Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 262 of Hueding Crack System

'This world ._. Can become my opponent's person _._.' '.

No longer existed !! "

In the moment of arrogance, in the air, it is like a beautiful universe, and the chaotic pounds of the annexa, the tsunami is generally flexible, and the hands are blown forward.

Aurora punish!!!

The feeling of heart felt is filled with the bottom of the big simmer, in the pure white eyes of her, as if the whole time and space, the whole time and space is frozen, and everything around it has been paused, I saw the flash of hands. After the waves, the endless white aurora is as if the ancient wave is general

The mad is in front of, and all the Tongtian Mountains surrounded by the columns have been stained with a white glory.

All infinite lava sea, under the moment of the pole, it was dyed on white, and the hot fattened high temperature was reduced to the absolute zero, and the internal substance stopped everything. All chemically invincible ice sculptures, in this lava world of glorious photos

Bright, flashing with crystal clear.

At the moment, the unfunction I is in the world of the boundless white ice, the silver white long hair is dancing in the cactuary robes, holding a mystery of the fairy cushion of Xuanao, like the ruler of the world. Sacred and unsuccessful.

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Coping of Chapter 339 of the Crane System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 339 of God's Category (ask for reward and automatic)

'Whole ... The whole world is frozen by him ...,'

At this moment, the entire white ice sculpture world, the only person who can make this war, and only the nerve stroke is.

'It is this kind of ice-free ice ...,' coming to the boundless lava world around you, you have been blown up in the extremely frozen. , 'Is really a monster that is unable to measure. ... he has become stronger than the past ...,'.

Starting with the current realm ... Sure enough, you can't speak in the same day ...

Drunken floating in the endless trendy icicles, the consciousness of the moment holds the head of his hand. Feel the power of your current now. 'There is no more than the six-way Chakra that is easy to make the whole space. Frozen ..., '.

Sasuke ... Can we really have two such guys?

The whole of the whole lava world is free to freeze, and the Naruto eyes have a bit of hard swallowing, and the sound of the niece has been in the face.

But if they don't stop them. The whole ninja world is completely finished ..., '

Although in the mouth, although in the heart of Sasuke, a serious unconfident is produced. After all, the image of his mind has always been omnipotent and cannot be defeated. 'Help Remaining everything is also guarding World. ... I absolutely can't let it fall into the hand ..., '

But touch

Can I really have an opponent like this?

Plane, when you use space, sneak attack, ..., '

The cold and indifferent sound came out of the mouth of the moment. I saw the glory of the blind eye in the blind eye of his left eye. The expression on his face was mocked and

With the sound of the moment, I saw the originally drunk voids behind the moment. I quietly opened a dark time-space hole, reached a pair of snow-white brams, and the nails above the pole and sharp .

Create a bit bone!!!

Two gray skeletons symbolized from death and destroy gradually drilled out from the hands of the big Simple Mountain, and the air behind the moment was sprunged and quickly attacked.

This is a constant factor to change the bone, so that the bones become a strong weapon, the sharp bones shot from the big simmer of the night, the body of the people in the bones, gradually becoming the same. Crack harvest until dissipation is virtual.

It is definitely one of the most dangerous terrorism in front of the world.

It is a bone that is bone ..., 'God's reincarnation eye, the whole space is not a horizontal vision, with the future of five seconds to predict future premises, no matter any offensive, you can't escape the eyes.

The same moving moment has also experienced it in Jun Ma Lu, but the power will definitely not now be so horrible to show the big night.

Feeling this to the death of the death of the gray bones, there is a failure of the death, and if you are in such an attack, even his current body does not have absolute confidence to survive.

But in the face of known attacks, there are certain ways to have countless ways, and only the moment is sudden turning, and the lacquer black mysterious cactus fagel.

I saw the flash between the moment, the flash of the dark cactus cushion was collided with the bones of the big simmer, the spatial bones were twisted together, and there was no too much sound.

Among the eyes of Big Simple Wooden, she hit the bones in the hands of the bones in the unlocking of the paint black cactus, and disappeared without reason.

Isn't it the annihilation of jade? ... What is the power ?! "

The province seemed to hit the bones and bones, and even disappeared after the Fabelo in the hands of the moment. The big Simon Hu Hui night was shocked. This is definitely not the power she is familiar, 'Never be hit by this weapon ... ... Otherwise. ... The result is difficult to predict ..., '

...... Seeking flowers ...

'...,' seems to save the smart color in front of the sky, the color of the white eyes, the moment, the mouth of the mouth, and the perfect face of Junxiu, there is no taste that can't be said. ' The goal of the R gun hits. ... not an annihilation like a jade ... but erase ..., '

Not annihilated.

But erase?!

I heard the explanation of the Pasta, the big Jane Wood Hui Night and the Naruto next to the face were awkward.

Erasing all the traces that have existed in this world ..., 'Peak the look of all people's face, and the mouth of the moment is gently touched, the blue and blood red and the two have a very different eyes flashed with deep inexplicable look,' I Say that there will be only ... Russian says that there is no disappearance ..., '

It is possible to reality and dream, and it is true that it is the same, the glory of the Yin Yang, the end of the blossoms of the gods and the end of the Fabel, which exceeds the fashionable power. The ability.

Not only can you completely erase everything.

Even as long as it is willing to be exhausted ... you can also create everything at any time. ...

After listening to the speech mentioned in the moment, it is not only the niece and Sasuke's face, but even the look of the cold and indifferent looks on the big brilliance.

'How can there be such a force in the world? "

Big Jane Wood Hui Night shocks, but she represents her spiritual sleeves, but they have sent a deep and difficult sound. This is already the category of God ..., '


It's a moment between everyone who is lost, and I will shoot my hand in my hand. The fire in the hand is screaming, and I waved a dark vain in the air. I directly hit the big simmering night in front of my eyes.

'Can not be hit by this weapon ...,' I saw the R gun who suddenly slammed out, and the big brilliant wood brings up his face, and the body broke out as the huge Chakra, which is like the vast star. Chakra.

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Chapter 340 of the Crash System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 340 Chang Night Differences (ask for rewards and automatic)

As the whole body broke out the vitaminic Kraka, in the eyes of everyone, the whole man, the whole man, the whole person, was a shocking and unfortunate.

I feel that the familiar atmosphere of the big Simon Hui night, and the blue-eyed eyes of the flash seems to reflect a familiar picture in advance.

Eighty god air hit !!!

When the whole body is condensed to the ultimate time, the face of the big simmer, the night, the mouth, gently explained a disabled smile, she and the two between the two people appeared countless times in tangible And the fists between the invisible, every momentous fist will be internal

The air exclusions have a s dry, as if there is a mystery of some kind of high-minded mystery, and the mountain is generally out of his bombardment.