Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 265 of Hueding Crack System

Do you have two kids? There is no colorful color in the cold and white eyes, looking at the sprint of Naruto and Sakuo, the indifferent words spit out from the big jumbler in the mouth, ' Good. ... Chakra is only what I can have ..., '.

I want to combine Chakra again !! '. The sound of the big simmer is just falling, I saw the endless white hair of her head quickly moved toward the Naruto and Sasuke.

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Crash system Chapter 344 Chapter 1 Ninja (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 344 Chapter Triese The First Ninja (ask for reward and automatic).

Be evil ... is also these troubles of hair ..., '

Looking at the eyes of the eyes, the endless white long hair used to him and Sasuke, the niece is on the face of the niece, just in the face of him, two people have already taken it on the long hair of the big simmer. A bitter.

Wanhua short-eyed eyes · Tianzhao !!

At this time, I saw Sasuo slightly left my eyes. The right-eyed waffles were suddenly poured out of a burst, a blazing high-temperature black endless fire burned in front of the whole space.

I saw that the endless white long hair of the big simmer, she was also infected with black flames, but her face did not change, and the front of the round of the round. Flashing, all Tianzhao. The flames of the three or six three "were all absorbed by her.

Dry good tesulecules !! "

The elongated white-haired hairdressing of the big Jane Wood Hui, the elite, and the face of the Naruto was excited when the Naruto's face was suddenly excited. 'Next, I will save me !! "

I have to say that the nerve strip is still much more reliable. I only see a pair of indifferent eyes in the eyes of each other. 'We are not ordinary in the face now. The opponent. ... as long as we die in one of them ..., '

'The whole ninja world is completely finished ...,' Deadly staring at the big simmer of the eyes, Sasuke did not forget to prevent the other side, asked the Naruto around, and the look on the face It seems that it can drip water, 'You think about tactics, there is no less

Drilling colors ?! Of course I want to ..., '

Wen Yan San is slightly stunned, although the mouth has been tactical, but his face is in the face, but 'My tactics is !! "

Multiple shadows of shadows!!

I saw that the voice of the sound was just falling, immediately immediately in front of him, and the endless white smoke circle was out.

!!! ...

Between the Olympics, countless Naruto shadings in the air divided the empty circle, and the group surrounded the big simmering night and moment.

What starts in action ..., '

The province's Naruto has exhibited his most difficult multi-shadow, and the eyes were slightly condensed, pulling out the grass M-shafs behind him, and made a fitting attitude.

You are the mother of the six old old. ... I will let you often develop the unique secrets ... Between the words, I saw that the Naruto's blue eyes broke out, and the hands were in the moment. It is easy to print in front of yourself.

Color i is induced by the man's hometown!!

! Um!! ...

I saw the manipulation of the Naruto turned into the operation of the Naruto, all of them widened their eyes, only provoked all the shootings surrounded by himself, all turned into a beautiful naked man. .

this is…,'

A group of pieces of a group of gangs who have changed in front of the Naruto Perfect Junxiu, one by one, facing the big pose and changing the gesture.

There are some people present, including Big Simmbulous Hui, can't help but live, and where you have a pair of pure white eyes.

This idiot. ... how can this endurance that the enemy can work ..., 'is preparing to cooperate with Naruto to attack, the face has already been silent, and the mouth does not stop the slight pumping.

Just fell in Sasuke, the Naruto grabbed the moment of streamline the glow night, and suddenly a boxer flew out of the night.

'Actually played ?!!' The ,,,,,,,,, , , ,

'Sure enough, the protagonist ... Accident first ninja ...,'

At this time, I couldn't help but reach my forehead. Because he said, he was in the art of the color I lured by the Naruto, and he had his own figure.

This idiots. ... don't use me too much ..., '

A pair of blue gods reincarnatively, he looked at the eyes of the eyes, and there was a light floating gesture against the big simmer, and the junxiu, the face of the junxun was on the silver hair. Big Jane Wood Hui Night makes the actions of the kiss, and then I can't help but I can't help it after seeing this scene.

Live your mouth I broadcast your mouth. One has emerged on the forehead. And the word marks ...

Super · Shen Luoti !!!

Between the slight twisters of the mouth, I only see the treasure of the blood red monster, the treasure of the gods, the eyes of the gods, and the shocking of the scallment of the madness, the shocking of the martyrdom, and the sound of the body and Sasuke two bombards, like two bright, flying to the extreme

The frozen frozen lava is above the earth.

'You two kids quickly quickly gave me the dead !! "

The boy withdrawn the nun and Sasukes flew out by the round of his eyes, and there was a little headache and gradually recovered his deep eyes,. Waiting for me to pack you two !! ".

Can evil. Help ... Factory

I saw that I was awkward, I was awkward. I flew to the Naruto of the Frozen Flourite. The pain was constantly smashed with himself almost 4.3 broken fart, and the mouth was constantly complained. , 'I blame you just not to grasp the time of the time, it is really a crane.

'What do you say ?! You are idiot! "At this time, he heard the complaints of the Naruto, and the Saso-assisted Sasohome of the ground was in the ground, and the whole person jumped up,' The same tactical deal with the level of enemies? Will use it !? ".

However, it is clear that it has been working !! In short, you dragged the behind! '. The Naruto continued to be loudly.

Drunkenness listening to the sound of the two fighting mouths from the extreme distance, this is like the original picture, can't help but make the moment to return to the past illusion.

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Chapter 345 of the Crane System (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 345 The world comes (seeking rewards and automatic)

After the thoughts broke away from the farce of the Naruto, the heart of the moment gradually returned to the reality of the eyes.

It's time to end this final battle ...

The blue gods of the blue eyes were drunk, stared at the gods of the Naruto, who were hit by the Naruto, and she flew to the air in the air.

It seems that I was seal the years ..., '

I saw that the big simmer is slowly floating into the half space. The ice-cooled white double eye drunk stare, 'You have got a lot of Chakra and knowledge that should not be got. ... also extends many strange techniques ... .

It is a deep impression that the boring tolerance has just left the boring, I have left her ..., 'J is blue eyesight against the big simmering night floating among the void, and the mouth of the mouth is a hidden smile looks intriguing.

However, there is no 27. The mother is completely unsatisfactory ..., 'This time, the big simmer, the big sleeves, gradually flowing out of the voices of the dark and deep,' In addition to the two Dimalo and A Shura has been in the middle of the daughter in the hands of the boy to seal ... even if you are you

To the moment ..., '

'I can't be her opponent !! "

The black voice just flooded in the air, the big Jane Wood Hui night prenatal blood red monster reincarnation of the eyes broke out the pounds of shocking, Chakra and the momentum issued by the whole people were like a mountain, Such like a prison.

The sky is in the sky!!!