Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 264 of Hueding Crack System

Focus on the top of the lava world, look at it as if there is no end.

At the end of the eyes of the eyes, black and desperate, the moment, the moment, began to wavily the golden Chakra scream sword in his hands, and the past is the top of the Yin Yang, and the yin and yang in the yin and yang. The power of a sword has been strong enough to have an additional point.

The harsh cutting sound shocked the eardrum of Naruto and Sasuke, between the time, and seemed that there was no other color between the heavens and the earth, and there was no end to Ban Yu. Golden Chakra scorpion, once in the hands of the moment.

Not only that, in addition to the golden Chakra scorpion of the open space in the hands of the flash, the mysterious mysterious figure of the void is also together, and it is condensed in the hands of the world. And the moment of simultaneous swords.


The huge golden Chakra scorda sword clenched throughout the world, the harsh cutting sound was connected in a very short time, and the sound of the Olympics throughout the world.

800 The huge explosion of the 800 is almost flooded throughout the lava world, and all the frozen ice sculptures around the flash of ice are turned into ice crystal debris.

I saw that I was in front of my mysterious figure, and the golden wheel of the rogue was born, and all the charm of Chakra scorpion, all the vibrant Chakra scorpion, the huge paint black and the end of the jade, and the resilience broke out. Reissue became the whole world. The most primitive Chakra, all over the air around.

With an offset, the shocking shock, the shock of the outbreak, the shocking shock, and the tail beast turned into a huge white rabbit big simmer night gradually researched. It will change the original look.

'The end of the jade is actually blooked ?! "Re-recovered into a human-shaped big simmering night seems to be a little weak, and as a ten tail body, she could not support such a huge consumption.

'All: ._.' 'Staring at the weak light, the big line of light, the moment of the moment is like. It is not long after the future,' will end the second _. '' Today.

(The month of the month, everyone throws me with the moon ticket, thank you).

Chapter 342 Announcement Chapter

Announcement chapter

The fire is here to be completed. These two days a small A will give it a complete period, sincerely thank you all the way to support and accompany.

Originally about new books, I have a lot of wonderful ideas, and I have to challenge better results, but I will see a lot of book friends in the province hope that the little A can not let everyone disappoint, the new book plan I It will be postponed to the future, and if you have the free stay, you will be able to add it.

When you open a book and notify you.

So ._. Regarding the issue of through the new world, when this book is opened, I have already designed a perfect program, and the collapse system will neither the protagonist full-scale large-scale trumpet, but The protagonist has an upgrade space, which can fully reflect the wonderfulness of each world strength system.

Please don't worry.

There is also a problem about the next world, I have seen a lot of book friends gave a lot of good suggestions and the world I want to go, but the little A wants to say, don't worry about the world. It takes one by one to write, there is always a successful order.

The last thing is about the reader's reaction, the little A is so water, this is the number of words, this, I have to apologize to everyone, because it is the first time to write books, there is no chapter after writing, there is no chapter in the future every day. In the face of sticking to the bottom five, I really didn't make me not buffering the room and space of the story behind.

So suddenly it is really not adaptable.

But the new world I will restore the advancement of the early stage of the rigid jade system, and strive to bring you better reading experience.

I hope everyone can support Yang Xiao.

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Crash System Chapter 343 situation (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 343 situation (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Call. ... ha ... call ... less

The continuous breath came, but the two people were staring at each other, and the moon hosted.

It's hard to imagine that they have this realm, there will be a wheezing every day because it consumes too much.

However, after all, the end of the big simmer of the night, the end of the death of the annihilation, but not only the big simplicity of the night consumes huge, not a large number of Chakra simultaneously launched the strong pupil of God's turn and God of God, let several The shadow of the round of the tomb and the gold waves are turned to the explosion, and there is a lot of consumption.

In the past, some readers may feel compared to big simmerlish night, Yuxi wave spots may be more powerful, in fact.

