big simmer Hui night is full, and the province is like a lightweight, and it is like a big sleeve. Suddenly, it seems that the ancient Chakra is stuffed throughout the world.

I saw the unnecessary lava sea under the moment. When she was in the chaotic pound Chakra mining, she raised her surveylation, and countless high-temperature burning can combine all the burning magma to become a giant column. , Constantly surrounded by the moment.

, Mouth, !! Ekimin !! "

At this time, the singer's exclamation came, although the target of the attack at this time is not a Naruto and Sasu, but now the entire lava world has almost no different attack magma giant column, still inevitable to the water. They are two.

Nima ._. Why didn't the original Jane Mu Hui Hui night does not make the seventh class of the Naruto to make such a fierce trick ?! "

The whole person is surrounded by the high-temperature magma giant column that has been continuously treated, and the high temperature heat waves that are constantly passing around, and the heart is in the heart of Wan Ma.

Is this the so-called protagonist aura?!

He remembers the original ancestors as Chakra, as the highest level of the ninja world, Da Jihua Hui Night In the face of the top seven classes in the CHFB, it is not to switch several worlds, throw two The root bone, opened a refrigerator, using several time and space to defeat the seal


In the original, even the small cherry of ordinary human beings can hit the yin and yang with blood jams, these to high power, the big simplicity night.

"Damn." Sure enough, the bridge in the original is not in the second _. '' At the bottom of the heart, as the world, the world to high-level existence, if it is not the original writer, the radius, how to be the night May only have some strength?!


Between the thoughts, all the hot magma in the entire lava world, the burning magma giant pillars will swallow all people into the burning, the flash of the blue eyes and the fantastic god of the monster, but I have made it. The people who are difficult to see directly.

'I have now yin and yang one _._Pharms the unparalleled power of the round..' '