Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 263 of Hueding Crack System

One time, the time and space seems to stop, the Naruto and Sasu help only feel that the world seems to have changed, and all the scenes around them are all hidden. It seems that there is only the countless vacuum of the night. fist.

At the moment, some ridiculous sounds sounded, in the eyes of everyone, just in the big simmer of the night, while the eighty gods were blown, the same vitamous momentum was bounced from the moment, even completely covered The power of the big simmer.

Eighty god air hit !!!

In advance, I predicted the attack of Da Jiemu's night, I'm directly recovering my hand in my hand, and the paint black cane damaged. I instantly condensed my Chakra in another palm to the ultimate, and slammed it.

After the air, almost the same number of large-scale big vacuum fists have emerged, with the wind that destroy everything, and the pupil of the moment of the moment has formed a flexible style, with a big simmering night. More violent powerful.

I saw that there were countless vacuum fists between the two people between the two people and the big simms, and there were countless and deafening roots. They made a sound in an instant, and the sound of the naked vocal sounds almost Shocking the eardrum of Sasuke and Naruto, making them two temporarily fell into

The state of deafness.

'Damn. How can he go to 80 gods to catch ...,'

Feeling the boundless giant force hitting in the moment, the eighty gods of themselves blocked were gradually completely complete, and the big simple wood gathering night was beautiful and indifferent. It was difficult to cover up and shocked, ' This power ..., '

'Is it that Yun Village is passed to him? ... or ... The eighty gods hit by the OR The horror and doubts, the previous blood red monster, the rotation of the rounded eye is outbreak.

Huangquan is good!!!

In the face of the moment, the destruction of the destruction, the big simmer, the night is silent, open a dark time-haired cave, and the whole person is instantaneous.

However, the god of the blind eye left, the god of the left eye, has already taken out the gods, and the bottom will be made, and the mouth is slightly smashed, and the endless dystrunnes in the scene of Zhan Zhan.


Among the sorrows of the Naruto and Sasuke, the blind eye W surgery was launched, and the time space of the big simmer, the sky is completely closed, and it seems to be in general, the dark time space cave. New appearance in the moment of Da Jiemu Hui, as a time

The original point is just now.

Diamond star dust !!!

Ignore the beautiful face of the big simple wood gathering night, and there is no one in the eyes of the blush and the blood of the blush and red monster. It is like the universal abyss, the general Chakra crazy riots, raise hand is A diamond star dust is bombarded with her frozen and smash.

In the eyes of the eyes of Da Jiwu Hui, the eyes of the white and white, the moment is averaged by his province, and all the air condensed around, and all the air condensed, surpassing the absolute zero-existing frozen force formed a white light, the impact wave, Well floating like snowflakes, is also like a star general dream beauty

Sampets, white snow, white snow, can freeze and smash all ...

This white light is like a beautiful dream as the stars of debris, and the big Simon Hu Hui night is not helpful, and there has never seen such a moving in her endless years, and can be in this fantastic movement. Damn, as if you get dying but a sublimation.

'Why do I have such a thought ?! "

But such a thought, the big simmer is suddenly ambient in the heart, and the excessive diamond star dust that she bombers in the hands seems to have a dream of the soul. When she suddenly returned to God The whole person has been placed on white.

Between the blink of a diamond star dust, the whole body started to frozen, even the finest particles atoms in the body gradually stopped in front of the very cold freezing force. The whole body must be frozen in the whole body, and the big simplicity

Almost a gray of 3.8 deaths.

On the occasion of the millennium, Jane Wapo Hui night, with the beginning of the world's origin, Chakra suddenly broke out, the whole body began to enlarge, white material instantly stuffed the entire space.

In the flash of the three people, the big Simon Hu Hui night in front of the eyes turned into a huge and unparalleled white rabbit, with a fierce look of a fierce look and smashing at the foot. At the moment, I suddenly spread my sharp teeth.

I saw that the huge white rabbit had just been hit by a diamond star, and the frozen frozen was made into ice crystals in an instant, and suddenly fragmented into a fine powder.

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Crash System Chapter 341 God's Rottery End (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 341 God's Rottery Back to the eye (seeking rewards and automatic)


After being frozen, a part of the body was smashed, and the huge white rabbit made of big white rabbits in front of the big white rabbit suddenly made a painful scream, and the blood in his eyes became more thicker.

'Is this a big simplification?! "

I saw the tail and animal formation of Da Jiwu Hui, and I didn't help but the eyes of my own blue eyes. This is never expected.

'Good big rabbit.

'Just a little bit, I almost thought I had to die _._.' '

In the moment, I entered the tail and beast-made Mantah Hui night, saving my own somatload, and I finally started gradually recovering, and the blood red eyes were suddenly issued, 'Your existence has Seriously threatened me _._. ''

27 'The whole world is my most important nursery ._. The existence of each creature is the nutrients I cultivated new Chakra fruit _._.' '.

All of you are Chakra I have separated.

'This _._. I want to recover all you !! "

A shocking voice resounded throughout the world, and the huge white rabbit of Da Jiwu Hui Nightization began to break out a burst of the ancient plagiators.

I saw the movement of the east, the movement of the beast, the movement of the blue gods, and the mysterious depression of the mysterious film is rare, because his left eye reflects the shock and difficult words in advance. A scene.

'Sealing Yunren Ronalvinity, calling for chaos of the dark jade _._.' '

One is like the pulse of the generous shock, spread out of the night of the beast, and the darkness of the mystery seems to be in front of the huge white rabbit in front of the huge white rabbit.

Term of the jade!!!

'That is _._ ?! "

The black spheres released in front of the huge white rabbit are all in front of the huge white rabbit. They started unlimited to zoom in the moment. Everyone's eyes couldn't help but fill the shocking colors. No _._. Wrong Second _. Is a jade !! ".

Is this the power of Chakra's ancestor ..., '

Transmigration eye before reincarnation eye and forehead one pair of blue god of a blood-red branching off of God's staring eyes tightly magnify the huge dark aspirants jade, feel swallowed annihilation of all forces which, even now reached the realm of the moment It also felt tricky.

This huge painted chaotic block is in front of you. Chakra, all of the nature of the five elements, is able to engulcize, and contain the strength of the whole world to be ineffective.

'Instead, I tried to get a new ability ...,'

The thoughts of the moment are turned, and the body is like a chaotic universe. The vast six-way Chakra has broke out. The front of the blood red monster is shot. Anything that can't be blocked. Endless odor suddenly launched .

Wheel tomb, transcend!!!

I saw that the time of the blood red monster, after the turbine of the blood of the blush, the midst of the desert, as if the space of the same period was opened, and the number of inexplicable figures flicked in the void, but ordinary people The naked eye cannot be seen at all.

That is?!"

It seems to have an incredible scene, with a round-eyed Sasuke and the big simmer of the round-eyed eyes suddenly smashed their eyes.

Golden wheel is blown up!!!

After launching the temper of God's round, the moment of flashing of the eyes suddenly launched, and the twelve lacquer and deep sorrowful jade floating around the body, suddenly a rotary dance, in his right hand After surrounded by a golden Chakra scream sword through the heavensh, stir