In fact, the image of Yuxi spots has passed many times in the original author. It has been deeply rendered by the original author, but Hui Yueyuan is very short, and the character image is thin, plus the end of the original Naruto, the final battle, the seventh All the protagonists in the class forcibly hang, so Yisi Bao is defeated.

Big Jane Wood Hui Night is defeated to be more impact, which may give a part of the people to the night strength of the night.

However, in fact, the big simmer is ancient times, I have eaten a god tree, a 717, a family who came to the earth, and Da Jiwu Hui's night is their original family, the creation of the whole ninja world, with White eyes and rounds back to write the eyes, in addition to the current moment, holding three big patys

One by one.

As a ten-tailed body, she eats her gods. Her Chakra is no matter whether it is quality or quantity, there is no one in the whole world, and has countless powerful to the ultimate blood. Missing and ability, her strength is unquestionable.

For example, now, now, in the moment of the big simmer, you can clearly feel that it is not as good as the pressure brought about by two or three six spots.


The bright blue gods are flashing, and the pound is unparalleled, and the whole time and space around the body. In an instant, the time is counterflow. With the launch of the moment, the time is quietly dial, and a certain paragraph in the past.

'(CHEC) PH ... the feeling of cheating ...

I feel that all the states have been returned to five seconds. All the consumed Chakra and the physical strength have returned to the time before they don't consume, even some broken clothes have become intact, and they can't help but send out. Pleasant .

Your Chakra ..., '

Pure white eyes clear philosophy in the moment At this moment, Chakra in the moment is in the case of the time. It is generally completely reply. Big Jane Wood Hui's night is unbelievable, and some understand the phenomenon that occurs in front of the moment.

It turns out. ..., 'Suddenly, she remembered that he had just showed space capabilities Huang Quan Bi Liangzheng drilled into the space cave, and the incredible ability hard and students were pulled back to the original position, and the big simmering night seems Suddenly understood anything.

"Time is back. ... this is your pupil ..., 'a pair of pure white eyes and dead staring at the moment in front of the eyes, the big simmering night ice is a bit hard.

Actually control the time of time ability.

I didn't expect to have just resurrected. ...

I have encountered such an enemy.

The situation has fallen into an unprecedented situation. ... Less Jane Wood Brilliant Whirl bites his lips, the above is the same color.

At this time, I have been hiding in the distance to watch the battle and Sasuke, and the philosophy of the big Simple Mountain and the moment of fighting, there is a little moderate, but did not pay attention to the moment that has quietly used the gods of God. status.

"Feeding Say, a pair of blue eyes tightly staring at the long-distance wooden glow night and the moment, the nun people seem to have a chance. 'The two terrible guys seem to be a bit bad now. '

"Well. ... It is now estimated that we have two unique opportunities ..., 'No Naruto reminds. Sasuke has already been detected in front of the situation,' Do you still remember the Six Monasters to give us the operation? ... less.

Of course, I remember ... I combined with my strength and your Yin. ... Show six · Bowl of Stars will be able to seal the brilliant night to the moon ..., 'Naruto's blue eyes flipped, memories Everything in the Sixth Cactus in the spirit space, suddenly the whole body of Yang Chek Kara broke out, the whole person

In the direction of the moment and the big morning, the night, 'then let's go together !! ".

When I went to the mung ..., 'The words didn't finish it, I saw that the Naruto had rushed up, and Saso helped her bite,. This idiot ...,'

"Well? Naruto and Sasuke ..., '

At the moment, the blushing of the blush is blue, and the sound of the Naruto and Sasuke are sprint at this time in a flying speed, and there is a surprised rushing up their eyebrows, 'them two What do you want to do? Rush to die? "

However, the scene of the left eye predetermined in advance, but it couldn't help but blind on the face of the moment.

The same white eye, the vision of the peek, the sigh of the scorpion, the sprint, and the two people who have passed their two people from their own eldest son, the big son, the power of the simple wood feather, and the big simple wood gather. The face has a slight 9 to have his own brow.